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Mia Mance is a Savannah transplant who’s been living and working in the city for the past eight years. She’s originally from Atlanta but spent her years moving all around the country and even Spain. “I was a gypsy kid . . . I’ve just been all over,” she expressed. She settled in Savannah after landing a radio job in May of 2014. Mance is a known radio personality and business owner, but radio and marketing weren’t a part of her original plan.

“I had a whole different career plan, which was not this. This was not my plan,” she began. Mance is married to local attorney Chad Mance, but she had initial plans of becoming a lawyer as well early on. “I got a full ride into law school, but I did not take it. . . I ended up meeting a radio station in Atlanta and I’ve been doing this for 18 years now,” she said. A veritable people person, Mance found her calling in the worlds of radio and marketing. “I’m a very curious person. I like to learn about people, and I didn’t know that this could be a whole career,” Mance explained. “I didn’t have a perfect plan, but I think that I had the knowledge and information combined with the ability to really connect with people and to connect with local businesses,” she added.

She’s taken her passion for people and turned it into not only a successful radio career, but she’s started her own business as well. Mance’s business Mia Talks helps other businesses develop and maintain presence in today’s ever-changing media landscape. “My company educates small businesses here locally on how to make social media work for them,” said Mance. She coaches local businesses, teaching them how to leverage certain tools to automate processes and make different social outlets work for them. She also does motivational and business speaking.

Mance’s professional goals are not just about growth but, as she puts it, smart growth. “I really only partner with things, not only that I believe in, but that I believe are vested in making not only our local community but whatever space that they’re moving through better,” she began. “Growth looks really different to a lot of people, some see it as a number. I think it’s smart partnerships and building,” she continued.

She’s passionate about making meaningful connections and serving others. “Ideally, I would love to be able to travel the world educating and empowering people on how to make media really work for what they’re doing,” said Mance. She’s very much involved in the community, partnering with and promoting local nonprofits. She encourages others to find something they’re passionate about and do the work: “If you find one thing and you show up to it and you serve it, it will pay off for generations behind you.” Her ultimate goal is global philanthropy. “How I do all of that, I haven’t figured it out yet,” she laughed.

Beyond her business and charitable work, Mance is a family woman. “I do prioritize my relationship and I prioritize the time that I spend with my daughter,” she expressed. As a working parent, Mance does believe that work-life balance is somewhat of an illusion, but she gives herself grace for doing the best she can day by day. “I don’t expect perfection from myself, but I don’t think anybody should. . . You don’t have to be perfect to do your best,” said Mance.

In all, stays motivated because of her genuine love for the local community: “I love Savannah. I really do. I think that I’m so lucky that I get to live here. I’m so lucky that our family gets to be here. My daughter is blessed in every way because of this community. . . I am inspired by the work of all the people around me. If ever there’s a day that I’m tired, I look at the people who just get up and make things happen. And they don’t do it for the credit. They just get it done. And I think that together, that’s how we make the Savannah that we love to call home.”

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