Reader feedback: Dig deeper into City of Savannah finances

Make officials explain how their political decisions and policy changes led the community to this point.

An open letter to Savannah about crime and punishment

Does the police department, or the Mayor's office seek to know us, to reward us with some gesture of support for our plight, some acknowledgement that we very much matter to the level of success and peacefulness that does exists in Savannah?

Open letter to Mayor and City Council regarding Panhandle Slim

"To think that Savannah, of all places, would go so far as to censor Scott Stanton’s (aka Panhandle Slim) talent and community voice, historic district or not, leaves me speechless. And sad."

Reader: Confederate monuments will come down 'over my dead body'

"You are wrapped up in your liberal media bubble and refuse to hear the vast majority’s opposition to bringing down these beautiful monuments that have stood erect for over 100 years."

Reader: Poverty at root of Savannah’s ‘criminal subculture’

Unfortunately, the absence of police officers is not what brought about the gangs in the first place, and it’s not going to make them go away


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