Tiptoeing our way to common ground

Tiptoeing our way to common ground

Those mile-long Facebook threads never seem to lead anywhere for me, and I would much rather have more of society’s difficult conversations in person, but only if there are ground rules and snacks. That’s the ideology behind Common Grounds, the regular Wednesday night roundtable discussion at the Foundery Coffee Pub.

The (Civil) Society Column


Editor's Note: It’s not Jolene Byrne who needs to go

On this issue, always keep this in mind: The rest of your elected School Board is essentially working to keep local students from being able to attend college. Their vendetta against the Board President has reached such a fever pitch that they hold every child in the district hostage to it.

Editor's Note

From the microscope to the open ocean at Skidaway Marine Science Day

Hands-on aquatic activities for all ages on Oct. 14
The relatively tiny corner of ocean off of Savannah’s coast has enough mysteries to keep the biologists, chemists and geologists of the University of Georgia’s Skidaway Institute of Oceanography busy for years.


Bloated zoning and lean Urbanism

I’ve asked around, and as far as I can tell, there’s not even an internal copy of Draft Four floating around City cubicles.

An Urbanist View

Catering with care

Coastal Center for Developmental Services helps the disabled while providing service
THE SUNNY kitchen off Eisenhower Drive bustles with a dozen people in striped aprons and sturdy clogs chopping vegetables, washing pots and arranging trays. Several are packing up box lunches, and two more are taping packages of fresh-baked cookies.


Open letter to Mayor and City Council regarding Panhandle Slim

"To think that Savannah, of all places, would go so far as to censor Scott Stanton’s (aka Panhandle Slim) talent and community voice, historic district or not, leaves me speechless. And sad."


The Savannah Thursday Night Hustle

The term 'socialite' doesn't do Savannah's party people justice—these are social heavies, folks who hustle to make and do and elevate and enlighten, yet can still toast and boogie so hard we have to frontload the weekend with an extra night.

The (Civil) Society Column

Renowned economist to speak at Step Up Savannah Annual meeting

Rachel Schneider wanted to know how people are coping, so she and fellow researcher Jonathan Morduch tracked 235 low-to-moderate income households across the country.


Let there be (bicycle) light

One ‘accessory’ that is a must-have
Savannah Bicycle Campaign volunteers have been doing their part to light the way for people, who by choice or necessity, ride bikes at night

News Cycle

‘Thoughts and Prayers’

It is very clear to me that the majority of elected and public officials who say 'Thoughts and Prayers' are neither deep thinkers nor praying people.

Editor's Note

Where’s the largest Food Day Festival in America? Right here!

Celebrate healthy, local sustenance in Daffin Park on Oct. 7
Food Day events are meant to inspire communities to eat healthy while furthering sensible food policies and education.


Planning for climate change

There will be a great deal of resistance. But the alternative is to carry on “as normal,” rebuilding as before, behaving as before, until what happened in Barbuda and Puerto Rico happens on the Georgia sea islands.

An Urbanist View

Editor's Note: Game-changer on anthem protests?

The main thing that really jumps out for me, across the spectrum of opinion, is how few people on either side of the debate this past weekend even mentioned the original purpose of kneeling for the anthem.

Editor's Note


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