The Candidates: A long list vies in active election season

County Commission Chairman


Editor's Note: Taking the masks off

When people accuse those who wear masks of 'living in fear,' I think this could be a form of projection -- it's really they who are frightened. I assure you, when I pop a mask onto my face to go grocery shopping for 20 minutes, I don't feel scared in the least.

Editor's Note

Land, Sea and Society

Reflections on values during a pandemic
Since we’ve been forced to slow down, have you considered your own relationship with the nature and wildlife we explore?


Savannah Council on World Affairs continues programming online, hosts talk on Islam during Ramadan

'I found that American masses in general, not only in the South, have this lack of knowledge about Islam'

City Notebook

Graduating in a global pandemic: One senior’s thoughts

Ruden recorded her valedictorian speech at the Yamacraw Center located at Garrison School for the Arts the week before graduation


Editor's Note: Hot time for some, cold shoulder for many others

Much of the increasingly rancorous debate over whether or not to 'reopen' the economy is effectively moot, for better or worse.It's happening way too soon for some, much too late in the opinion of others, but either way it's happening. The inequities are glaringly obvious.

Editor's Note

Ogeechee Riverkeeper keeps on keepin' on

'The pivot has been that we’re really trying to focus on what’s next'


‘Go for it’: The cycling message of Stuckey’s CEO Stephanie Stuckey

While her primary clientele travels on four wheels and sometimes 18, the CEO gets around on two.

News Cycle

'5 Year Journey' now up at Sentient Bean

The starting place on the map shows organizations like Georgia Microboards and Emergent Savannah who were early supporters.

Magic Makers

Is it a 'boycott' if you don't live here?

Brighter Day subjected to out-of-state threats concerning mask policy
A SMALL and geographically disparate social media movement that aims to align protective face masks with fear and conformity targeted a local health food shop in Savannah on Wednesday.

City Notebook

Editor's Note: When shame is society's friend

SHAME has great power, whether positive or negative. We can shame people and organizations on illegitimate grounds, to exert power or prejudice.

Editor's Note


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