She Returns From War explores and empowers

She Returns From War explores and empowers

The South Carolina band’s sophomore release pushes sonic boundaries and tests the limits of country and folk
With a slightly new band in tow, Park is embracing a more collaborative approach to her career

Latin People Time brings classic Salsa sound to Savannah Jazz Festival

Jax band plays free show at Ships of the Sea
THE SAVANNAH JAZZ FESTIVAL brings a great variety of music to local stages over the next two weeks — not all of it the typical idea of what jazz is. One of the festival’s many nods to the diversity of music happens Wednesday night, Sept. 26, when the Jacksonville, Fla., salsa band Latin People Time takes the stage at the Ships of the Sea Museum for a free show guaranteed to be a party.

Josephine Johnson's portrait of a Spark

Savannah-based singer/songwriter goes the distance on her latest release
The Spark is a huge step forward for Johnson and her recorded output

Savannah Jazz Festival kicks off with local youth performances

The 37th annual Savannah Jazz Festival kicks off with some of the city's finest, and youngest, musicians.

Black Tusk paves a path forward on T.C.B.T.

The beloved local band talks tragedy, sonic evolution, and rising above the ‘Savannah sound’
The newest collection of songs retains the band’s signature sludge metal sound but also incorporates hardcore punk influences on a much larger scale than their previous albums

Cusses weathers the changes on ‘Golden Rat’

Beloved Savannah trio returns with a new album and a new perspective
The group is full steam ahead as they head off on tour in support of Golden Rat and get ready to start the next phase of their career in Nashville

Eric Gales’ guitar love affair

Legendary guitarist brings his unique style and unmatched passion to Savannah Jazz Festival
He’s had major label deals, done big tours and festivals, and consistently released albums of original music that fuse a wide range of genres

Pohgoh falls in love all over again

Veteran ‘90s indie band brings their first new album in 21 years to Savannah
The songs explore a multitude of subjects, including Susie Ulrey’s long battle with Multiple Sclerosis, and are presented with the group’s angular brand of guitar rock

Velvet Caravan’s master ‘Stroke’

Local faves and SXSW raves bring gypsy jazz to the Lucas to mark album release
Savannah Stopover brings Velvet Caravan to the Lucas Theatre for an evening spinning with Eastern European melodies, Latin rhythms, a touch of western swing and other surprise twists on familiar tune

American Aquarium delivers depths of truth

BJ Barham on the band’s success and challenges
ALT-COUNTRY rockers American Aquarium return to Savannah, bringing their "Things Change" tour to the Jinx Friday, September 7. Formed in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2006, American Aquarium, knows the road and rock star-level rabble rousing.

Exit Interview: Jon Waits of Waits & Co.

Ahead of one last show before leaving Savannah, the songwriter looks back with gratitude on a music scene that fostered his creativity
Music, for Waits, is therapeutic first and foremost, while entertainment is secondary


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