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A computer lab teacher at Charles Ellis Elementary was one of a dozen people arrested on drug charges in a Counter Narcotics Team (CNT) sting over the weekend.

Alycia Jackson Paledino, a school system employee since August 2004, was arrested Sept. 29 for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

A school system spokesman tells Connect that “An agent with CNT has told school officials that their investigation indicated that none of the alleged drug activity took place on school property or within the proximity of schoolchildren.” Four targeted suspects in the drug sting remain at large at presstime.

The indictment stems from a yearlong investigation by CNT, in which a father and son were targets. Gary and Kobie Ervin were named as mid-level distributors who “conspired to import cocaine onto the streets of Savannah and Chatham County between June 2005 and July 2006.”

This weekend’s arrests took place at six locations around Chatham County. Agents recovered six firearms; seized five vehicles, $9000, and nearly half of the 5 kilograms of cocaine they say were being brought in, with an estimated street value of more than $500,000.


An officer was dispatched to a West Congress Street restaurant and bar in reference to a report of a man who was fighting with the manager. When the officer arrived, the manager advised that he caught the man after he walked out of the bar without paying his $4.50 bar tab. The manager said that when he asked the man to pay, the man tried to say that someone else had agreed to pay it.

After the officer arrived, the man kept stating, “It’s all a misunderstanding. Someone else was supposed to pay for the beer. I’ll go home and get the $4.50.” The man had no ID or money on his person. He was arrested for theft of services and was taken to the Chatham County Detention Center. He also was banned from the bar.


• An East Perry Lane resident was told to expect a package from FedEx that would contain a surprise birthday present. At the time the package was to arrive, the woman went to her mailbox, but the package wasn’t there. However, there was bubble wrap on the ground beneath the mailbox.

While looking for the package, the woman was approached by a man who appeared to be homeless. He asked her if the previous occupant of the house still lived there. He told the victim he was asking because he found a cell phone that he thought was theirs. He then walked off. The woman called FedEx and was told the package had been delivered to her house. She then called police to report that it had been stolen.


• Officers were conducting special operations at East 33rd and Ott streets when they saw two men standing in the shadows near the curb on Ott Street. Both were on bicycles, and neither was moving. When they saw a marked police vehicle, they moved immediately. One had a brown paper bag in his hand and the other had no light on his bicycle. The officer asked both men to stop and one stopped immediately. The other continued a few feet, where he “furtively tucked his right arm under his left arm and made a throwing motion with his right hand.” A small object fell to the ground, but the officer couldn’t clearly see it from a seated position in the vehicle. The officer exited the car and spoke with the first man, who placed his brown bag on the ground with the top clearly open. The officer checked the bag and found that the can inside was in fact beer. He spoke to the first suspect, who had an odor of alcohol coming from his person, and asked what was going on.

The man said he was talking to the second suspect about the football game and just riding by. He was asked how he knew the man and said he didn’t know  him. Suspecting that there was criminal activity afoot and wanting to investigate what the second man had thrown, the officer arrested the first suspect for the open container violation. He then inspected the area where he had seen the second man make the throwing motion and found three off-white rocks of crack cocaine. The ground was soiled and there was a large amount of foliage and sand on the ground, but the crack rocks were not soiled and appeared not to have been out in the weather. The second man also was arrested, but refused to give his name, so was booked as “John Doe.”  ƒç



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