The Platters come to town for a night of musical nostalgia

The Platters come to town for a night of musical nostalgia

Celebrated vocal group’s latest incarnation joins The Drifters and Coasters at the Savannah Theatre
These days, the group is touring with the hits but also planning new music in 2019 - including an upcoming single release

Curt Castle’s musical travelogue

Nomadic singer and songwriter talks forthcoming LP
Castle's major life changes were the impetus for If I’m Here At All, a collection of songs recorded primarily in Athens

Makari headlines AURA Fest pre-show at El Rocko

Orlando-based ambient rock band leads strong lineup in advance of February main event
The AURA Fest pre-show, headlined by Makari, will give fans a chance to purchase tickets and merch for the festival, which happens Feb. 16 at Ships of the Sea Museum Gardens

Southern Culture on the Skids thrives after three decades

The legendary North Carolina trio comes to The Jinx
SOUTHERN Culture on the Skids is an anomaly. The band, comprising Rick Miller, Mary Huff, and Dave Hartman, began in 1983 and solidified its current lineup in 1987.

Drivin N Cryin brings retrospective show to Tybee

Singer and songwriter Kevn Kinney looks back and looks ahead
Songwriter and band leader Kevn Kinney formed the band in Atlanta in 1985, and continues to push the group ahead with a consistent output of new music

Sideline’s journey to center stage

The acclaimed bluegrass band comes to Randy Wood’s Pickin’ Parlor
The band is now a force to be reckoned with, recording a number of albums and spending hundreds of days on the road per year

Dark Thoughts brings ‘At Work’ and more to Savannah

Philly-based band comes to Sulfur Studios for a night of high-energy punk rock
Dark Thoughts – which features guitarist and vocalist Jim Shomo, bassist Amy Opsasnick, and drummer Daniel Cox – is set to swing through Savannah for a gig at Sulfur Studios on Jan. 14

Diana Ross celebrates milestone year with Savannah stop

The legendary artist looks back as 75th birthday celebration begins
In the solo career that followed, Ms. Ross scored several number one hits and proved to be a prolific artist

Coletrane Williams, Jameson the 3rd and Aaron Daniel @Foxy Loxy Cafe

Curated by Coletrane Williams, the local child prodigy who recently starred in the short-lived OWN series Love Is, this incredible night of music will feature Williams alongside Jameson the 3rd and Aaron Daniel. The trio will perform together, playing a mix of soul, R&B, and jazz.

The Brown Goose @Barrelhouse South

A diverse unit that incorporates modern and hard rock rhythmic elements with more melodic sensibilities.

Mike Jones and Groove Centric @Good Times Jazz Bar and Restaurant

They combine jazz, R&B, and neo-soul.


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