Remember When: The Suffers at Ships of the Sea, 2016

Remember When: The Suffers at Ships of the Sea, 2016

Veteran local singer Laiken Williams looks back
'The Suffers concert was a gift to myself'

Savannah Jazz Festival goes ‘Savannah Safe’

This year’s event will lean heavily on live broadcasts
JAZZ FANS, rejoice! Savannah Jazz Festival announced recently its first ever Savannah Safe Jazz Festival, which will be held from September 23-27.

Last Call: From Velvet Elvis to The Jinx

Looking back on the memories, the music, and the cultural impact
IT MIGHT BE hard to imagine 127 West Congress Street as anything but the Jinx. After seventeen years, the Jinx has established itself as a legacy in this town.

The Jinx: ‘More than a music venue’

Local musicians and promoters share memories and speak of the ‘lifelong bonds’ formed there
AFTER 17 YEARS (and longer, including the Velvet Elvis years), The Jinx is closing its doors. The celebrated music venue has survived the ups and downs of the Savannah music scene over the course of that time, and has weathered many storms as well.

Song After Song: Coy Campbell

Nightingale News songwriter/musician elaborates on two powerful songs
NIGHTINGALE NEWS' Coy Campbell is a prolific songwriter and musician who has built a reputation for his inventive and genre-bending approach to the craft. He was kind enough to break down an original song of his in great detail, and also examine one of his favorite songs—which also happens to be one of the most politically misunderstood songs in history.

The future of Barrelhouse South looks bright in the new normal

Owner Chris Clarke talks uncertainty, reopening, and more
'I must’ve gotten thanked, conservatively, 50 times'

Head Games have been waiting for an audience like you

Foreigner tribute comes to Coach’s Corner on June 27
HEAD GAMES IS is a tribute to the great rock and roll band Foreigner, who have so many hits that you really can’t fit any deep cuts into a normal set list no matter how hard you try. In fact, turn on a rock radio station right now and there’s always about a 70 percent chance you’ll hear a Foreigner song playing.

Knightsquatch brings innovative music to AURA Fest live stream

Sprawling instrumentals and captivating compositions make them a band to watch
Knightsquatch is a unique band, because they defy any expectation you might have about a band that does anything remotely close to prog and metal. This is a band that relies on a boundaryless approach to music—in fact, they need it to survive and thrive.

Song After Song: Eric Jones

"I have a wide range of artists I look up to from gospel to classical, world, hip hop, and jazz."

Don’t stop believing in live music: Journey tribute comes to Coach’s Corner

Departure plays songs from all eras of the classic rock titans’ career
EVERYONE knows Journey. The long-running band behind such hits as "Don’t Stop Believing" and "Separate Ways" continues on to this day, albeit with a much different lineup (that now includes, for the second time in history, Randy Jackson on bass).

More than blues: Bottles & Cans gear up for Quarantine Concert

Local group readies first show since the pandemic began
IT'S EASY enough to categorize Bottles & Cans as a blues band, but the reality is that they’re so much more. The group, which has been together for many years and is made up of a collection of top-notch local musicians, plays a serious mix of Americana, blues, rock, country, and soul.


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