Georgia’s WIN List sees record participation in political training boot camps

An ethnically-diverse, multi-generational crowd sat rapt as facilitator Kate Coyne-McCoy ran down a rainbow of Powerpoint slides on everything from how to ask for money to creating an authentic message to building a contact list.

Paddymon GO, Stone Stairs of Death Edition

We asked Savannah's favorite Facebook gadfly to contribute another special St. Patrick's Day parody
Editor's Note — We asked Savannah's favorite Facebook gadfly, The Stone Stairs of Death, to contribute another special St. Patrick's Day work of his own particular brand of irreverent awesomeness. This year we feature his parody version of a certain popular mobile phone game.

The art of activism

Artist Niki Johnson continued to use her international platform to showcase large-scale works that bring attention to the themes of cultural power, sexual politics and reproductive freedom.

Safer streets, one gun at a time?

Buyback program accepts and destroys weapons, no questions asked
The accumulated 387 million manufactured in the last century means there are currently more firearms in America than people.

The Good, The Bad, and Section 8-3024

One view of the City’s efforts to regulate Bed and Breakfasts
Truly, there is literally no end of “undefined uses” that under draconian scrutiny (and moderate creativity) could be the basis for citation by the Zoning Department in this regime.


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