Editor's Note: Is the honeymoon over already?

Editor's Note: Is the honeymoon over already?

There are clearly feelings of betrayal on the part of some Council members. They will eventually fade away -- but they'll also leave a mark.

Editor's Note


Race and gender in the voting booth

League of Women Voters holds a special lecture series
Dr. Julie de Chantal’s specialty is African American history, and the lecture will cover a wide range of black history

City Notebook

Georgia’s vanishing rape kits: A special report

Budget cuts and bureaucracy combine to make a terrible situation worse
RAPE KITS are backing up on a monthly basis at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).  With a two-year trend of approximately 300 new rape kits submitted per month — but staffing to only process 100 of them — the growing backlog is becoming unmanageable, and causing many victims of rape to have little faith in the system.  


Scooping up memories: A conversation with Stratton Leopold

The son of founder Peter, Stratton is passionate about both his family business and his storied career as a producer
ASK anyone who’s been in Savannah for any amount of time: Leopold’s is the best ice cream in town. Sure, it’s a tourist must-see, but it’s also definitely a spot for locals, and it has been for a century.

City Notebook

Deep Speaks gives kids the microphone

Favorite local literary event happens this Sunday
In the span of its eleven years, Deep has broadened its horizons and taken on equally important work around our city, but the Young Author Project has consistently thrived, which emphasizes the point of the organization: listening to kids


Bike-friendly agenda meets legislature

'The bicycle breakfast gives me the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the lawmakers who are making the big decisions about how to fund and build our streets'

News Cycle

Editor's Note: Making City Council meetings more accessible

Beginning with the Feb. 27 meeting, the second City Council meeting of each month will begin at 6:30 p.m., to give citizens a more convenient time to attend.

Editor's Note

U.S. political process is a ‘money engine’

U.S. political process is a 'money engine’ Editor,


Celebrating Black History, and future

The Savannah Black Heritage Festival is underway
The annual festival is in conjunction with Black History Month in February, and it’s filled with activities that seek to get Savannah’s youth involved


Editor's Note: Health care hypocrisy

Nobody really likes the current system other than the insurance industry itself, which takes your money and still reserves the right to deny coverage, no matter how long you've paid for the benefit. That's the "freedom" we're told we can't give up!

Editor's Note

How to fund affordable housing development?

Between 2016 and 2018, Savannah approved applications for projects which created over 3,000 new market based rental housing units. Sadly, no funds were collected from these developments to help fund new affordable housing, a major lost opportunity.


Wanda Lloyd’s full circle of journalism

'Mine is not a rags-to-riches story. Yet among African-Americans, there was no distinction between class or income during Jim Crow years. We endured the city's separate and subpar facilities.'



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