Prioritizing our priorities about transportation and quality of life

The five priorities identified by Savannah Forward's retreat can be achieved by placing a focus on walkable, bikeable streets and well-connected neighborhoods

The public has spoken. They want safe, accommodating streets.

People stood up and spoke about the critical need for sidewalks, bike lanes, and traffic calming in their neighborhoods.

Our problematic parking preoccupation

The desire for cheap and easy parking causes otherwise thoughtful people to betray causes they normally support. It’s magical, truly.

Trail fever is spreading everywhere but here

Imagine a multiuse trail connecting Armstrong State University to River Street. That’s what Columbus residents will soon be able to enjoy.
I’VE BEEN thinking about alligators a lot lately.

Needed: More ‘oddball plans’ to reduce collisions

Protected bike lanes across the country have delivered economic benefits along with safety improvements. What’s dismissed as “oddball” in Savannah is best practice in many communities.

Bicycle infrastructure isn’t just about bicycles!

So ubiquitous are these “other users” of the bike lane, that it’s easy to forget what they tell us about our city

Biking into downtown for St. Patrick's? Get prepped!

Savannah Bicycle Campaign will offer a free bike readiness check on Wednesday, March 15 from 7-9:30 p.m. at 1301 Lincoln St.

The real American carnage and how to stop it

Here in Georgia, fatal crashes increased 34 percent between 2014 and 2016. Distracted driving is appropriately identified as a major contributor to the rising death toll
MY WIFE’S parents visited from New York last year and they learned an important lesson that is second nature to many of us who live in Savannah: Green does not mean go. At least not right away.

Economic benefits of bike trails are passing Savannah by

Our lack of modern multiuse trails prevents us from welcoming more of a very desirable type of visitor to our city. Bicycle tourists, as a demographic group, are better educated, spend more money, and stay longer than average visitors.

When the future is uncertain, go by bike

Riding a bike or walking is a personal declaration of independence. But it can also be an act of resistance.


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