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Two officers on routine patrol observed a truck parked in East Henry Lane and ran the tag information, learning the tag was registered to a stolen car. They called for backup, and three more officers arrived. A man came out of the back door of a nearby house, so the officers asked if he was the driver of the truck.  The man replied that his brother-in-law was the driver of the truck, and that he was inside the house. He went inside to get the driver, and two officers ran around to the front of the residence in case the man tried to flee. The suspect left the residence by the front door, and was later seen walking westbound on Henry Street. The man was asked to stop, and he complied.During the interview, the suspect said that he drove and parked the truck in the lane. He said he took the tag off the car and put it on the truck so he could drive it.The suspect admitted that he knew the vehicle was stolen. He said the stolen car was parked behind his residence on East Victory Drive. When officers inventoried the truck, they found an empty banana-style gun magazine. When the stolen car was recovered, the interior was completely destroyed. All of the tires had been flattened, the windows were broken and the tag was missing. Both vehicles were towed and the suspect was arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property.


• Police were called to West 35th and Florance streets on a complaint of harassing phone calls. On the scene, an officer spoke with a woman who said she had received a call from a woman who’d threatened to kill her and her daughter. The daughter is a toddler. The victim said she received the call at her residence. She said the threats had been occurring for a week. She said she has a child with a man who recently was arrested on robbery charges. She told the officer she thought he had given his new girlfriend information as to where she lives and that the girlfriend was the one who was calling and threatening her. The woman spoke to a detective, who advised her to make a police report.


• An East 37th Street resident told police she had been receiving strange phone calls.The woman said she would answer the phone and the caller would ask it if was all right for him to drop off a package or some letters. When she asked who it was that was calling, the caller would hang up. One time, the caller asked if he could come over to pick up a package. On one of the calls, the caller identified himself as “Bennie.” The woman said she has a grandson who had just been arrested. She said she thought maybe the callers were looking for him.


• Police were called to a Laroche Avenue apartment, where a woman advised them that her child’s father and his brother came to her house without permission and entered through a rear sliding glass door. The woman said she had a male friend over and the suspect became upset. He demanded that she give him his neck brace, which he wore due to a work injury. She said her friend left the residence. The suspect began calling her a slut and telling her he was not the father of the 2-week-old child. The suspect then took the diapers and baby wipes the victim’s mother had given her that day. When she tried to stop him, he threw her to the floor. He handed the items to his brother and began striking and choking her. The officer observed that the woman’s shirt was torn and there was some swelling on her face. She was advised on warrant and safe shelter procedures. The victim’s mother was called and came to the scene. She agreed to take the baby and go stay with her mother for the night.


A man who was buying gasoline at a Skidaway Road gas station said three men in another car became upset with him because he didn’t move his car. The suspects began cursing the man, so he told them they would have to wait until he came out of the store. When he exited the store, more words were exchanged. The man said one of the suspects began fighting and the other two men also tried to attack him. He said he began to fight all three men and was able to hold his own. All three suspects then got into their car and left before the police arrived. The man refused treatment by EMS, and he had no visible bruises. The man was given a case report number, but said he didn’t want to pursue the incident any further.  ƒç



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