INTRODUCTIONS: Meet Savannah Psychics Brian and Jen Byers

WHAT does 2022 have in store for us?

After an uncertain 2020 and 2021, it’s safe to say that the world is hopeful and ready to have a great year. Brian and Jen Byers are a husband and wife psychic team, and own Savannah Psychics. Just before the New Year, the pair shared their 2022 psychic predictions. Does Savannah’s future look bright? 

Brian drew his predictions from a scrying stone technique, where he meditates with the stone and quickly writes down everything he sees. 

What did you write down? 

Streets will flow with people from many places as they stand on her bricks. 

The rivers will be empty of fish but the town will be filled with gold. 

A man will take the horse’s reigns and guide her to drink from the fountain. 

Behind the people a cloud of sickness will slowly take the land like the end of a fire and one will guide children away to safety. 

A force of hidden knowledge will be opened and the standing will fall below the earth and will be washed into the ocean.

What does that mean? What do you predict is in store for Savannah in 2022?

Overall, I predict that 2022 will start off as an amazing year. There will be lots of commerce. Small businesses will grow, and there will be an upsurge in education. I believe there will be a thirst for tradition and possibly a lot of people trying their hand at living naturally, things like farming, beekeeping, soap-making. 

This all being said, I also feel some sort of sickness or disease may show itself about midway through the year and that we should all be aware and ready as we have learned in the past few years. It’s always good to just be prepared. 

Lastly I see less racial tension and more brother and sisterhood ignoring social classes and skin color. This is going to be a great year to get out and embrace our friends, families and relearn and relive our beautiful city. Savannah is going to do great this year.”

Jen then performed a tarot card reading for Savannah and gave her predictions for every month of 2022.


Tarot Card: Three of Pentacles 

This month’s themes are collaboration, teamwork, learning and implementation. Surround yourself with people from different backgrounds, giftings and abilities than yourself. Work together with these knowledgeable people and see your vision and project become better than what you could have done on your own. We are better together and we need each other.


Tarot Card: King of Cups

This month’s themes are emotional balance, compassion and diplomacy. This card shows a leader that embraces the personality of the King of Cups. This leader is a master of their emotions and is grounded, caring about the people. This card is also an encouragement to all of us to allow the personality of the King of Cups to flow through you to the people around you.


Tarot Card: Ace of Swords

This month’s themes are breakthroughs, new ideas, mental clarity and success. New ideas will emerge. Be aware of your thoughts and write down what ideas are coming to mind. Discuss with the people you collaborate with. There is a great chance that the ideas that you come up with this month will be successful, if you do what it takes to make it happen.


Tarot Card: Chariot

This month’s themes are control, willpower, success, action and determination. This month is pivotal, the Chariot card is a Major Arcana card and speaks of major life events. This month take control and drive your ideas, goals and visions. I see great success coming to Savannah if we take action and work with determination. But we also must also remember to continue to act with grounded love and compassion for others and collaborate with our team of people and act on the idea that you and your group came up with. The Chariot is the sign to take action on your idea and success will follow.  


Tarot Card: Four of Cups

This month’s themes are, Meditation, contemplation, apathy, reevaluation. This month you might find yourself reflecting a lot on the past. While it is good to reevaluate and make things better, don’t be so focused on the past that you cannot see the opportunity that is being given to you. You have a choice: you can take the cup being given to you or you can be apathetic and allow the opportunity to pass you by. I believe that if we take the opportunity the next couple months will prove to be very abundant months.


Tarot Card: Three of Cups

This month’s themes are celebration, friendship, creativity and collaborations. I strongly feel that this card is about abundance in friendships and celebrations. But I cannot ignore that it also means collaboration. Again, this word comes up in my reading. I believe that if you collaborate in January you will reap great rewards in June. The Three of Cups really makes me think of tourism in Savannah. The card has three women dancing, having fun and even holding an open container. If the tarot deck had a card of Savannah, this would be it!


Tarot Card: Knight of Wands

This month’s themes are energy, passion, inspired action, adventure and impulsiveness. This month is a great time to be adventurous and passionate. Savannah has everything to satisfy the spontaneity of an impulsive trip. I strongly feel like this card is speaking of travelers coming to Savannah in July. But even if you are a local, July might be your month to be like the Knight of Wands and follow your passion.


Tarot Card: Three of Wands

This month’s themes are progress, expansion, foresight and overseas. This month is about stepping out into the future. It is a good time for implementing plans of expansion and progress.


Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles

This month’s themes are hard work, productivity, routine and conservatism. This month is about your hard work. Be sure to spend money wisely and be strategic about your finances this month. Plan to better your productivity for the upcoming months.


Tarot Cards: King of Wands

This month’s themes are natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur, and honor. This month is about a leader with a vision and an entrancing spirit. This month may evoke feelings of entrepreneurship in you, or if you are already a business owner, this month is a great time to write your vision for the next year. Honor this month goes to those with personality.


Tarot Cards: 7 of Wands

This month’s themes are challenge, competition, protection, and perseverance. This month might come to some as a challenge. You may need to protect yourself and what you have worked hard for. I hear the word perseverance very strongly.


Tarot Cards: 2 of Cups

This month’s themes are unified love, partnership, and mutual attraction. December wraps up this whole year’s theme of collaboration and partnership, unifying Savannah. This month is a good month to join partnerships and if you’re not in business, then this card might bring the possibility of finding romantic mutual love. 

Overall, Brian explained, Savannah’s future looks promising. He said the year won’t come without some hardships, but said he feels confident Savannah will be just fine. 

Watch Brian Byers on the What Are We Doing? Podcast below. Learn more about Savannah Psychics at


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