The Brown Goose @Barrelhouse South

The Brown Goose @Barrelhouse South

They’re a workhorse band that tours constantly, and their influences are diverse

DJ Kut Daily @Congress Street Social Club

If you’re looking to have a good time on a Saturday night, look no further than the Social Club with DJ Kut

Ember City @The Jinx

Savannah’s own Ember City hits The Jinx with their 90s-influenced alt-rock

Black metal on Black Friday

Two Tides Brewing hosts post-holiday festival
Headlined by Black Tusk, the free festival will include special beer releases, a metal-centric record booth from Graveface Records, food from Krazien and specialty merch

Missionary Blues @Congress Street Social Club

Local rock and roll outfit Missionary Blues has garnered praise for their show-stopping vocals and stellar musicianship

Sylvia Rose Novak @The Jinx

The singer/songwriter’s music is sonically expansive and not stylistically boxed in

Fathers & Sons: Wareham & Daly @Roasting Room

Both Wareham and Daly are writers and multi-instrumentalists in their own rights, but they also happen to be the sons of talented musicians as well

Ford Natirboff @Foxy Loxy Cafe

Natirboff is a talented multi-instrumentalist whose love of The Who and The Beatles shines through

Dirty Fuss, Xuluprophet @The Jinx

Nashville blues rockers Dirty Fuss play a grungy, edgy brand of rock and roll that provides just the right amount of dirt for fans of any rock era

Interstellar Echoes @Victory North

The hits and fan favorites will surely be in the set, but you’ll also likely hear some deep cuts from the expansive and groundbreaking Floyd catalog

Rachel Baiman Band @The Roasting Room

Her songs are unique and appeal to music fans of all levels


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