INTRODUCTIONS: Meet Inga Krasileviciute-Cessna

Makeup artist who 'hates scary movies' is a master of gory and classic Halloween looks

Who is Inga Krasileviciute-cessna? Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Lithuania. I have a law degree, I have a degree in economics, and I have a bunch of business degrees. I went into law because I wanted to help people. Then, I ended up working in high-end nightclubs, but there was no place to grow there.

I got in a car accident, and it made me rethink how I live. I was probably supposed to die. The entire passenger side was gone, and I walked away without a scratch. So, I was like “Ok this is the God sign. I need to do something new.” I sold all of my things and moved to Germany for ten years. I was selling makeup products, so I thought I should probably learn to do makeup. I did a few photoshoots and I got addicted. I later won “Makeup Artist of the Year” and got a scholarship to a hair school. I started studying, I started teaching, and then I opened two studios in Germany. Then, I found my husband, and he brought me as a souvenir to America! 

You have a ton of experience in different things under your belt.

Yeah, I do. I like to study. I want to learn how to fix a car, that would be cool. I like to dive into things I don’t know and learn new things. 

So here in Savannah, what do you do?

I do makeup and hair, lash extensions, and stuff like that. I do makeup for events, weddings, photoshoots, Halloween. I like to create a full look. I don’t like to separate just makeup and hair. I like to do a full transformation. I want to find people who have never had anything done and transform them into a new person. 

Can you choose a favorite hair and makeup look you’ve ever created? 

Yes, I can pinpoint one. I had this idea in my head to go to Paris. We had this designer who made beautiful dresses, I had this fantastic model. We drove from Germany to Paris, and in the middle of the Eiffel Tower, I set up my chair. We did her hair and makeup, and did the entire photoshoot right in the middle of everything. The photos were published in a bunch of magazines. 

What keeps you motivated? 

I think it’s just my personality. I’m always motivated. I always want to try new things. The people also motivate me. I always get really good energy from them, it’s like a drug. When you do someone’s makeup and hair and they really, really love it, it makes me feel so amazing. I want it more. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Savannah? Where do you like to hang out? 

I found one place that looks like home. The Peacock Lounge. The vibe inside feels like home to me. I really love Noble Fare restaurant, too. The food is to die for. 

What is your dream, or your goal? 

I have one big dream. I really want to open a professional bridal studio for makeup and hair with a tiny school in it, where I can teach. The wedding industry is huge here. I would want to add on a very boujee bridal boutique. 

You did the Connect Savannah team’s makeup for Halloween using special effects. How did you get into that? 

So I hate scary movies, I hate ghosts and all that stuff. I told myself that I will never do special effects, because I’m scared. One year I tried it, I bought all the stuff, and used my husband as a model. It looked so realistic that my father-in-law called and thought my husband had been in a car accident. It was so good, and it was really easy. Now I like to do costumes and headpieces, too.  

You can follow Inga on Facebook at @Inga Krasileviciute- Makeup Artist, Hairstylist or on Instagram @inga_vipstylist.  


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