Black Sheep White Cop: A true-life memoir of crime & corruption

Black Sheep White Cop: A true-life memoir of crime & corruption

Former local homicide detective Kevin Grogan writes the ultimate Savannah cop story
A REMARKABLE MEMOIR by a former Savannah-Chatham cop has become the hottest local read of the summer. Black Sheep White Cop: Savannah EXPOsed, is grippingly written by Kevin Grogan, a former homicide detective whose local career spans five police chiefs, including now-imprisoned former Police Chief Willie Lovett.

City Notebook


Counting sea stars and other science: A landlubber’s expedition to Gray’s Reef

Scientists, educators, divers and curiosity seekers ship out to the 22-square mile live bottom reef marine sanctuary.

The (Civil) Society Column

Listening to the ‘loonies’

I keep thinking about a comment posted on the Savannah Bicycle Campaign Facebook page last month, apparently in an attempt to dispute my reporting on the significant demand for sidewalks, bike lanes, and traffic calming expressed at Savannah Forward meetings.

News Cycle

Deep Center’s high schoolers take to the streets to uncover hidden histories

“This has taught me that there are no bad questions,” says 15 year-old Imani Muhammed
MOST KIDS grow up being scolded not to talk to strangers.


Editor's Note: Amazon, Alexa, Apple, and the new Robber Barons

Instead of oil and railroads and banks, the new Robber Barons of the 21st Century control nearly all the data our data-dependent society is built on, from the “free” platforms we use to share our private information (the companies then mining that information to use and sell), to the hidden, proprietary algorithms that determine which news, “fake” or otherwise, shows up on your feed.

Editor's Note

Beware of false choices about tourism vs. livability

In Savannah there is no vacuum. Our downtown is full to the brim and we are trying to accommodate still unsatiated demands from residents and tourists.

An Urbanist View

Puns and fun with the National Society of Newspaper Columnists

Founded 40 years ago by a few lonely columnists looking to share war stories, the NSNC (pronounced “Eness-en-CEE” after the third cup of coffee or second glass of wine) hosts its conference in a different city every year and attracts a formidable line-up of special guests willing to speak of their time in the trenches.

The (Civil) Society Column

Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Savannah has, for better or worse, a robust service industry. The problem is that we don’t have much of a service culture to speak of.

Editor's Note

Who will save the world?

With nobody at the helm of NOAA or FEMA, we’re basically one eyewall away from The Hunger Games, only with worse fashion.

The (Civil) Society Column

A clean, well-lighted safe space

Savannah’s LGBTQ community finally has a place of its own
The design and buildout maximize the square footage to accommodate a cornucopia of organizations and activities


Prioritizing our priorities about transportation and quality of life

The five priorities identified by Savannah Forward's retreat can be achieved by placing a focus on walkable, bikeable streets and well-connected neighborhoods

News Cycle

Editor's Note: The Great Downtown Disconnect

Currently, the downtown area is awash in plenty of other examples of what one could loosely define as public/private partnerships

Editor's Note

Environmental Protection + Responsible Stewardship = Strong Economy

20 years of connecting the dots with the Center for A Sustainable Coast
Neglecting nature threatens American prosperity, Kyler has reasoned thoughtfully, and the only path to a strong economic future is to protect the environment.



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