Editor's Note: Savannah enters the gun control debate

Editor's Note: Savannah enters the gun control debate

While acknowledging that City governments can do little to enact meaningful gun law reform, the consensus was that it would so some good to send the resolution to some people who can, such as our two Senators and our House delegation.

Editor's Note


ELLA Foundation and Hospice Savannah announce partnership

The Forgotten Victims Support Group is an eight-week group beginning Aug. 22 designed for people affected by traumatic loss
THE ELLA FOUNDATION and Hospice Savannah have partnered for a new support group that uses the strengths of both organizations.

City Notebook

We are family: Tybee Equality Fest celebrates all weekend long

'It's for everyone that's shining their light and being the best person they can be. We want everyone to come together.'
THREE YEARS IN, the Tybee Equality Fest is stronger than ever, partly because it has to be. "This year, I’ve gotten more trolls than ever before about doing this event," admits Angie Celeste, organizer of the Tybee Equality Fest.


Okefenokee in peril

Mining proposal threatens vital natural resource
NATIVE AMERICANS gave the mist-enshrouded and black-watered Okefenokee Swamp its fearsome name: Land of Trembling Earth, referring not to earthquakes, but unstable peat deposits that line the swamp floor and tremble underfoot. These days, friends of the vast bog, one of the oldest and best-preserved freshwater ecosystems in North America, are trembling because its age-old enemy, humankind, has returned to extract it and get rich.


Reconsidering federal flood insurance subsidies

In an age of climate-induced sea level rise, should we continue to incentivize coastal development?
AS A longtime coastal property-owner and environmental advocate, I believe it’s important that the public understands the consequences of pursuing cheaper flood insurance in these times of greater risk, primarily attributable to climate disruption. The Federal flood insurance program began decades ago, when flooding events were considered “acts of God” – natural phenomena that could randomly disrupt the lives of unwary property-owners suffering storm damage.


Editor's Note: Time to expand our to-go cup area - a modest proposal

As downtown becomes mostly a playground for tourists, it makes perfect sense that the legal area for to-go cups should be enlarged for the enjoyment of those who actually live and work and pay taxes here.

Editor's Note

Medical marijuana in Georgia: A closer look

The state’s low THC oil registry still faces legal and bureaucratic hurdles
Low THC oil is highly regulated and you can’t purchase it in Georgia yet, but it’s coming

City Notebook

Walmart’s missing tax dollars: Part Two

The Georgia Department of Revenue may be turning a blind eye towards a blatant defiance of the sales tax law by the corporate giants who seem to be running the show

Outside the Box

Demolished or saved?

Deciding the fate of the Civic Center and Johnny Mercer Theatre
Last week, the Savannah Morning News hosted a panel discussion of the future of the Civic Center. The lively discussion raised plenty of interesting points that we’ve presented for you here

City Notebook

Green bike lanes: A Savannah success story

The green color should drastically reduce the number of motorists who fail to recognize it as a bike lane and try to drive in it, a scenario that was shockingly common on Price Street

News Cycle

Editor's Note: SAV, ATL, and the ‘Superstar City’

The insidious effect of the red-hot metro Atlanta economy contributes to inflation within Georgia, to an extent that cities like Savannah can't easily absorb it given our depressed wages and slower job growth picture.

Editor's Note

Savannah goes back to school

Mixed feelings expressed by Chatham residents as routine and responsibility accompany start to the 2019-2020 school year
The intoxicating scent of new crayons filled the air at schools across Chatham County, both public and private, as students started a new school year last week. Asked what is their favorite part of back-to-school, parents had mixed emotions: Sheila Stortz Berg has children at STEM and Hesse.


Editor's Note: Smoke and mirrors of another election year

The truth is that this election year "tax cut" will actually result in a higher tax rate than the City had just a year ago!

Editor's Note


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