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An officer was dispatched to a Skidaway Road location in reference to an assault on a female. Upon arrival, the officer was approached by a cab driver who saw the incident. He told the officer a woman was walking towards his cab when a man started pushing her towards his vehicle, trying to make her get in. The cab driver said that was when he decided to call police, because he thought the suspect was forcing the woman towards his vehicle against her will.

The woman finally told the suspect to let her go, and when he did, she got into the cab. The driver said the suspect then got into the cab’s front seat to try to persuade the woman not to leave. The woman refused to leave with the suspect, so he finally got out of the cab and left in his own vehicle.


• An officer was dispatched to a Ridgeland Road address in reference to a domestic dispute. On the scene, the officer was told by a woman that her husband had threatened to overdose on prescription medications. The officer met with the husband, who said he and his wife had a verbal altercation, but that he had never threatened to take prescription medicine.

The woman was completely irate and became disorderly while the officer was on the scene. She told the officer that she and her husband had fought because she was upset. She said she was sick, yet her husband refused to cook for her or take her to the hospital for treatment. The husband left the residence, and the wife was offered treatment by EMS for her illness, which she refused.


• A young man tried to open the door to his mother’s West 38th Street residence, which he had just left, only to find the door was pushed closed and had been locked. When he used his key to open the door, he found two men in the house. He asked what they were doing there and was told his younger brother had let them in, which he knew was false, because his brother was at their grandmother’s house.

At that point, the suspects ran out the back door. The young man looked around and observed that the attic stairs were pulled down and items had been moved around. Some of the items were stacked as if they were ready to be taken by the suspects.


• A woman was talking on the telephone when her husband began accusing her of talking to another man. The next morning, the woman was dressing her grandson when her husband came into the room and accused her of going to meet a man.


She assured her husband she was going to work, at which point he told her if she came back to the house, he’d kill her, and that if he ever saw her with another man, he’d kill her.


• A Middleton Road resident told police she’d purchased an exercise machine on eBay for $1,750. The funds were taken out of her account via PayPal. Two weeks later, the same amount was taken out of her account again, resulting in an overdraft.

When she contacted PayPal, the woman was told the seller would have to send authorization for the funds to be credited back into her account. She said she’d attempted to contact the seller almost daily, but he still hadn’t refunded the overdraft amount. The woman was advised on civil matter procedures and given a case report number.


• An officer was called to a Vidalia Road residence in reference to a tenant -- landlord altercation. The tenant was renting a mobile home that sits in the back yard of the landlords, a married couple. She said that while she and her daughter’s father were moving from the mobile home, the landlords came over and began to harass and threaten them about two unpaid electric bills and an air conditioning unit. 

The landlords were asked to leave, but they refused to do so. The tenant then called police. The landlords said they were not trying to harass their tenant, they were concerned about the unpaid bills. č



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