The road to Tybee just got a bit more friendly to cyclists

The road to Tybee just got a bit more friendly to cyclists

In place of the previous rumble strips, GDOT has installed edge line rumble strips, placed directly at the edge of the travel lane

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Help Savannah’s homeless with Union Mission

Monthly Lunch n’ Learn series happens Thursday
'We are certainly of the philosophy that it’s going to take our whole community to end homelessness as much as we can'


Editor's Note: Conflict over conflicts of interest

While Brian Foster is declining to run for reelection to City Council, it does raise a red flag that he would be appointed to the powerful Downtown Savannah Authority while still holding a seat on Council.

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Students suffer from hostile administration, systemic barriers

I tell this story knowing it belongs to only one family, but I trust you know it is one of many similar stories

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Homeless churches helping homeless people

The reasons for homelessness are as diverse as the population itself, but some of the reasons include illness, divorce, inability to receive aid, and loss of job.


Editor's Note: Saving the Mercer Theatre? A sound engineer speaks

Many observers are arguing that the Johnny Mercer Theatre must be saved, and that demolishing it would eliminate an important venue with no clear substitute waiting in the wings—so to speak

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The real meaning of 'choice

I was lucky. I was given education and access to birth control. Many people are not.

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Stonewall, 50 years on

Savannah Pride commemorates historic uprising with block party
The Stonewall uprising on June 28, 1969, was the catalyst for the gay rights movement and the inspiration for Pride celebrations to occur


The street-level impact of passing NewZO

The current zoning ordinance superimposes suburban style parking requirements on older areas of the city, which is bad for business. And bad for people.

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Editor's Note: Superintendent pay is just the tip of the iceberg

What we see locally is just an aspect of a much larger national issue: Struggling public schools with an increasingly bloated administrative structure, as teacher salaries stay criminally low, with some turning to GoFundMe to buy classroom supplies.

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Former City Manager: Savannah must regain “passionate devotion” to strong tree policy

Michael Brown decries current City government’s lack of focus, enforcement in preserving Savannah’s tree canopy
POINTED QUESTIONS from former Savannah City Manager Michael Brown turned what might have been a sedate meeting about tree policy into a more spirited discussion about civic priorities. Held at the Massie Heritage Center and organized by the Friends of Massie, Wednesday evening’s panel “A Conversation About Trees” featured Gordon Denney, City of Savannah Greenscapes Department Director; Paul Daniels, board chair of the Savannah Tree Foundation; and Philip Perrone, member of the Savannah Park and Tree Commission citizen board.


Abandoning science has costly consequences for Americans

Editor, U.S. policies directly affect a broad spectrum of factors crucial to our quality-of-life, financial stability, and arguably our very survival, yet they are being degraded by willful, feckless negligence.



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