Johnny Mercer at 109: a tribute

Johnny Mercer at 109: a tribute

The most beloved artist in Savannah music history gets a birthday celebration on Tybee Island
Even after his untimely passing in 1976, Mercer’s music continued to make an impact

Renshaw Davies' genre-bending beauty

The imaginative New Orleans upstart comes to Savannah, brings a unique sound
Renshaw Davies effortlessly combines a beautiful vocal blend with an acoustic foundation and synth textures

The Ramages’ musical bond

The self-described 'unpop punk' band brings their genuine love of music to The Jinx
The band has made a name for itself around town since forming

Xuluprophet brings community together for Deep Center

Funk band stages benefit at Sulfur Studios with a cast of local talent
The conversation became focused on the idea of bands donating shows more frequently to causes that they care about

SMF Picks: Gigs to watch for 2019 edition

I’m With Her @Lucas Theatre for the Arts Individually, the members of I’m With Her have had incredible careers.

Amy Ray, country punk hero

The legendary Indigo Girl talks about her edgy new solo album, which brings her to Statesboro for a special show
While her early work was straight-up punk rock, her last two albums have explored Ray’s love of country music

Babe Club’s indie rock magic

Former SUSTO members return with a fresh sound
The duo’s first single, "Hate Myself," is a brilliant blend of angular, Pixies-esque guitar work and beautifully understated but powerful vocals

Joe Kapcin’s Heavy Books to lift up local arts supporter Niema Ross

'I’ve always found inspiration and release in punk and metal'

The Hypnotics gear up for Rolling Stones tribute

The local rockers are preparing for two incredible nights of music in town
The two-piece became an outlet for Thompson to have fun playing music, which led to the formation of The Hypnotics

William Bell performs at Savannah Music Festival season kickoff concert

Legendary soul singer reflects on his illustrious career
To this day, Bell continues to make incredible soul music — releasing his latest album, the John Leventhal-produced This Is Where I Live, in 2016

Aaron Lee Tasjan brings 'Karma' to town

Celebrated songwriter and musician comes to Savannah for a show presented by Savannah Stopover
He’s poised to keep rising in the ranks of stellar and inventive guitar players, and his ear for layered, emotive, and complex song craft makes him a songwriter to pay close attention to


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