SOCCER 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Savannah’s First Professional Soccer Team


Savannah, are you ready for some soccer? The beautiful game is coming to our beautiful city with the debut of the Savannah Clovers FC, Savannah's first professional soccer team. As the team prepares to kick off their inaugural season at Memorial Stadium on April 1, we’re here to give you a comprehensive guide to the sport of soccer and get you pumped for what’s sure to be an exciting season.

Let’s start with the basics. Soccer is played with a ball on a rectangular field with goals at either end. Each team consists of 11 players, including a goalkeeper who can use their hands only within their own penalty area. The goal of the game is to score more goals than your opponent within the allotted time.


Possession is key in soccer, and the Clovers will be looking to keep the ball as much as possible to control the pace of the game and create scoring opportunities. Passing is critical, and the team will need to work together to create chances and move the ball up the field. Defensively, the Clovers will be looking to prevent the other team from scoring by intercepting passes, tackling, and blocking shots. The goalkeeper will be the last line of defense, stopping shots on goal and keeping the opposition at bay.

Offensively, the Clovers will be looking to score using various tactics, such as counterattacks and set pieces. A counterattack is when the team quickly moves the ball up the field after winning possession, while a set piece is a pre-planned play involving free kicks, corner kicks, or throw-ins. The team’s success will depend on their skill, strategy, and teamwork.

One of the unique features of soccer is the offside rule. This rule prevents players from being in an illegal position when a pass is made to them. If a player is offside, the opposing team is awarded a free kick. Another interesting aspect of soccer is the use of yellow and red cards. Yellow cards are issued to players who commit a cautionable offense, while red cards are given to players who commit serious offenses or receive two yellow cards in the same game. These cards add to the drama and excitement of the game.


As Savannah’s first professional soccer team, the Savannah Clovers FC is generating a lot of excitement in the city. The team’s owners, coaches, and players are all committed to making the Clovers a success and bringing quality soccer to the area. With talented players hailing from all over, the team is out to impress fans with their skill and passion for the game.

But it’s not just about the players on the field. The fans play a crucial role in soccer, and the Clovers surely will be no exception. As a new team, they need the support of the community to help them thrive. So come out to Memorial Stadium, cheer on your new favorite team, and be a part of history as the Savannah Clovers FC take the field for their first professional soccer match. So get ready to cheer them on as they make their mark on Savannah’s sports scene. It’s going to be an exciting season, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting new team.

For tickets, gameday information and more, visit and follow Connect Savannah as we keep you filled in on soccer madness as it makes its way across the Coastal Empire!

Connect Savannah is a media partner of the Savannah Clovers FC.

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