A right to recreation

Almost half of Savannah residents, and more than 100 million people across the country, live in park deserts: places without access to nearby green spaces.

Bikes in Demand: Meeting Savannah's increasing need

Dozens of national news stories in recent weeks have featured some variation on a 'Bikes are the New Toilet Paper' headline to convey the scarcity of bikes at stores.

Seeking equity in transportation

The reference to the broader cycling community being 'mostly affluent and white' is indicative of how bicycling is often viewed around our state and especially in rural and suburban areas where bikes are used mostly for recreation. And it shapes the way many white Georgians think about what and who bicycling is for

‘Go for it’: The cycling message of Stuckey’s CEO Stephanie Stuckey

While her primary clientele travels on four wheels and sometimes 18, the CEO gets around on two.

Returning to ‘normal’ isn’t always a good idea

We must recognize that what was normal before — when it comes to the way we configure and use our streets — was not so good

Adjusting to a new reality

Launched in January, OurStreets was originally designed to serve as a 'community-driven data platform through which users can report dangerous driving and shared mobility issues'

‘Rebalancing’ streets for the new reality

With motor vehicle traffic down some 40 percent nationwide, many cities are opening traffic lanes and even entire streets to people as a means to relieve pressure on increasingly crowded sidewalks, trails, and parks

Thoughts on cycling’s place in a social-distancing, lower-traffic world

Riding a bike and social distancing are not mutually exclusive, at least for now. Still, it’s critically important for people to stay at least 6 feet away from others when exercising

Clean transit is part of a clean energy plan

Residential and commercial solar, offshore wind farms, and energy efficient lightbulbs were all offered as tools to reach the 100 percent clean energy goal

Bike-friendly agenda meets legislature

'The bicycle breakfast gives me the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the lawmakers who are making the big decisions about how to fund and build our streets'


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