The road to Tybee just got a bit more friendly to cyclists

In place of the previous rumble strips, GDOT has installed edge line rumble strips, placed directly at the edge of the travel lane

The street-level impact of passing NewZO

The current zoning ordinance superimposes suburban style parking requirements on older areas of the city, which is bad for business. And bad for people.

The slow but sure shift in public opinion about the benefits of bicycling

I’ve never turned down an opportunity to talk about how bicycling and walking can make our city safer, healthier, and an altogether better place to live

Cycling and diversity: The larger context

'You really have to figure out what people enjoy doing already and then give them the opportunity and tools to do it more consistently'

Remembering Matt Kohler

Moon River Cruise event raises awareness of aggressive auto drivers
Georgia state law requires a driver to leave not less than three feet when passing or following someone riding a bike

Strive for sustainability, not ‘balance’

Coastal Georgia Tourism Conference debuts with spirited discussion
Too many tourists descending on a destination can degrade and even destroy the cultural, environmental, and historic resources that made it a place people wanted to visit in the first place

The economic — and political — power of trails

Those working on Savannah’s version of the BeltLine, the Tide to Town urban trail system, would seem to be on the right track by using canal banks for portions of the proposed route

Widening the transportation focus: Lessons from DC

The annual National Bike Summit, organized by the League of American Bicyclists, attracts advocates, traffic engineers, urban planners, and transportation department officials from all over the country

Tide to Town: An urban trail system for all of Savannah

This “urban trail system” is envisioned as a protected network of walking and bicycling trails connecting all of Savannah’s neighborhoods, from the heart of the city to marshes and tidal creeks

Trash Warriors, to battle!

Jenna Bower, a self-proclaimed introvert, and Stacey Fuller, who declares herself an extrovert, combined their superpowers last fall to become superheroes


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