The uplifting truth about Savannah’s Mega Weekend

Complaining about closed streets and reduced parking distracts us from the center of this story: A weekend overflowing with diverse events is an indicator of a city with a vibrant culture.

Moonlight Garden Ride: Evolving, entertaining, educating

Location moves to Mother Matilda Beasley Park this year
The most common response from those witnessing the festivities for the first time? 'We have to do this next year!'

The great local news for better transportation options

These demands for climate purity are interesting in that they represent an admission that, yes, humans do cause climate change.

The bicycling (and life) advice you really need

On the first day of your first class, look around. It’s nearly 100 percent certain someone in the room will become a victim of bike theft before Thanksgiving.

Green bike lanes: A Savannah success story

The green color should drastically reduce the number of motorists who fail to recognize it as a bike lane and try to drive in it, a scenario that was shockingly common on Price Street

NewZO era set to begin

Shorter block requirements, grid patterns for blocks, mixed use retail and housing, and accessory dwelling units would all contribute to thriving neighborhoods.

The road to Tybee just got a bit more friendly to cyclists

In place of the previous rumble strips, GDOT has installed edge line rumble strips, placed directly at the edge of the travel lane

The street-level impact of passing NewZO

The current zoning ordinance superimposes suburban style parking requirements on older areas of the city, which is bad for business. And bad for people.

The slow but sure shift in public opinion about the benefits of bicycling

I’ve never turned down an opportunity to talk about how bicycling and walking can make our city safer, healthier, and an altogether better place to live

Cycling and diversity: The larger context

'You really have to figure out what people enjoy doing already and then give them the opportunity and tools to do it more consistently'


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