Statesboro political writer debuts book on the 2016 election

'I got dragged kicking and screaming into the deep end of the pool'
JARED YATES SEXTON got into writing about politics because he was procrastinating. “In 2015 I was writing this novel but it wasn’t working,” recalls Sexton, “so I was like, ‘I’m gonna throw myself into the 2016 election, analyze it, understand it the best I can.’”

City Council addresses Confederate monument, Talmadge Bridge issues

Special public forum to be held in September
DeLoach said the goal is to 'expand the story this monument tells to be inclusive of all Savannahians'

Carter town hall provides confrontation, entertainment

Church setting allows for larger crowd but raised other issues
AFTER a February town hall at Armstrong Center which had overflowing crowds and was marked mostly by people yelling over the congressman — and each other — a move to the larger confines of Bible Baptist Church was marketed by Buddy Carter as a way to fit more people into the event, in a more peaceful setting. Except at his latest town hall last week, the venue itself seemed to frame much of the discussion.

Lisa Ring: ‘People are looking for answers’

Talking with District 1 Congressional candidate
After running unopposed in 2016, Buddy Carter is up for reelection in November of 2018. One of the first to challenge him is Lisa Ring of Richmond Hill.

Steve Jarvis joins Democrats vying for chance to face Buddy Carter

Claiming a return to the First District’s old persona as the home of conservative Democrats like Bo Ginn and Lindsay Thomas, Jarvis’s approach seems downright nostalgic in this era when conservative Democrats, especially in the South, are a nearly extinct species.

Georgia’s WIN List sees record participation in political training boot camps

An ethnically-diverse, multi-generational crowd sat rapt as facilitator Kate Coyne-McCoy ran down a rainbow of Powerpoint slides on everything from how to ask for money to creating an authentic message to building a contact list.

Paddymon GO, Stone Stairs of Death Edition

We asked Savannah's favorite Facebook gadfly to contribute another special St. Patrick's Day parody
Editor's Note — We asked Savannah's favorite Facebook gadfly, The Stone Stairs of Death, to contribute another special St. Patrick's Day work of his own particular brand of irreverent awesomeness. This year we feature his parody version of a certain popular mobile phone game.


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