Girls Who Code Savannah comes to Geekend

Batchelor and Beck decided to create a Girls Who Code club in Savannah because getting girls involved in computer science is incredibly important

If you bike

Tips for bicycling into the St. Patrick’s Day celebration
While Savannah’s bicycling infrastructure is in many ways not as complete or as friendly as it could be, there are some key bike routes

If you don’t drive

Tips for navigating the celebration without your own vehicle
There's also this thing called a DUI you really want to avoid

If you drive

We don’t recommend driving downtown on parade day. But here are some tips if you do
Fortunately there are several options for those opting to drive close to the festival area

Green Day: Family traditions are the story of St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah

The families invited a few friends and a tradition was born, one that has grown remarkably over the years.

St. Patrick’s FAQs 

Frequently Asked Questions about Savannah’s favorite celebration, updated for 2019
St. Patty’s Day in the SAV is lit, fam!

The Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade

At over 3 miles and 3 hours long, with about 300 total units, it is a marathon trek not only for participants, but sometimes for watchers as well

Blarney Stone comes to Savannah for good causes

Kiss it and create more than luck for local charities
Smith’s idea was infectiously simple: Buy a piece of the Blarney Stone, bring it to the South’s biggest Irish party and have people kiss it to raise money for various charities


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