Editor's Note: Will Savannah double down on a casino?

Editor's Note: Will Savannah double down on a casino?

Lest you think there's no chance such a referendum could pass, consider that there will inevitably be an enormous amount of money put into political advertising for it, and into pressuring local officials to support it.

Editor's Note


Gerrymandering and the upcoming Census

Because it is going to be a census year, the numbers and demographics of the Coastal Empire will change dramatically. The seismic shifts that occurred in the City of Savannah elections and in Pooler are just a small picture of what lies ahead

Outside the Box

Inaugural Address: Mayor Van R. Johnson II, Jan. 2, 2020, Johnny Mercer Theatre

'We're going to make this table bigger, because for years we had the same folks sitting at the same table, and there were folks sitting there at the kiddie's table watching everybody else eat.'


Special events this weekend honor African-American history ahead of MLK Day

MLK Day celebrations have been around for years, but the TybeeMLK parade and human rights celebration is only in its seventh yea


Editor's Note: An inaugural address to remember

I don't believe there has ever been a mayoral address in Savannah where lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and queer people were given specific, careful shout-outs, rather than generic pandering, if even that.

Editor's Note

Bicycle tourism: Deeper connection, more representation, less gentrification

According to the Adventure Cycling Association, bicycle tourism contributes $83 billion annually to U.S. economy

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Editor's Note: Dying malls = affordable housing?

In Savannah right now, there is at least as much of a demand for affordable housing as there is for upscale condos and/or Airbnbs. Many would argue, a much higher demand. The trick is to make this demand able to be met in the real world, in a market economy.

Editor's Note

Forsyth Farmers’ Market receives grant to begin 912 Food Farmacy program

'Instead of doctors writing prescriptions for medicine, they're writing prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables, and those prescriptions are actually gift certificates for free produce.'

City Notebook

Casinos: Bad idea for Georgia, especially bad for Savannah

Viewing a light-polluting casino with a glittery Ferris wheel next to it from River Street is so anti-Savannah, I hope every reader is sharpening a pitchfork for the public relations battle that will descend upon you in just three short weeks.

Outside the Box

'Come on up to the table': Mayor Van Johnson stresses themes of inclusiveness at inauguration

"This table called Savannah is going to rest on the four legs of Trust, Transparency, Accountability, and Inclusion," he said.

City Notebook

Editor's Note: A few new year’s wishes for 2020

If Savannah is as desirable as we're always told, developers will still make a boatload of money here even if they're forced to scale back some projects.

Editor's Note

Letters to the editor

We get letters!


Taking the (Polar) Plunge

Annual favorite event on Tybee rings in the New Year
Over the years, the drunken dare snowballed into a major tradition, complete with commemorative T-shirts, that benefited local Tybee charities



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