According to the Chatham Savannah Counter Narcotics Team, several young people in Savannah are abusing Coricidin Cough and Cold capsules.

There have been several reports of youths transported to local hospitals with symptoms and reactions common to an overdose of the over-the-counter medicine. CNT has asked that all pharmacies in the area help prevent further incidents by removing the medication from the aisle shelving to a secure place behind the counter.


• An officer responded to a 58th Street address in reference to an unruly juvenile. Upon arrival, the officer learned the youth had just left his home, so the officer spoke with the boy’s father. The man said his son has gone back to smoking marijuana. The father said he has tried to talk to his son about his abuse of marijuana, but the son refuses to listen. He said his son is continuously skipping classes and whole days at school. He said when he talks to his son about these problems, the boy becomes verbally abusive and tells his father there is nothing he can do about his behavior. He said his son intentionally causes arguments. When he’s not smoking marijuana, his son is calm and will listen to reason, the man said. He said his son has had criminal trespass charges filed against him. The man was given a case report number and advised to let a case worker assigned to his son know what occurred.

Later, officers returned to the same address in reference to a possible altercation between the father and son. Upon the officer’s arrival the father said he told his son to stay out of his closet and not to wear any more of his clothes to school. The man removed the son’s television set from his room to punish him, but the boy then turned up the stereo so loud it shook the walls. The man said that when he asked his son to turn the music down, the boy just stared at him.

At that point, the father unplugged the stereo, but as soon as he left the room, his son plugged it back in and turned the volume up. The man said he went back to his son’s room and asked him to turn the music down or turn it off. When the son again refused, the father unplugged the stereo and told his son to leave it off. He said this time, his son got up into his face, and said he had to grab his son to prevent him from hitting him. He said his son resisted and began fighting back.

The father called his son’s mother and asked her to pick the boy up until he could cool off. Attempts by a police officer to speak with the son were met with silence as he refused to acknowledge the presence of officers.



• A Lewis Drive resident told police she and her children returned to their residence, at which point her husband began arguing with her.

She said he demanded the keys to her car, but she refused to give them to him. At that point, the man attacked her, dragging her a short distance down the sidewalk near the front door of their residence.

The woman said she began to scream for help. A neighbor came out to see what was wrong, and the man snatched the keys and took off with them.


• The driver of a cab appeared nervous after an officer stopped him, and his passenger appeared even more nervous.

The officer was driving south on Price Street in a marked patrol car when he observed a cab making an improper left turn into the far right lane. The driver then changed lanes from right to left without signaling. At a red light, the cab was sitting in the left lane, but the driver made a right turn on the red light. The officer also noticed the cab didn’t have a tag light. The officer stopped the cab on Henry Street at Abercorn. He noticed furtive movements by both the driver and the passenger.

The driver was advised about the reason for the stop. The passenger asked if he could pay the cab driver for the cab ride and then leave. The cab driver was cited for several traffic violations. His passenger was arrested for possession.


• An officer was called to East Duffy Street in reference to a call about three men loitering. Upon arrival, the officer saw three men sitting on the porch of a house. One of the men told the officer that the three of them were there “to visit.”

The suspect was asked to give his name, date of birth, social security number and home address. When he responded, he spoke in a very low voice and gave the wrong date of birth. He was placed in detention and told the penalties for giving false information to the police. č

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