Letter to the editor: Stopping the cycle of school violence

Instead of a being a soft target for mentally ill killers, like arguably every active shooter event this past year, it’s time to fight back.

A reader's open letter following the visit of Vice President Pence

"This is not a time for apathy. We all must work, and this is what ‘work’ looks like. Irritating inconvenience and hassle. Family plans set to the side."

Reader: Oglethorpe Bridge?

Oglethorpe Bridge? Editor,

Reader: Renaming the bridge 'from one racist to another racist'

'Would it be logical to take the name off the bridge because Talmadge was an open racist and replace it with Juliette Gordon Low, who was a covert or undercover racist?

Letters: Urbanist View edition

Appalled at anarchy column Editor, I'm appalled at how willing your columnist Jason Combs was to admit he didn't give much insight when writing, “Gentrification, Part 3: The Anarchist.” He says “Never having ever given much serious thought to anarchism,” as if it isn't obvious by the state of the article he still hasn't tried.

The write gift

One ingenious kid brought in some rum balls so strong, so lethal, I called off homework that Wednesday after eating just three. 100s for everyone!


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