Get Up, Stand Up for The Wailers

Get Up, Stand Up for The Wailers

Reggae legends bring their timeless message to the Stage On Bay
Now, whether they’re in the bus or onstage, the band is family

A Decade of The Train Wrecks

Celebrate Whiskey & War and Once Again at The Jinx
They’re grown men performing like teenagers in a garage with new amps and parents who are out of town

Laiken Love: In demand and in control

Her collaborators include some of our city's finest musicians
HAS ANY Savannah singer come as far, and as fast, as Laiken Love?

David J’s dark entry into Savannah

Goth rock legend performs unique show at Bonaventure Funeral Home's Chapel
“David J’s using people’s living rooms and anywhere that has a quirky, unorthodox vibe,” Scott explains

Remembering Ben

Celebrate the life of jazz legend Ben Tucker at a free concert
"He had a very special meaning and impacted us in such a positive way. We couldn't forget him."

Street Clothes: Superautomatica

Disco and glam inspire local electro-rock band’s new album
The band has elevated their captivating live show and is ready to throw down at this weekend in celebration of a new album

My Maiden Name

Savannah band releases first LP
They're Savannah's most eclectic alt-rock band, inspired by Brazilian pop, new wave, '90s alternative, and hip-hop

The Parasites, Pussy Launcher @The Wormhole

The Parasites are working on new material to be recorded soon and continuing their dedication to touring and keeping pop-punk tradition alive.

Ayo & Teo, 283, Them Sturdy Boyz @Sk8 City (Pooler)

The first installment in a summer concert series for Savannah’s youth.

Get Sequential with the Rock 'n' Roll Prom

4th annual event takes on a comic book theme
The annual Rock & Roll Prom is here to redefine any notions you have about crinoline and corsages

Dad Joke's last laugh

And a see-you-later to Cray Bags at Weekendmania
Some, like headliner Muuy Biien, are returning favorites, while there are many more on the lineup that have never played Savannah before

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