In change of course, City will allow signs at Pence visit

In change of course, City will allow signs at Pence visit

City cites miscommunication with Secret Service



The Big Parade Picture

Tips to get you through the green day
Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to be in attendance at the parade in some form or fashion. Expect even tighter security from a variety of law enforcement agencies.

Saint Patrick’s Day Issue

Editor's Note: Kissing to be clever

Oddly, the soldier-kissing controversy might actually be tied into the Mike Pence visit, as there is a chance he will march with the soldiers -- in which case no one will be allowed to run up to them, or him, for any reason whatsoever.

Editor's Note

St. Patrick's Day FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Savannah’s favorite celebration

Saint Patrick’s Day Issue

Getting realistic about sea level rise

'We can plot any rise of sea level on the ground, now, and know the consequences. If we try to plot time, we would be on a fool's errand.'

An Urbanist View

Irish Jews: A closer look at a lesser-known aspect of the Irish experience

Georgia Southern's Dr. Howard Keeley hopes to get the message into our consciousness with a new exhibit at Savannah's Congregation Mickve Israel.


From parking to bike paths to everything in between: Getting around on St. Patrick's Day

If you drive; if you don't drive; if you ride your bike
If you drive We don’t recommend driving downtown on parade day.

Saint Patrick’s Day Issue

The Great Parking Debate continues

As I have written before, many of our most treasured places and traditions -- including Forsyth Park and the St. Patrick’s Day celebration itself -- would be dead on arrival if they were proposed today. Why? Not enough parking.

News Cycle

'We tell them, "You're not alone"'

Local activists and advocates await the fate of DACA
NEXT WEEK, Savannah’s Irish will carry on a tradition that goes back 194 years. The St. Patrick’s Day parade and the formal Irish societies that go along with it were all about an immigrant community, at the time, coming together to help their own people.


Editor's Note: Time to reboot Savannah's problematic gun programs

The director of the local End Gun Violence initiative was arrested on a DUI charge. He was also arrested on a domestic violence charge less than a year before he was hired. These two events alone might be enough to disqualify one from receiving a taxpayer-funded salary and benefits package of nearly $100,000 and heading an organization with so important a mission.

Editor's Note

A reckoning on Cumberland Island

Development efforts threaten to encroach on National Seashore
SOME TIME this spring, coastal residents could wake up to news of the biggest deal on Cumberland Island since the deal that created the National Seashore there in the 1970s.


African American history is the focus of events

Weeping Time, Kiah Museum highlighted
IT’S NOT every day you’re invited to take part in a public archaeology dig close to home. You get your chance this weekend, as the local group Digging Savannah – the public archaelogy program of the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern — will continue a dig in historic Cuyler Brownsville in West Savannah.


Editor's Note: The City’s malware malaise

But as the days go by and more City business is impacted, it has seemed long past time for the City to not only continue taking serious steps in fixing the malware infection, but to fully inform and reassure a largely clueless public.

Editor's Note

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