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A woman told police that she was attacked by a man she did not know at the intersection of Norwood and Central Avenue. The woman said she was walking home from a nearby gasoline station when a van passed her heading eastbound on Norwood. She heard the van door open and someone jumped out. The suspect grabbed the woman by the throat and started pulling her towards the van. She began to scream and stomped on his foot.The man released her and she fled from the area, making her way home. The vehicle was last seen heading westbound on Norwood Avenue. The woman said she had never seen the man or the vehicle before. A lookout was posted for both.


• Police responded to a call of an armed robbery in progress at Clover Village at White Bluff Road. The victim said he had just delivered a pizza and returned to his car when a man ran up to his car and hit him with a gun several times. The suspect then said, “Give me your money.” The victim gave the suspect his wallet and a pizza. The man then fled on foot. The victim got his phone and moved up the street to wait for police. He had visible bruises and cuts on his face, but refused treatment by EMS. His supervisor was notified and  came to the scene.


• Two men who were leaving work on West Broughton Street called police after they saw a man taking copper pipe from a nearby building. The men said they heard a noise and looked towards the sound. They saw a man who was crumpling up a piece of copper rain spout. The suspect put the copper into a plastic garbage bag, then walked away carrying two garbage bags. He was last seen walking east in Broughton Lane. The witnesses attempted to follow the man but lost him in the dark. They could only give a vague description of the man and could not say if he was white or black. No suspect could be located.


•Police were called to Tremont Road in response to a disorderly person. Upon arrival, an officer spoke with the suspect and asked for his identification. The suspect replied that he didn’t have any ID on him.  When the officer asked the man for his name, date of birth and Social Security number, he gave three different Social Security numbers. The officer called dispatch, but no information about the man could be found. The man was arrested and taken to the Chatham County Detention Center. His fingerprints revealed his true name and the fact that he had two outstanding warrants.


• While on a juvenile call, an officer was advised by a man that someone had just fired a gun. The man said a few nights earlier, someone fired a shot that missed him and struck his garage door across the street. The officer checked the garage door and saw that there was a dent in it. When the officer returned to talk to the man again, he himself heard a shot. He looked up and saw a man entering the side door of a house on Damascus Road.  The officer called the incident in to dispatch and other officers arrived and surrounded the house. A man came out of the side door and was asked if he heard any gun shots. He replied that he was shooting his BB gun, and then retrieved the gun from his garage. He was arrested.


• Police were dispatched to a fast food restaurant on Bee Road in reference to a disorderly person. Upon arrival, an officer spoke with the manager, who had called police. She said she had asked a customer at the restaurant to smoke her cigarette at the side of the building. The woman’s mother and aunt came up and all three began cursing the manager and the other employees. The manager said the other employees told her to call police, at which point the three women left. No hitting was involved. A case report number card was given to the manager, who said she had told the woman to never return to the restaurant. ƒç



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