Quarantine Chronicles: Amy Bodek

AMY BODEK was in the process of starting her touch therapy practice, The Subtle Energy, when coronavirus changed her plans. Now, she’s working on staying positive and looking forward to offering an important service when the world opens up again.

This is her Quarantine Chronicle.

How are you doing?

I’m doing okay. In the beginning, I was getting really wrapped up in it. What I have chosen to do now is really try to stay away from the media, because I feel that whatever information is happening right now, it’s stuff that’s not going to change my life as it is and that we are still operating this way. If there’s any major information that I need, I know I will receive it through Twitter or Instagram or my family or whatever.

Since I’ve done that and just allowed myself to stay positive and not get wrapped up in it, it’s really helped me a lot. I don’t feel as drained as I did in the beginning. And I’m an empath, so I need to protect myself too. I need to stay away from all that negative stuff because I do take that energy on.

What do you do for work?

Check this out: I was launching a new business right when this happened. It was really gearing up, I’d already gotten clients, and it came to a screeching halt.

My business is called The Subtle Energy and I’m a certified healing touch therapist. I’m also certified in yoga and children’s yoga. The only thing I had left to do was my website. I’d started going around to different spas and businesses and really pounding the pavement, looking at places and introducing myself, giving away free sessions so people understood what it was so they’d be able to promote me better, and then this! Nobody wants to be touched right now.

I’m still very positive about it and looking forward to it, because once this is over, people are going to need this. They are going to need to heal.

I do a touch therapy that works with your meridians and opens up all the energy blocks that you have in your system. It’s based from ancient Chinese acupressure, so there are pressure points I touch throughout the body. I’m basically a vessel for the energy coming through and releasing, and it’s just a really awesome experience. I’m excited to get it going.

What has it felt like for you emotionally to have this happen?

It had such good momentum building up; it took off very quickly and it was very exciting. Those first few weeks, it was just like, “Oh my gosh, what’s going to happen?” I’m being patient and just continuing to stay very positive, and I’m taking advantage of all the free stuff that people are doing, like all the summits and these healing and meditative classes. I’m booking everything I can and taking advantage of that, keep that positive stuff going and keeping that higher vibration.

When this lifts, I’m going to do some sessions based on income because so many people, especially in Savannah, it’s heartbreaking to see. I live in the Starland district and all the restaurants had just opened up, so much momentum, and they are struggling. It’s so difficult, so I’m trying to support them as best as I can. I try to get takeout as often as I can, just to support them and hope they can make it through.

What does life look like for you when this is over?

I think on one hand, I’m in a good situation because it was just gearing up, so I don’t have loss right now. I’m viewing it as if I’m starting up then. There’s nothing else I can do but restart, and I think that’s basically for all of us—we all have to restart.

I was listening to this podcast and it resonated so much. It was talking about grieving and that a lot of people don’t realize they are grieving. Our life as we knew it, we’ll never have that again, and that’s an interesting thought that it’s all new for us.

I have two movies come to mind—everyone’s like, “So how are you doing?” and I’m like, “It’s Groundhog Day!” We’re just repeating the same thing over and over! And when this is finally lifted, when Glinda the Good Witch is singing to the munchkins to come out, that’s how I see all of us creeping out like the munchkins did!

I find myself checking my calendar more now, like looking at my phone to see what day it is—not the date, but the day.

How do you feel with that lack of structure?

When this first started, I wrote down from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. and each hour I put down things. 6 o’clock, I have a ritual, I write in my journal and have some daily readings. 7 o’clock is yoga and weights and post on social media, 8 o’clock walk, 9 o’clock shower. I was like, I have to have some structure!

Well, that’s kind of fallen by the wayside. I still do my morning stuff, I still meditate and do yoga because I need that for me and my sanity, but all the other stuff I’m like, eh.

What would you want other people to know and take away from this?

I think really, for me, the message of staying positive and seeing all the good that is coming out of this as well. It is all about love. Savannah’s always been a really welcoming town to me. A lot of people when I walk by say hi, but now you walk by somebody with your social distancing and I see people looking me in the eye now and really asking me how I’m doing. Before, you’d say, “Hey, how ya doing,” and keep walking. Now I notice that people are looking me in the eye and saying, “How are you doing?” It’s completely different.

There’s a lot of good that is coming out of this. It is scary, but there is positive stuff. Look for that instead of looking for the negative.

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