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A local surgeon’s office called police after a large check written by a patient bounced.

An administrative assistant told police that she had received a letter from a local bank in references to a returned check. The check had been written for $10,765 for services the woman had received.

The complainant told police that the suspect was an established patient and that the office had never had problems with her before. She said several calls were placed to the suspect’s home and cell phones, but no one was able to reach her. A bill was sent by special delivery to the woman’s home. A credit history on the woman revealed continuous bad checks and forgery complaints.

The suspect has spent time in jail and received probation for numerous bad checks in Florida. She did not show up for a follow-up appointment with the doctor. The case was turned over to the financial crimes unit.


• A police officer was dispatched to a fight at a library branch at a local mall. Upon arrival, the officer learned that mall security had a young man and woman on the ground and in handcuffs. The officer was advised to place them in the police cruiser and transport them to mall security. The two juveniles had fought the security officers and were violent. They had been banned from the mall property in the past and were charged with criminal trespass.

Emergency medical services was dispatched to check out one of the security officers and the juveniles for injuries sustained during the scuffle. The juveniles were then taken to Memorial Hospital, which cleared them for arrest.


• A man told police that he was at a White Bluff fast-food resident when he was hit by something on the left side of his head while ordering food. The man said that an unknown man was arguing with a female employee at the restaurant. The woman said that the suspect was using extreme profanity and that she asked him to leave several times.

A one point, the suspect picked up a plastic bottle with cleaning solution and attempted to throw it at her. Instead, it hit the man who was ordering food. The man said the suspect apologized to him, then left the restaurant and the immediate area. He didn’t have any visible injuries. The woman couldn’t identify the suspect and no other information on him was available.


• A restaurant manager called police after video from a security camera revealed an ex-employee giving items from the restaurant to another man. The manager said the video showed the former employee giving items to a representative of a food distribution company that his restaurant doesn’t use. He said that because his restaurant doesn’t use that company, the representative had no reason to be on the property.

The manager told police he believes there is much more missing from the restaurant. He was advised to save the video for further investigation.

• A man told police his neighbor had attacked him over a car. The victim said while with friends, he had commented on how well he liked the car, which was parked at the suspect’s house. “I would have to steal that,” he told them.

Two days later, as the victim was exiting his resident, the suspect was standing in the front yard. The suspect had knocked on the front door and when the victim emerged, said, “Buddy found out that you wanted to steal his car.” The victim then began to explain that he really wasn’t going to steal the car, but was just commenting on how much he liked it. He began to walk towards the suspect, who said, “Don’t walk up on me.”

Even though the victim had his hand out to shake hands, the suspect repeated “Don’t walk up on me.” The victim continued to approach the suspect, who attempted to hit him. The men then began fighting. Another man on the scene stopped them. The incident was witnessed by a woman at the scene. ƒç





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