Police responded to an armed robbery call on Winter Drive. The victim told an officer he was standing on the corner of Winter Drive and Skidaway Road, where he was waiting for his cousin to be dropped off by a school bus. As he walked back to his house, he said he noticed a black car driving west on Winter Drive. The man said he was only one house away from his home when two men jumped out of the car he had seen earlier. He said the driver got out of the car first and pointed a gun in his face. The passenger then got out of the car and walked around the back of the man. He pointed a gun to the back of the man’s head and said, “You know what this is.” The driver patted the man’s pockets while the passenger kept holding the gun to his head. The investigation is continuing.


• Police were called to East River Street in reference to a theft in progress at a business there. Radio dispatch advised that a man had fled East River Street towards Bay Street. As patrol officers responded to the victim, one officer tried to locate the suspect. As the officer searched the area of Bryan and Abercorn streets, he observed the suspect emerge from behind a building. The officer left his vehicle and identified himself as a police officer, then instructed the suspect to stop. The suspect fled on foot, going east on Bryan, then south on Habersham, and was apprehended at Habersham and Broughton streets.  The victim was the sole employee working at the business, so the suspect was taken back there, where the victim identified him. The victim said the suspect entered the store and began looking around. The victim said she believed the suspect was waiting for other shoppers to leave.  She saw the suspect crouch near a corner of the counter, next to a glass display case. The man then reached through the display case towards her purse. She said the man removed her wallet from her purse and put it in a ceramic box in the display case. The suspect became aware the victim was watching him and tried to take the wallet from the ceramic box, but the victim prevented him from doing it by grabbing it. The man then left the store. The suspect later admitted that he intended to take the wallet.  He was charged with theft by taking/criminal attempt and obstruction.



• An East 58th Street resident told police that her baby’s father, who she is no longer with, came to her house with four other men she did not know. The woman said her current boyfriend was at her house when the men arrived. She said her former boyfriend made threats to damage her vehicle as well as her current boyfriend’s vehicle. She said as he left, her former boyfriend said that he would be back to damage the vehicles. He also said, “It is on now.” A witness who was in the house at the time said she was in the back of the house and heard yelling and swearing in the front of the house. She went to see what was going on and observed some of the men banging on one of the vehicles. The victim was given a case report number card and advised of warrant procedures.


• A Vernonburg Road man complained to police that his neighbor’s dogs bark without ceasing. The man told police that the problem is an ongoing one and that the dogs bark for no apparent reason. While speaking with the man, the officer heard at least two of the dogs barking. The man said the dogs bark intermittently for periods of 15-30 seconds, but would stop for periods of 2-4 minutes. He said he believed that two to three dogs of a possible 20 dogs at the house were responsible for the barking. The officer spoke with the neighbor, who said her dogs do not bark without cause. She said that they were barking in the officer’s presence only he was there. The woman said that her neighbor has been harassing her and that no one else had complained to her about the dogs barking. She said she keeps seven dogs, not 20, in her yard without problems. ƒç

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