House of Danietté is ready to paint the town



I am officially in a new space!

From 400 square feet at the front of my home, to over 3000 square feet of commercial space in downtown Savannah. Look at GOD!

I’m extremely grateful, and excited! House of DANIETTÉ not only works as my design house, but also doubles as an event venue. 

Its vintage structure and unique placement perfectly aligns with the value I offer current and prospective clients, and I’m elated to offer this on a much bigger scale. 

The secret is finally out, and with that I’ve made tons of new adjustments to the website, google listing and more! 

I’ve even started a YouTube channel where I talk more extensively on the topics you find in my written fashion columns and blogs. I am stoked! 

I’ll admit that I did allow the fact that I was working out of my home to deter me from doing things at my full level of potential, and truly charging my worth. I want to encourage each and every single one of my readers to never doubt your worth, no matter the location! 

I’ve been known as Savannah’s fashion child on many occasions—having grown up here, and having been resilient enough in the early 2000s to say I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grow up, and being even more resilient to say I wanted to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design and eventually own my own designer brand and business—WELL, look at me now! 

It’s important that I share this victory because those who knew me then, now DM me on social media, commending and reminding me of how they may have doubted me in the past, and thought I was crazy as I sketched custom jogging suits with my name on them. 

Those same doubters are now apologetic. NOW, six years into business—and almost one year after losing my full time job in a pandemic, thinking I would lose so much more—things have come full circle. 

Now I wear formal suits and sequin kimonos with my name on the inside.

So, suits or sequins—which do you prefer?

I am coming up on 30, and if you saw my birthday or branded imagery from last year, then you know I’m good for a sequin suit! 

I’ll have these available to order on my website soon, but I thought it would be good to talk briefly on suit styles. 

So you walk into a networking events—either local or national—and you have no idea if what you’re wearing is appropriate. 

When I say appropriate, I mean color, cut, fit (complimentary to your body type), and comfort. 

All of these are important!

No matter your size, you have to have a good suit! 

There’s no way around it, and when you go to a networking event, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP VISUALLY. I’ve said before, but I’ll repeat, I’m ALLLLLL about elevation, so let’s elevate!

If you’re short and stocky, I’m going to recommend yo,u stay away from the shorter blazers—they don’t help. 

You need sleek elongation! So, go for the blazers that not only have built-in shape (curve in at the waist) but come down closer to the hip. 

This idea is also helpful for people who feel like their legs are too long for their torsos. 

You need to photograph with a little bit more balance, so wear the longer blazer—and, when you pose—stand on a dominant leg and set the other slightly out. 

Another tip is to ensure your suit is tailored well.

Men, we have some rules about where the cuff of the sleeves lands on our wrist, so when we go to our suit provider, check and see if they have an in-house seamstress. 

Women, don’t think because we are women and we like things cute, that it’s ok to have a blazer that pulls in the front.You can’t be taken seriously if your suit doesn’t fit. 

I’m a HUGE fan of wearing an open blazer, and that’s why I recommend one that is shapely. Because, if you’re like me, and you don’t have as much definition as you would like in the midsection, an open blazer will give off the impression you do, you just need a nice blouse underneath. 

If you book me anytime soon, you’ll definitely see me in a suit or two! Hope to see you at House of DANIETTÉ!

If you want more tips like these, or to hear me talk more on this topic, follow me on Instagram @designerdaniette, and search Danietté Thomas onYouTube. 

For a more personalized version of this, you should consider hiring me as your stylist!

Until next week, Yours in Fashion, 


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