MARRIED AF: Q&A with Savannah author Jen Marie Wiggins

Her hilarious new look at marriage and weddings

provided by the author
Jen Marie Wiggins

How long have you been in the Savannah area, and what brought you here? 

Ten years. I came here for my husband’s work and we really love it and never plan to leave.

When did you become interested in writing, and when were you first published?

 I’ve always been interested in writing and wrote sporadically throughout my life. I became more serious about it about 7 years ago when I had my first short story published in “Literary Mama,” an online magazine.

Tell me a little more about your husband and children, and how it’s influenced your writing.

I have been married 20 years and have three boys. A high-schooler, middle schooler and one in elementary. I think all writers draw from their life when they write. Its those observations from real life  people can see themselves in.

Real life is funny. I tried to strike a chord and tap into some of those ridiculous, wonderful and infuriatingly funny moments that happen when you share a life with someone.

How would you describe this book to readers?

 Part illustrated parody, part gift book: if Dr. Seuss wrote a funny book about marriage for the bridal shower. Then I added a gift registry and place for giver to write a personalized message so it could be a keepsake.

Tell me more about how you became interested in this project and subject matter.

I was in eight weddings in the span of a few years and realized that, with all of them, there was always this awkward time when the gifts were opened. I kept thinking there should be a book to break the ice at all these celebrations, so I wrote it. I wanted it to be that thing where suddenly it’s passed around and everyone’s sharing and telling tales from their own marriages and lives.

Your biography says you are a ‘chronic bridesmaid.’ Is this like the 27 Dresses movie?  

Not quite! I do love what millennials are doing with weddings today. When I got married, brides were very concerned with all the “rules.” Today, they make their own. 

The great thing about the book is it’s appropriate for any type of wedding-traditional or otherwise. The humor has a sweet edge to it so its designed for all ages from grandma at the shower to the millennial bridesmaids. You could give it for a bachelorette weekend and everyone could sign it or as an engagement gift. We wanted it to make sense for all those gift giving occasions.

Any funny anecdotes or examples from the book you’d like to share? 

One of my favorite line’s is about the honeymoon. Today’s wedding (and brides) are very digital. There are websites and hashtags and online everything. There is a funny line where bride and groom are on beach on their honeymoon and she looks at him with a sultry, come hither look and says “that was best text I ever had.”

It’s a picture book for brides and bridesmaids. What can readers expect? 

To see themselves and probably their own relationships in it. We all get older and change, and grow—the book touches on those silly, quirky universal moments we all go through.

Anything else you would like readers to know? 

Just that there’s lots of good info for you on my website I am 70% done with my other book, a beach thriller, and am already working on parenting sequel to this book for the baby shower!

“Married AF: A Funny Marriage Guide for the Newlywed or Bride” (on sale Jan. 4 2022) is the keepsake that answers what happens after you tie the knot. The book’s author, Savannah native Jen Marie Wiggins  will be having an in-person event at Emily McCarthy’s Savannah shop (2428 Abercorn St) Thurs., Jan. 6 for an in-person book signing at 6 PM. 

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