Part VI: The Final First Date


After a week off from keeping up with two singles as they date around our city, Connect Savannah has the scoop from our final first date. 

With the help of Amanda Rose of Prestige Connections, Reagan was set up on a first date with Thomas. Reagan was excited for the date and was hopeful Rose set up some kind of activity for the two to do together. 

Rose put together a scavenger hunt around Savannah, complete with questions for the two to answer and get to know each other better. Reagan and Thomas were all set to meet in front of City Hall at 2 p.m. 

“Right at 2 o’clock, I heard somebody screaming my name,” Reagan said. “He was running down the street screaming my name and said, ‘I can’t find a parking spot! I didn’t want you just standing here waiting!’”

Reagan said Thomas then jumped back in his car and went and found a parking spot. Relatable, right? Reagan laughed when describing the romantic comedy-style scene and said, “It was a little bizarre.”

The two didn’t start their scavenger hunt right away, Reagan said. Instead, they sat down on a bench and talked for a while. They then strolled down to Plant Riverside District, got some ice cream, and kept talking some more. 

The two never ended up completing their scavenger hunt. Reagan said she wishes they did, but she let Thomas kind of take the reigns of the date, and said he really wanted to just talk and get to know one another. 

“The date, nor him, were anything like what I expected,” Reagan said.

She added that Thomas was an extremely nice man, but said she didn’t think there was much of a romantic connection. 

“I can see why Amanda matched us,” Reagan said. “On paper, we have a lot in common. We have similar interests, amd we are at similar places in life. We could definitely be friends.”

Reagan did not seem disappointed, and said that she’s actually feeling great after the date.

“I really, really enjoyed this process,” Reagan said. “Not for the dating purpose, but because of where I am in my life. It was a process where I learned about myself, what I want in life, what I don’t want in life, what my deal breakers are. This was very much worth it for me.” 

Rose plans to keep Reagan in her database for future clients, something Reagan said she’s excited about. 

“Right now, right this second, I want to focus on me,” Reagan said. “I want to focus on some hobbies, some interests, some health. I want to take care of me, and then yes, I will dive into dating more.”

Meanwhile, Juan and Emily did not have a second date. After their six-hour adventure and a follow-up text, Juan never heard back from Emily.

“It was a great experience, but our stars didn’t align,” Juan said laughing. “She was a cool girl.”

While Connect Savannah is a little bit bummed to throw out our wedding speeches we’ve been preparing, we’re happy to see both Reagan and Juan leave our anonymous dating series in good spirits.

Do you have a dating story you’d like to share with us? Send us a message on social media @connectsavannah.

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