O’Connell’s: ‘This is for Savannah. This is for us.’

Tradition and culture are the focus at Savannah’s last remaining Irish pub
'It would be easy to walk away and let hotels take over downtown. But as long as I can, I’m not gonna let that happen'

A history of Savannah’s biggest parade

Irish culture in Savannah dates back to when General James Oglethorpe first founded the colony of Georgia

A look inside Savannah’s service industry—and how the big party doesn’t always serve them

This is the local service industry's Christmas
THERE ARE so many people who make St. Patrick’s Day a reality for thousands of revelers. For every beer you drink, a bartender pours it, and a bar manager stocked it, and a bar owner paid for it.

Georgia’s vanishing rape kits: A special report

Budget cuts and bureaucracy combine to make a terrible situation worse
RAPE KITS are backing up on a monthly basis at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).  With a two-year trend of approximately 300 new rape kits submitted per month — but staffing to only process 100 of them — the growing backlog is becoming unmanageable, and causing many victims of rape to have little faith in the system.  

Celebrating Black History, and future

The Savannah Black Heritage Festival is underway
The annual festival is in conjunction with Black History Month in February, and it’s filled with activities that seek to get Savannah’s youth involved


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