Tide to Town: An urban trail system for all of Savannah

This “urban trail system” is envisioned as a protected network of walking and bicycling trails connecting all of Savannah’s neighborhoods, from the heart of the city to marshes and tidal creeks

Trash Warriors, to battle!

Jenna Bower, a self-proclaimed introvert, and Stacey Fuller, who declares herself an extrovert, combined their superpowers last fall to become superheroes

Victim-blaming in crash coverage

We don’t often find out if the drivers involved were speeding, distracted, or impaired. Instead, the behavior of people who were riding bikes or walking becomes the focus of reporting.

Bigger vehicles, bigger problems

Last Tuesday I heard the Trolley Problem mentioned by two different people in less than an hour

Looking ahead to good news for mobility options in 2019

Despite ongoing, largely unaddressed issues, there are reasons for hope
I OFTEN hear business owners talk about having trouble finding employees who can be counted on to show up on time and ready to work.

The health benefits of safer streets

Along with diabetes and complications, the website allows visitors to peer into Savannah neighborhoods and see rates for stroke, respiratory disease, and poor and low sleep

Introducing: Bike Walk Savannah

Name change driven by new focus on 'people-powered mobility'
On Nov. 29 the Savannah Bicycle Campaign began operating as Bike Walk Savannah

Greenways & Greenbacks: Economy, health are both beneficiaries

'What we hear over and over is a community will have its naysayers, sure that the Greenway will bring trouble or isn't worth the cost. Then, once it is built, everyone loves it and businesses will note if they are close to it. The community's investment pays off for decades forward.'

Perspective and privilege

Our mistake is presuming that everyone has a choice, but that’s not the end of our failure to comprehend the realities many of our fellow Savannahians face every day.

Ardsley in Motion: ‘Resident-driven’ research

The goal is to develop a guide for making the neighborhood safer for people of all ages and abilities


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