The weaponization of jaywalking

The weaponization of jaywalking

Campaigns warning against the alleged dangers of distracted walkers have benefited from the twin tailwinds of general angst over a society that seems to have surrendered to its screens and a spike in pedestrian fatalities.

How ‘windshield perspective’ skews local issues

To reach campus from the north, someone on a bicycle or on foot has to cross DeRenne Avenue, surely one of the most unpleasant experiences our civic realm has to offer.

Celebrating the blessings of bicycling

Over the years I've been bicycling for daily transportation, I've accumulated memories of moments I would have surely missed, or at least not experienced as vividly, had I been behind the wheel.

Tactical urbanism deploys to Starland

Residents and visitors were able to dine at street side tables, more confidently cross the street using temporary cross walks, and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade while relaxing in a 'parklet,' a small park created in a car parking space.

Closing streets to open them

Closing streets to automobile traffic and making them 'Open Streets' for people is a tactic used all over the world to encourage residents and visitors to go outside, participate in events, or simply enjoy public space.

Sizing up the potential for bicycle tourism in Savannah

How big is the potential for bicycle tourism in Savannah? Pretty big, if you consider the extent to which our city has emerged as a bicycle tourism destination despite the fact that no significant improvements have been made in our bicycle infrastructure in more than six years.

The lessons of ‘tactical urbanism’

Tactical urbanism, according to Garcia, creates wider public engagement, expedites the delivery of a public benefit, and allows people to see what alternatives look like. The approach permits cities to experiment with ideas before committing to infrastructure changes.

The Great Parking Debate continues

As I have written before, many of our most treasured places and traditions -- including Forsyth Park and the St. Patrick’s Day celebration itself -- would be dead on arrival if they were proposed today. Why? Not enough parking.

Savannah’s drought of bicycle infrastructure projects

While other cities are expanding their bicycle networks, we have the dubious distinction of being one of the few that has fewer miles of bike lanes and trails than six years ago.

Getting the price right on parking

How will we know if adjustments are needed and in which direction? Is there a magic number of empty spaces that signals rates are optimal? Indeed, there is!

Reflections on a snowstorm: When tire tracks were outnumbered by footprints

My neighborhood was alive with children of all ages frolicking in the snow. The streets were full of people, not full of cars.


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