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• A man was arrested for disorderly conduct after he began yelling profanities in the presence of at least 25 children. An officer observed the man loitering in the Yamacraw basketball court. At the time, children ages 3 and up were getting off a school bus and walking home. The officer approached the man, who began to yell profanities, including “What the f--k you messing with me?” The officer explained he hadn’t seen the man in Yamacraw before. The man then walked up to the officer, stopping one foot in front of the officer. He continued yelling profanities and started to stare and act as if he wanted to punch the officer.

“I’m visiting my aunt,” the man yelled and raised his hands at the officer’s face. The officer continued to talk to the man, trying to calm him down. When asked what apartment number was his aunt’s, the man yelled, “I don’t f--king know,” “F--king leave me alone, stop harassing me” and “I have relatives that live down here.” He could not provide an apartment number.

The officer told him numerous times to stop using profanity. The man responded, “I don’t f--king have to.” The officer called for backup. The man sat down on the rail at the basketball court and continued to curse. A second officer arrived and attempted to calm the man down, but the man still used profanities.

During the entire time the first officer talked with him, the man had a plastic cup. The man dropped it on the ground, then picked it up and dropped it again. The second officer patted him down and the first placed handcuffs on him. The man continued to use profanity the entire time. He was arrested and taken to jail.


• A Florida Street youth told police that another youth came to his house, punched him in the head and knocked him down. The victim said the suspect then held him down and kept hitting him in the face. He said the suspect’s father was there and just stood watching while the fight occurred. The victim’s face was swollen, including both eyes, cheeks, lips and forehead. He also had a small cut on his right eye. EMS responded and took him to a local hospital for treatment. The victim’s mother said the incident occurred because her son stole the suspect’s cell phone. She said they had returned the cell phone and $100 in cash to the suspect.


• A job applicant became upset when he took an application to a furniture store and was told the store wasn’t hiring employees on the spot. A store employee called police after the suspect became upset when he was told the application would be given to the appropriate department. At that point, the suspect began cursing and yelling and walked out. The complainant said that as the suspect was walking out of the store, he pushed open the door violently, causing it to loosen off the hinges.  At that time, he began to bang his fists on the hood of a vehicle parked in the lot.  The man began walking towards Abercorn Street. He was located by police and arrested for criminal damage to property.


• An employee of a rental company called police after he saw that a vacant rental property on East 36th Street appeared to have been burglarized. The man said he checked the property one day and everything was fine. When he returned the next day. he found the front door chained from the inside with the security chain, which was odd. He could hear running water inside, so he called police. Upon arrival, an officer found a back bedroom window had been removed. The man unlocked the back door and he and the officer entered the building. The floors in the kitchen and bathroom were wet.

A rag had been placed in the bathtub, blocking the drain. Water was running in the bathtub, bathroom sink, kitchen sink and the washing machine connection in the kitchen. Nothing was missing. The owner of the property told police he believed the son of the last person to rent the property was responsible for the damage because of a dispute over the return of a security deposit. č



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