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Savannah police arrested an automobile broker on a charge of felony theft by conversion after he sold cars without a clear title. Robert Holland, 44, was arrested July 26 after a judge issued a warrant. An investigation into Holland’s business dealings began June 2 after a local dealership reported that he had obtained vehicles by using a counter draft with insufficient funds. Holland was arraigned July 27 in Recorder’s Court.


• Police were dispatched to a motel in reference to an armed robbery. When they arrived, they spoke with two men who said they were cousins. One of the men said that he and his cousin had gone to the motel because they had “bought a whore named Janie.” When they got to the room they had rented, they knocked on the door and “Janie” answered. Another man walked into the room and pointed a .22-caliber handgun at the men. The suspect then made the men go into the bathroom and take off their clothing. He then took one man’s ATM card and demanded the PIN number.  “If the number is wrong, I’ll kill your ass,” he told the man. “Janie” then took the card to the bank and took $1,000 from the man’s account. When the woman came back, the suspect gave the man his ATM card back and said “Thanks.” Then the suspect asked, “Do you need money? I’ll give you money” and gave the victims $10. Before leaving, the suspect took the battery off one of the men’s cell phone.


• A woman told police she had given permission to her daughter to spend a week with a friend, but when she went to the friend’s residence to check on her daughter, the girl was not there. The friend’s mother told her that the girl had not been there at all. The woman began calling all of her daughter’s friends in an attempt to find her. She said all of them gave her the “runaround.” They told her that they had not heard or seen the girl, although one told the woman her daughter was in Bryan county with a friend. The girl finally phoned her mother to say she would be home in the next five minutes. However, she never showed up.


• Police were called to a Holland Drive business in reference to a domestic dispute. A woman said her husband was threatening to break out the windows in their apartment. She said the previous night, her husband and her brother had gotten into an argument. She said her husband had been drinking alcoholic beverages since the fight. She said he became angry with her when she refused to give him a ride to his workplace at

Hunter Army Air Field. She said at that point, her husband picked up a vase and was threatening to throw it at the windows. She said he did not try to hit her or threaten her in any way. The man was transported to HAAF and his wife was given a case report number card.


•An officer on routine patrol in the area of Abercorn Street and Perry Lane saw a man sitting on a bench. There was a backpack beside the man, who was drinking from a white cup. The man got up and stood by some bushes. The officer began talking to him. It was immediately apparent that the man was intoxicated. The officer learned that he was drinking malt liquor in the white cup. Where the man had been sitting was an opened 22-ounce bottle of malt liquor. Based on the man’s demeanor and behavior, the officer placed him under arrest for public drunkenness and open container violation.


• Police were called to an Atkinson Avenue residence regarding a domestic dispute. A man at the residence told police he and his girlfriend had just moved to Savannah. The two had been arguing during the day, and the police had been called to the residence twice because of their argument. The man said he went to change clothes and all of his nice clothing was missing. He said he asked his girlfriend where his clothing was, and she said she had thrown everything away. When the officer talked to the woman, she pointed to several bags of clothes in the bedroom and said that was the clothing in question. She said she had hid her boyfriend’s clothes once before in the trunk of their car. The man stated that she had the keys and wouldn’t let him look for his clothing in the car. When asked where the car keys were, the woman told the officer the man had the car keys.




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