'5 Year Journey' now up at Sentient Bean

The starting place on the map shows organizations like Georgia Microboards and Emergent Savannah who were early supporters.

Brighter Days ahead: A visual tribute

After the shock, confusion, and disappointment of all the cancellations and closures, there didn't seem to be a good reason to NOT go ahead with creating a new set of pieces.

A Closer Look Q&A: a Graphic Recording

This week Brittany contributes a graphic recording of a recent Q&A session on April 22 between Tom Kohler, and Chatham County Commission candidate Clinton Edminster

Trending in Quarantine: a Graphic Recording

The idea is to chronicle in real-time her impressions and observations into a series of illustrations. The results often tell the story better and more intuitively than other forms of communication.

Captain Corona: A children’s book for our time

The book will help children understand what's going on with the global pandemic in plain language, and most importantly, zero in on thanking and honoring all the brave people in our country who are working so hard to help us get through this.


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