Savannah Jewish Film Festival returns for 16th year

This year’s edition features gripping lineup
Included in this year’s lineup are films like The Keeper, which tells the true story of Bert Trautmann, a German soldier who becomes a football star in post-war Britain

Mountainfilm Savannah returns, with a powerful lineup

Film festival comes to Trustees Theatre Jan. 23-25
Rees’ Ashes to Ashes highlights the friendship between Winfred Rembert, an African American man who survived a lynching attempt

Church of the SubGenius hits the SAV

Rare opportunity to view acclaimed new documentary on long-running counterculture phenomenon
Part elaborate hoax, part social satire, part Andy Kaufman-level performance art, the Church of the SubGenius was the brainchild of Doug Smith, aka Reverend Ivan Stang, who began the movement in Dallas, Texas, in 1979

Thoughts on an evolving SCAD Savannah Film Festival

Five years on from Bobby Zarem’s departure, that changing of the guards has helped the SCAD Savannah Film Festival to begin to redefine itself not so much by what it is attempting to be, but what it’s not attempting to be.

The River and The Wall: Mountainfilm On Tour honors Veterans Day

The festival’s focus is on films which offer compelling, thought-provoking portraits of our environment, culture and issues of political and social justice

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood at the SCAD Savannah Film Fest

Screenwriters discuss ten-year effort to bring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers to life
The duo didn’t write the script based on theory. They made several trips to Rogers’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, not only to soak up the vibe, but to garner the blessing and aid of the Rogers estate

Shatterbox: Expanding opportunity for women directors

Screening at SCAD MoA features seven shorts
CURRENTLY in its third season, Shatterbox is a "culture-shifting series" from Refinery29, in partnership with Level Forward. The point is for female storytellers to have a platform to create short films that “redefine identity, imagination, and storytelling.”

Ulysses Davis: A life in art

Savannah artist is focus of SCAD Savannah Film Fest doc
Davis, who died in 1990, combined an innate artistic vision with remarkable woodworking skills to create a form of vernacular folk art that has rarely been matched

Filling the ‘hole in the dialogue’ about PTSD and opioids: Mickey and the Bear’s Annabelle Attanasio

Mickey and the Bear was written and directed by Annabelle Attanasio, who comes from a strong acting background and used that experience for this film

Film Fest FAQs

Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I bother even trying go when everything sells out right away?


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