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Police received a hang-up call that turned out to be a call for medical help. When police arrived at the house where the call originated, there was no answer to their knocks at the door. The windows and doors were checked and most were found to be locked. After finding one window that was unlocked, police were able to open the window and get an EMT inside. When he got in, he found a woman lying on the floor. A pool of vomit was found in the living room and bathroom. The woman was transported to a hospital, where it was determined that the combination of beer, whiskey and medicine was too much for her.


• Two officers on routine patrol noticed a car at Indian and Warner streets attempting to turn the wrong way on a one-way street. The suspect saw the police vehicle and corrected his actions. One of the officers ran the license plate on the car and found it to be suspended with no insurance. The officers made a vehicle stop and approached the car. They noticed that the two passengers had open bottles of beer in brown bags. After checking the driver’s information, it was discovered that the driver’s license had been suspended for more than five years. The driver was arrested for driving on a suspended license, having no insurance and operation of an unregistered vehicle. The passengers were arrested for having open containers in a motor vehicle. The vehicle was towed and the three men were taken to jail because they had no identification.


• After responding to a residence on Lanier Street in reference to a domestic dispute, an officer spoke with a woman who said her husband had placed his hands on her in an aggressive manner and was acting irrationally. The woman said she had gone to her brother’s home when her husband knocked at the door. When she opened the door, the husband pushed past her into the residence and began accusing her of things. The man then grabbed his wife by the arms and pushed her down on some chairs. The woman called her 15 and 18-year-old children and asked them to come to her brother’s house to calm their father down and ask him to leave. She then left the residence. The woman was advised of warrant procedures, told about domestic violence counseling and given a case report number card. She told the officer she did not need medical attention. The officer told her to call police immediately if her husband returned to the area.


• An officer on routine patrol observed an SUV at Habersham Street and Maupas Avenue with its bright lights on. The officer signaled with his own lights for the driver to dim the lights, but he refused. The officer signalled again and the driver still did not comply. The officer turned his vehicle around and initiated a traffic stop. The driver pulled the vehicle over to the wrong side of the road. He was ordered to remain in the vehicle, but got out and started running away.  After a short foot chase, he was stopped. The officer learned that the driver was unlicensed and on parole. His eyes were bloodshot and droopy, his speech was slurred and he had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person The man was arrested for driving under the influence. He also was charged with failure to drive with bright headlights, driving while unlicensed, having an expired tag and obstruction of justice by fleeing. He was jailed and his vehicle was towed.


• An officer on routine patrol saw a man approach a vehicle at a restaurant drive-through window on West Gwinnett Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The man extended his arm to the driver’s side window of a car and received a dollar from the driver. The officer approached the man and asked him what he was doing. The man replied, “I’m hungry, that’s why I’m asking for money. I’m not going to lie to you.” The man was asked for his identification, but said he didn’t have any.  He had a strong odor of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot and he had a hard time walking. He was placed under arrest and charged with public drunkenness and panhandling. He was taken to the Chatham County Detention Center. ƒç







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