Westside Arena: A critical look at access

Part Two: Pedestrian and vehicular improvements work at cross-purposes in flawed arena site plan
DOWNTOWN SAVANNAH is famous as a pedestrian-friendly, walkable area, where destinations from River Street to Forsyth Park are readily accessible on foot, by bike, bus or car. That should be the standard by which we judge any new civic venue in Savannah.


Editor's Note: Arena Dilemma

A more political, and therefore more subjective, question about the Westside Arena is the impact on nearby residents who have been promised that they will enjoy great economic development from it.

Editor's Note

The weaponization of jaywalking

Campaigns warning against the alleged dangers of distracted walkers have benefited from the twin tailwinds of general angst over a society that seems to have surrendered to its screens and a spike in pedestrian fatalities.

News Cycle

Westside Arena: a 50-year mistake?

Part One, an Overview: Parking, transportation, and flooding are just some of the issues facing the massive proposed project set for the new ‘Canal District’
WHILE THERE has been a generally positive trend in Savannah’s governance over the past several years, the decision to locate a new arena west of downtown at Stiles Avenue and Gwinnett Street is a grave mistake that the city will come to regret decades into the future. The project is laudable for directing investment to a long-neglected part of the city, but a combination of insufficient parking, nonexistent related commercial activity and the very real threat of flooding will likely doom the usefulness and financial success of the arena.


Editor's Note: Time for a mid-year review!

A look at the pros and cons at the midpoint of 2018.

Editor's Note

Appraising the appraisal process

I believe the land valuations that I described two columns ago are systematically flawed, to the great detriment of owners of smaller land parcels.

An Urbanist View

Editor's Note: Fireworks about fireworks

A growing number of local residents have simply had enough of fireworks, and are making their displeasure known to local officials. As of July 1, local governments are allowed to supersede state law with their own noise ordinances addressing fireworks.

Editor's Note

Grow it again!

Just as it is today, polarization was alive and well in the ‘70s, although you never heard that particular word till the ‘90s.

Free Speech

How ‘windshield perspective’ skews local issues

To reach campus from the north, someone on a bicycle or on foot has to cross DeRenne Avenue, surely one of the most unpleasant experiences our civic realm has to offer.

News Cycle

Editor's Note: Taxes, fees, and SPLOST

Simply put, the City's diligence in keeping property taxes low is more than offset by its heavy reliance on SPLOST and bond issues. While laudable, the City's relative fiscal prudence with property taxes is a fig leaf of sorts, to cover what many see as an addiction to SPLOST funds.

Editor's Note

Tax increase replaces hated Fire Fee

City Council circles wagons around embattled City Manager
A USUALLY bitterly divided Savannah City Council managed to agree on something at last week’s regular meeting. They voted unanimously to adopt a property tax increase in the wake of their repeal of the controversial Fire Fee.


Breaking down the new ‘hands free’ law

Don’t touch it. Put it away. Turn it off. Put it in airplane mode. Just don’t touch it. Kind of like a strip club.


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