Gymshorts, Wet Socks, Triathalon @Hang Fire 

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Gymshorts’ approach to slacker rock comes in swinging with catchy-as-hell arrangements, toughed-out power chords with a little surfy glisten thrown on ‘em, and push-off, “but-I-don’t-wanna” lyrics (from 2014 LP No Backsies’ opener, “Owed to the Bank”: “So what, they turned off my phone? So what, I can’t get a loan? So what, I won’t buy a home? Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever!”).

They have vinyl coming soon from Manimal Records and a forthcoming tape on Weiner Records, the much-discussed subsidiary of garage-rock curators Burger Records. Weiner is a new kind of democratization in the music industry: any band can join the label and, for as little as $250, have a cassette release distributed and promoted under the Weiner name.

Michael Younker (Sauna Heat) recently relocated to Rhode Island to handle bass duties for Gymshorts. A member of Triathalon back in the day, his return makes the evening a SAV family reunion of sorts.

This is Triathalon’s first show back after a good run at South by Southwest, Valley of the Vapors Music Festival, and many a tour stop in between. Welcome home, fellas!


Tuesday, April 7, 9:30 p.m.


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