That Was Awesome! brings big laughs and starts a vital conversation

Writer Kevin Gillese and star Amber Nash talk their new short film and the need for representation for people with disabilities
The short film tells the story of a special needs floor hockey team preparing for the game of their life against some ignorant and often mean-spirited competitors

Fantastic foxes to post-apocalyptic dogs: Tristan Oliver

Stop-motion cinematographer appears at Isle of Dogs screening
Isle of Dogs screens at the Festival, along with a standing exhibit at the SCAD Museum of Art

Green Book: Peter Farrelly brings powerful story of an unlikely friendship to the big screen

The beloved comedy director talks about his new film and the amazing true story behind it
It’s a film that deals with the issues of race that were plaguing the country at the time, and examines how the two became friends despite the tension that existed in the region

'BlacKkKlansman' star John David Washington reflects during Fim Festival Q&A

The star of the acclaimed Spike Lee film speaks to the timeliness of Ron Stallworth's story
SEVERAL TIMES during the SCAD Savannah Film Festival’s screening of BlacKkKlansman at the Lucas Theatre, the dialogue was momentarily inaudible due to either the immense laughter or rapturous applause that would erupt from the audience. It’s not a surprising reaction given the critical and commercial success that the film has achieved since its release.

Pre-wedding Jitters

Otoja Abit’s debut features Jason Patric
OTOJA ABIT isn’t a household name yet, but that could change soon. The debut short from this talented actor/writer/director, with an enormous assist from co-star and mentor Jason Patric, is getting buzz on the festival circuit and screens this week at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival.

Phil Burgers' imagination-provoking The Passage is a surreal, silent adventure

The Super Deluxe-produced short screens at SCAD Savannah Film Festival
The unique film, shot in 1:33 ratio in the tradition of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, finds Burgers remaining completely silent while other characters around him speak in foreign languages without subtitles

Journalism under fire – literally – in A Private War

Marie Colvin was a New Yorker who worked for the British newspaper The Sunday Times from the mid-‘80s until her death during the siege of Homs in Syria in 2012

Still RBG, still Notorious

Documentary explores the life and times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
An entire pop culture cottage industry has sprung up around branding the soft-spoken but diamond-tough 85-year-old legal mind

The Front Runner: Before Bill and Monica, there was Gary and Donna

Director Jason Reitman talks about his film starring Hugh Jackman as Gary Hart
he Front Runner not only tells us the real story of what happened in 1987, back before Facebook or even the Drudge Report, it tells us why it all still matters today


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