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Two officers were working undercover when they observed two “extremely intoxicated” men walk south on Abercorn Street and approach 31st Lane. One of the men entered the lane, so the officers parked their unmarked vehicle and waited for him to return. About five minutes passed and there was no sign, so they drove past the location and observed a wooden gate that was moving “as if someone had entered it.” There were numerous no trespassing signs on the outside of the building and fence. Initially, the officers believed the man had entered the back yard, so they left their vehicle. They observed the man walking towards them, about 30 feet from the gate. As they approached him, the second man emerged from the backyard. This man “appeared to be sweating and nervous.” He was asked what he was doing and said, “I was going to borrow a bicycle.” The man’s associate said due to their intoxication, they believed they were at 40th Lane and Abercorn, where they live. One of the officers asked the man who the bicycle belonged to. He said he didn’t know. The officer then asked if he knew anyone who lived at the residence, which was a boarding house, and the man replied, “Helen.” He said that he had been “drinking and smoking crack with her earlier.” The officer made contact with Helen, who said she knew the man as “Skeeter.” She didn’t want to cooperate and didn’t know the man was outside. The man then made a spontaneous statement. “I was going to steal the bike,” he said. “I need some rest. Please take me to jail.” He was arrested. He also showed the officers a bicycle he had removed from one of the porches and placed at the side of the building.


• While in the area of Pennsylvania Avenue and Gwinnett Street, a man saw two young men carrying a black pistol. Police checked the area and located one subject who told police that his friend had a play gun that they had found earlier. The second youth was located and was found to have a small black BB pistol in his front right pocket. He said his friend had found the gun and asked him to hold it for him. The parents were notified of the situation and the BB gun was locked into the property room. Police said it had the look, feel and weight of a real PPK firearm.


 • A man told police that he was traveling west on Lionsgate Road when four men traveling east in a small car approached him in his lane. He said he had to exit the roadway and drive into a driveway to avoid making contact with the vehicle. He turned around to follow the other car to copy the tag number, at which time the car stopped in the middle of the road. He said that three young men about 17 to 18 years old exited the vehicle and began a verbal altercation. One of the men then stepped around the vehicle and struck the man in the nose as a second man struck him in the back of the head. The men then left the scene. The man’s passenger corroborated his story.


• A man was seen sleeping on a park bench in a small square adjacent to Barnard and Bay streets.  Upon arrival, an officer saw the man’s shirt was open, exposing the front of his upper torso. The officer waited for backup before attempting to wake the man. Upon the arrival of the other officer, the man was awakened. He was asked for his ID and gave the officers a paper copy of his Veterans Administration ID.  The man asked, “Why are you bothering me?” and was advised he was violating a city ordinance that prohibits converting public property to private use when sleeping on a park bench. The man responded, “Don’t you know I’m the Godfather?” The man was told he was going to jail. “You better let me walk!” he replied. A third officer arrived on the scene and was approaching the suspect from behind. The man then said, “You better let me walk or I’ll cut off your f-----g balls!” The officer then grabbed the man’s arms from behind the park bench. Another officer quickly moved to a position to handcuff the man.  After he was handcuffed, the officers attempted to take him to the cruiser when he started resisting. Theofficers placed him on the ground.  One officer grabbed his right side, while another officer grabbed his left side and the third officer attempted to grab his feet. The man started kicking the third officer in the legs with both of his feet. That officer had foot prints on both thighs from the man’s kicks. He was placed into a pair of leg shackles and put into the cruiser. ƒç



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