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‘Thank God I’m a Neo-Con’


I hope you can find a place for this. I sure had fun writing it:

(Sung to the tune of John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy)


Well things gettin’ worse every day in Iraq, Ain’t nothin’ an old Neo-con like me can’t hack,

Pack ‘em in a plane, send ‘em home in a sack,

Thank God I’m a neo-con.


Well a peaceful kinda world does a whole lotta harm,

Gotta find a target for the bombers and the arms,

They got towels on their heads—sound the alarms!

Thank God I’m a neo-con.


Well I got me a war and I got ree-ligion, and the news won’t talk -- I got spooks in the kitchen,

Death ain’t nothin’ but the human condition,

Thank God I’m a neo-con.


When th’ economy tanks and the poll numbers low,

Pick on the queers so we can rustle up some votes,

People in Louisiana livin’ in boats,

Thank God I’m a neo-con.


Well I’d like to cut taxes all day if I could, For the top 1% things are lookin’ pretty good,

Not so rosy if you live in the hood,

Thank God I’m a neo-con.


Well I got me a war and I got ree-ligion, and the news won’t talk -- I got spooks in the kitchen,

Death ain’t nothin’ but the human condition,

Thank God I’m a neo-con.


Well I won’t cut down and save me no fuels, I never was one of them conservatin’ fools, Oil barrels gettin’ more expensive than jewels,

Thank God I’m a neo-con.


Well Rumsfeld’s spoutin’ and he’s juttin’ out his jaw, Cheney’s in a safe place breakin’ the law, Condoleeza’s got somethin’ stuck in her craw . . .




Thank GOD I’m a neo-con!


Kevin G

Nelson can beat Kingston


Can’t believe what Jim Nelson did: Winning more votes than Jack Kingston in 15 of 25 counties in the primary.

Sound like a guy who can’t win? Don’t think so, otherwise President Bush might have found something more useful to do this weekend than hang around Pooler -- like, say, governing the country.

Help your country by giving Jim Nelson’s independent get-out-the-vote campaign names of folks on the islands, Southside, down the coast, in Brunswick, Jesup or Waycross who might like to pitch in and get out the vote in their neighborhood.

Or put on your sneakers, roll up your sleeves and help with sweat equity. Here if you want to, out in the district, where nobody in the First City Club will know about it.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Ben Hubby, MD





Reading list rocks


Encountering the various reading lists for Savannah/Chatham County public high schools inspires me. 

Books our students are reading this year range from the terrible beauty of The Bhagavad-Gita to the pure storytelling of Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried to Smack by Melvin Burgess, a portrayal of a descent into drug addiction without preachiness, showing the allure and haunting conclusion with true honesty. 

This encouragement of deep reading in our youth gives me great hope as a father, as my young children (6 and 2) are schooled by the community around me.

Jody Schiesser



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