‘Portals to Hell’ checks out Savannah Theatre

Episode airs on Travel Channel April 30

Katrina Weidman and Jack Osbourne of the Travel Channel’s paranormal investigative show “Portals to Hell” in the Historic Savannah Theatre. Photo provided by Discovery +

Dating back to 1818, the historic Savannah Theatre is long rumored to be the site of much paranormal activity. 

Multitudes flock to the theater each year to go on one of their nightly investigations in pursuit of a haunting experience. 

But recently, the Savannah Theatre hosted some noteworthy guests, namely Katrina Weidman and Jack Osbourne of the Travel Channel’s paranormal investigative show “Portals to Hell.”

The theatre’s own paranormal investigator Mike Eder led Weiman and Osbourne on a tour through the facility. With 16 years of paranormal investigation under his belt, Eder was glad to be joined by Weidman and Osbourne. 

“It’s really refreshing to see investigators investigating the right way,” he expressed.

The night of the tour, there wasn’t too much activity. 

“We hadn’t had a show [at the theater] in four days,” he began, “when there are shows, we have a lot more activity. Anybody that passes here, they want to perform,” he added.

Despite it being a relatively quiet night, there was an exciting takeaway. 

“One thing that was really incredible was we were asking questions into the spirit box,” which is a specialized piece of equipment believed to detect audible spirits in the building. “And we said, we know you’re here, why aren’t you talking to us. And the answer we received was ‘new people.’” 

Perhaps the spirits get a little shy when new visitors come by. Shortly thereafter, they heard spirits calling Eder and Micah Watkins, the other investigator at the theater, by name.

Without giving too much else away, Eder said that the events of the night definitely corroborated things to be known about paranormal activity at the theater. 

Spots are available to go on a haunting tour of the Savannah Theatre, open to the public. There are investigations starting at 10:30 p.m. six nights a week. 

If you’re reluctant, Eder had some reassuring words: “The theater is what I call a ‘positive haunts’ location,” meaning that in more than 300 investigations, there has never been any malevolent activity. 

“People can expect a fun, safe experience, not having to worry about something following them home or being harmed while there,” he explained.

Call the Savannah Theatre Box office at (912) 233-7764 if you’re interested in booking a paranormal tour. And be sure to catch the Savannah Theatre in the upcoming episode of “Portals to Hell,” which will air on Travel Channel Saturday, April 30 at 10 p.m.

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