Affordable Housing: Solutions require collaboration, breaking free of echo chambers

We should also continue to be advocates for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) which provide dollars and flexibility to deal with such issues as housing, infrastructure and human service need

Voting machines and the paper trail

THE GOOD AND EVIL of politics can be traced forensically through the money trail. If cash is used the path vaporizes before it can be found, but with written records the audit potential is obvious.   Sadly, when you have an electorate that refuses to diligently watch the political wheels that turn before them, honesty and virtue are left by the wayside.

The Day After SPLOST Fails

In the next few weeks, the powers that be in Chatham County will be making sure you know a world without SPLOST will be like a nuclear bomb to the 'progress' being made throughout Chatham County

Challenges building for Rep. Buddy Carter

Representative Carter always appears to be on this hyper-speed agenda that is timed for maximum camera and media exposure, pressing a little flesh and he zooms off to the next event

Why it’s OK to vote against SPLOST

If an 8% sales tax is not to your liking, it is okay to vote down a SPLOST. It isn't like it will be gone forever. Twelve months later, they can legally come back and ask you again to approve a SPLOST. This is the ultimate line item veto.

Walmart’s missing tax dollars: Part Two

The Georgia Department of Revenue may be turning a blind eye towards a blatant defiance of the sales tax law by the corporate giants who seem to be running the show

Where are all the Walmart property and sales tax dollars? Part I

Uniform taxation is the law of the land in Georgia, and under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, we have a duty to ask our representatives to look into this situation and correct it


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