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Savannah police officer Raymond Haldenwang was off-duty visiting relatives at a southside Rodeway Inn the day before he was scheduled to report to Central Precinct for assignment when a man clutching a woman’s purse ran by him. Several people tried to stop the suspect as he fled towards the pool. Haldenwang began chasing the suspect. The suspect tried to conceal himself behind some of the motel’s shrubbery, but the officer spotted him and ordered him into the open. Haldenwang held him until officers of the West Chatham Precinct arrived. The suspect was identified as Robert Grizzard, 45, of Savannah. He was taken to the Chatham County jail and the stolen purse was returned to the victim. Grizzard was charged with robbery by sudden snatching. Detectives are investigating him in connection to other robberies.


• An employee at a check-cashing business on Derenne Avenue told police a man came in to cash a check for $500.  The man said the check was given to him by a woman for doing yard work for her mother. When the employee contacted the woman to ensure she did write the check, she learned the check was fraudulent. The suspect left a copy of his ID and the check behind. He received no money.  The woman told police she did not write a check nor did she know the man who tried to cash a check with her name on it. She also advised it wasn’t one of her regular checks, but instead is  the kind of check you can use to borrow money on a credit card.


• Police were called to an apartment on Mohawk Drive in response to Internet fraud.  A man told an officer that a woman had sent him two checks totalling $7,001 and asking him to keep $250 from each check. He was them supposed to send the rest of the money to a man named “James Kola” in London. The man said he had been communicating with the woman for two weeks. He had met her on a relationship Web site and had been talking to her through the Internet. In a conversation, the woman invited him to participate in a business that is trying to regain monies from other businesses by cashing checks and sending her the money. When the man took the checks into a bank, he was advised to contact police.


• An officer on routine patrol observed a man walking behind two intoxicated females. Upon seeing a police car, the man turned and walked the other way. About 5 minutes later, the officer saw the same man near Congress and Jefferson streets, and this time, the man had a large bulge in his lower pants pocket. As the officer turned around to stop the man, a citizen complained to the officer that the man had been harassing people and had been aggressive in asking people for money. The officer stopped the man and asked what was in his pockets that was so  heavy. The man replied that he had tools in his pockets. The man was patted down for weapons and a heavy metal object in his pocket turned out to be a wrench. Also in the pocket was a blue bandanna. The man changed his story three times of how and why he was walking around in the entertainment district with no money, no ID and tools that could be used to break into cars. The man first said he got the tools from a friend to bring to a man who needed them, then said he was trying to sell the tools for money. He was arrested for loitering and prowling and obstruction by hindering. A car stereo remote and headphones to a cellular phone also were found in his pockets. The man does not own a car or a cell phone and said he “found the stuff.” A background check revealed the man has a long history of theft and prowling. He was taken to the Chatham County Detention Center.


• An officer was dispatched to West Oglethorpe Avenue concerning a disorderly person. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a man who said a person staying in a nearby hotel was the person who burglarized his home. He said when he attempted to talk to the suspect, the suspect tried to jump out the window. The man then talked to the hotel manager to find out who was renting the room in question. The officer tried knocking at the door, but the suspect would not open it, if he was inside. The victim was advised on warrant procedures. ƒç




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