Can Savannah create good parking karma?

Can Savannah create good parking karma?

This is going to be hard to believe—the new plan seems to create better and more parking options to accommodate our many visitors while taking into account residents’ quality of life. Quit yer scoffing and consider.

The (Civil) Society Column


30 minutes over Savannah, in a B-25 bomber

'Miss Mitchell' and other vintage WWII warbirds are on hand at the Savannah airport to offer tours and rides all this weekend.
SEVENTY-FIVE years ago this month, one of the most courageous acts in military history occurred: The fabled "Doolittle Raid." Sixteen B-25 bombers, designed for land-based operations, took off from the deck of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier U.S.S. Hornet.

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Editor's Note: Devil in the details with Memorial buyout?

While on the surface this seems like a great deal, if you scratch the surface you see a few potential issues come up. Issues that, frankly, have received scant attention in the generally fawning regional press coverage of the deal.

Editor's Note

Controversial self-storage facility comes before City Council

Neighbors cite congestion, crime, and massive size of project in opposition
WHAT DO you do if you want to build a controversial project, but you’re already 0-3 in front of the Metropolitan Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals?

City Notebook

Cities and the Rule of Thirds

Your “third place” is where you habitually go to unwind, to shoot the breeze, to see and be seen, to put yourself out there
IF YOU looked at the photo below and, by the fabric of the bench and the pattern on the floor, immediately knew where it was taken, the The Original Pinkie Masters might be your "third place."

An Urbanist View

Trail fever is spreading everywhere but here

Imagine a multiuse trail connecting Armstrong State University to River Street. That’s what Columbus residents will soon be able to enjoy.
I’VE BEEN thinking about alligators a lot lately.

News Cycle

Komen Race for the Cure: More than pink

Race raises funds for local services and breast cancer prevention
Sister survivors Sylvia and Cynthia agree that Saturday’s mass of magenta and coral brings deeper meaning.


Growing the city within the city

Many places have an Additive City. Savannah’s is especially large, and especially pleasing due to our unique ward plan, but the manner it grew piece-by-piece was no different than any city or town of its time.
LAST THURSDAY night there was an event at the Massie Heritage Center entitled "New Development in Savannah: Where Do We Go from Here?"

An Urbanist View

Science, it’s a thing

"If we cut the public funding for basic research, it’s going to be very difficult to maintain the standards of knowledge in our society."

The (Civil) Society Column

Editor's Note: Lucas Theatre mess signals deeper issues

Ordinarily, the firing of five people wouldn’t constitute major breaking news. However, the firing of the Lucas staff last week triggered shock waves in an arts community still reeling from the loss of the beloved Muse venue in February.

Editor's Note

Nuclear boondoggle

Westinghouse bankruptcy adds yet another setback to the already-problematic Plant Vogtle expansion
A PAIR of new nuclear reactors at Georgia Power’s Plant Vogtle, about an hour north/northwest of us on the Savannah River, were supposed to be up and running two weeks ago and sending electricity to the regional grid.


Aggressive Civility and other important newspeak

Jim Reed and Phillips Reynolds Price have co-founded the new social action organization, which not only makes a fabulous hashtag but stages events and sells swag to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The (Civil) Society Column

Needed: More ‘oddball plans’ to reduce collisions

Protected bike lanes across the country have delivered economic benefits along with safety improvements. What’s dismissed as “oddball” in Savannah is best practice in many communities.

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