Two SCAD security officers were on bicycle patrol on MLK Jr. Boulevard. While parking at the rear of a SCAD building, they smelled burning marijuana.

They passed a vehicle and saw the suspect inside smoking a joint. Since it was behind a SCAD building, they turned around and went back to confront the suspect.

When the suspect saw them coming, he jumped quickly from the car and closed the door. In closing the door, the suspect shoved his chest into one of the guards and made an aggressive move as if to block him. The other guard witnessed this action.

The suspect refused to allow the guards to search his vehicle, which he said belonged to his sister, and police K-9 wasn’t available. The victim was advised on warrant procedures.

• A member of the Gutter South Crew was already behind bars when robbery detectives charged him with two counts of armed robbery.

Alphonso Henneghan, 19, was in jail on charges stemming from a string of robberies and attacks on local Hispanics in June and July. He was arrested July 27 for those attacks. As the investigation continued, he became a person of interest in other robberies. Detectives have linked Henneghan to the July 18 armed robbery of two Hispanic men visiting Savannah and staying at a Southside hotel.

Both victims were robbed at gunpoint and Henneghan allegedly made off with their cash and wallets. Neither of the victims was injured. They recently returned to Savannah and identified Henneghan as their attacker.

• An officer was called to a Mills Run Drive service station on a report of a domestic dispute.

A woman at the scene told the officer her boyfriend had hit her in the mouth the evening before while they were at her residence. Bruising was visible on the inside of the woman’s upper lip, and an upper front tooth, which was false, had been knocked out.

She said her boyfriend hit her because she broke up with him when she discovered he was married and living with his wife. She said she didn’t call police because she was afraid.

The next day, the woman drove to the service station and called police because the man called her and told her she wasn’t to date anyone or he would harm her. She said he referred to his brother, who was said to have stabbed someone, in reference to what he’d do to her.

• An officer on routine patrol saw a car drive through a red light on Waters Avenue at Washington Avenue.

The officer turned on the patrol car’s lights and the car slowed and appeared as if it was going to stop at 51st Street and Waters Avenue. Instead, the driver continued on. The officer turned on the siren but the driver still wouldn’t stop, so the officer announced himself on the PA and advised the driver to pull over. The driver waved his arm out the window in response, but still wouldn’t stop.

The officer called for another unit because the driver began to move inside the front compartment of the vehicle. He finally came to a stop at his residence on East 55th Street. As soon as he pulled into the yard, he began honking his horn and moving inside the vehicle again.

His family came outside, apparently angry. The officer asked the man for his driver’s license, which he said was in the house, but a check revealed the man didn’t have a driver’s license and didn’t own the car he was driving.

• A woman reported that the rear windows of her van, which was parked on Packard Avenue, had been shot out.

An officer looked inside the van and saw a hole through the rear seat and a hole in the passenger front seat. The round seemed to have stopped inside the front seat.

The woman said she heard about 10 gun shots the previous night, but didn’t call police. The officer spoke with neighbors who all said they heard the shots but didn’t call police.

One woman said she not only heard the shots, she observed a young man fleeing the scene on a bicycle. She also didn’t call police.Fifteen shell casings from a 9mm hand gun were found on Second Avenue at the lane between Packard and Paige avenues. The area was checked for a victim and area hospitals were called, but no victim was located.

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