The Blotter 

• Employees at a medical office
reported finding a harassing letter. The unknown suspect slipped the letter through the building’s mail slot on a day when patients weren’t being seen and only employees were present. On those days, the doors are kept locked. For a few minutes in the afternoon, the employees were all in the rear of the office.  When one of them returned to the reception area, she discovered the letter on the floor.

It read:

I loves you like a possum loves June bugs.

I sees you most every day and I wants to say my love to you and gives you a big hug and squeeze.

Jesus told me to love you and he said you going to love me back.

You is always in my dreams - sometimes that blonde-headed girl named Juniper that works there.

Kisses to each of yous.

(Signed) Delbert


• An employee of a Congress Street bar told police that he was assaulted while working. The victim told police that the suspect’s girlfriend had gotten mad at the him for allowing the suspect to come into the bar. The victim jokingly asked her for a picture of the suspect so that if he ever came back to the bar, he would know not to let him in. The girlfriend went home and told the suspect what the victim had said, which angered him. He went to the bar and assaulted the victim. This was the latest of several incidents the victim has had with the suspect. He said the suspect had sent him a total of three threatening emails.  The victim was advised to contact police if he received any more emails or threats from the suspect. He told police he would be willing to prosecute.


• Police were called to an East 38th Street apartment in reference to a shooting by a BB gun.  The victim told police another boy had shot him with a BB gun for no reason. The victim had a small bruise to the upper left arm that was consistent with a BB shot, with no break in the skin. EMS was called but the call was canceled at the request of the boy’s mother. The officer located the suspect, who told the officer he and the victim had been playing when he accidentally shot the boy


• A fast food restaurant manager called police after she checked the Abercorn Street restaurant’s financial books and saw that several hundred dollars were unaccounted for. The manager told an officer that one of her employees was supposed to take the money to the bank, but didn’t. When she confronted the employee, she was given two differing accounts of what actually happened to the money.  The employee stopped answering the manager’s phone calls to her. The manager said she would be willing to prosecute the employee for the theft.


• An officer responded to a 911 call at a residence on the Southside. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a girl who advised him her parents were fighting. The officer heard no threats, but did hear a verbal disagreement between the involved parties. The officer made his presence known to the couple. The man said he had come by the residence and he and the woman began fighting about their relationship and an excessive cell phone bill. He said he did not want the woman to leave until they had settled matters. The woman said she saw the man pull up in the driveway and called a police officer who had handled an incident that occurred earlier in the day between the two. She said when she saw the man enter her residence, she called 911 and left the phone off the hook. The man entered the house and began arguing with the woman in the master bedroom. She said he closed the door and wouldn’t let her leave, pushing her away from the door when she tried to leave. She said she was willing to prosecute.ƒnƒç



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