Emmaus House serves a daily Feast of Love to the homeless and hungry

Emmaus House serves a daily Feast of Love to the homeless and hungry

Emmaus House serves up helpings Monday-Friday to the homeless and hungry members of our community



‘A Christmas Memory’ continues at Flannery home

Strozier, a longtime English professor at Armstrong, sadly passed away in April. But the tradition he created lives on with a rechristening of the event as a memorial event

City Notebook

A Brighter Day ahead

A conversation with the original founders and new owners of a Savannah institution
Now, after 41 years in business, the Brodheads announce they’re passing the reins of their beloved store over to Kristin Russell and Brad Baugh of the Sentient Bean


Editor's Note: Wave goodbye to the Waving Girl?

In a state where it's almost impossible to get a Confederate monument moved, apparently all it takes to get a non-Confederate monument moved is some campaign contributions and a couple of letters from politically-connected lobbyists.

Editor's Note

At home for the holidays with CASA

Currently, there are around 400 children in the foster care system. CASA’s team of volunteers serves 54 percent of those children and aims to reach 100% by 2021


Complete Streets and the myth of ‘free’ parking

Call me when City Council votes to spend $10 million on bike racks

News Cycle

Editor's Note: Savannah’s ‘OK Boomer’ election

To me, this is another major development of this election, every bit on par with politics and race and gender: The face of Savannah politics is now much, much younger than in years past.

Editor's Note

A whale of a week

In an effort to spread the word about these extraordinary animals, as well as encourage their conservation, organizers host Whale Week, an engaging and informative series of programming


Reader says, 'Unite behind the science on climate change'

Editor, Rather than debating climate change and the urgency of actions needed to address it, we should rigorously adhere to the maxim “Unite behind the science.”


Editor's Note: Putting the thanks in Thanksgiving

There are lots of problems in Savannah: poverty, crime, low wages, poor educational system, etc. These are problems experienced in many other places. But the great things about Savannah are our things, and what sets us apart.

Editor's Note

Park Place: Transitional living program fills crucial service gap

Park Place Outreach has been providing a safe, secure, and loving temporary home for children who are homeless, runaway, or victims of abuse in Savannah since 1984


The true cost of insufficient affordable housing

Data from communities nationwide shows that the annual cost of one chronically homeless person ranges $20,000 to over $50,000


Two sides of the Thanksgiving table

Celebrate Native American Indian Heritage Month with special event at Massie Heritage Center
History is often written by the victors, as the saying goes. It’s because of this that we recognize November as the month of Thanksgiving, where we feast with loved ones in remembrance of the first meeting between the English pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe.

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