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An extremely ill and frail hospice patient reported to police that her ex-fiance had been harassing her.

The woman said the suspect had been making threats towards her and the facility she lives in. She said he had threatened to blow up the building and burn it down.

She also said he constantly makes harassing phone calls to her room at all hours of the day and night. An officer advised her of the procedure for obtaining a warrant, and also advised her to keep a record of all the calls the man made to her room.

The woman was advised to call 911 if the man returned, at which point the police could come and ban him from the property. The victim was given a case report number card and advised how to call for more information.


•A young woman told police that she was a runaway who had been staying with a man at his apartment for several days.

She said that the man became angry and punched her in the arm when she told him she was leaving. The suspect said the two had an argument that turned physical when the victim punched him in the stomach.

The suspect said after she punched him, he punched her in the arm. A witness said she was in her apartment and heard the argument, then heard the victim call for help.

Neither one of the two had any visible injuries and both refused medical treatment at the scene. They were given case report numbers and advised on peace bond procedures.

A records check revealed that the victim was a runaway juvenile. Her mother was called and arrived to pick her daughter up.


• While on foot patrol, an officer noticed a vehicle parked on Jefferson Street that was facing the wrong way.

While writing a parking ticket for the violation, the officer noticed that the vehicle had a suspended registration and no insurance. After further observation, the officer saw what appeared to be a .22 caliber round on the passenger side floor.

The vehicle was placed under observation. When the vehicle was seen driving away, the officer initiated a traffic stop at the corner of Jefferson and Oglethorpe Avenue.

The driver was removed from the vehicle and detained for questioning. The front seat and rear seat passengers also were removed from the vehicle and detained for questioning.

The driver was asked if the vehicle could be searched and he refused. A K-9 unit was called and the dog hit on the driver’s door. During a search, a gun was discovered and one of the passengers was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon.


• An officer was dispatched to a motel, where a woman told him she had been assaulted at a nearby bar by a bartender.

Further investigation revealed that the woman had been asked to leave the bar due to her level of intoxication. Witnesses also said she was stealing tips from employees.

The witnesses said the woman was attacked not by the bartender but by a man who sometimes frequents the bar, and who was seen leaving the bar with the woman. She was transported to a local hospital and given a case report number. An area outside the bar was searched, but nothing was found.


• An officer was dispatched to Summerside and Stark streets in reference to a shooting.

The officer met with the complainant, who said that as he was driving, someone started shooting at his vehicle. He was traveling with his fiancee and their daughter.

They were on their way to a relative’s house when they noticed a vehicle with no lights on and four men inside. The vehicle began to follow them and then stopped when they turned the corner.

The victims drove past their destination, but didn’t stop because it didn’t appear anyone was home. They continued east on Summerside and as they turned onto Stark, they noticed the vehicle was still there.

The other car started towards them with its lights off. The complainant put his car into reverse and backed around the corner onto Summerside.

He drove up onto the curb and struck a mailbox. The other vehicle then pulled up next to them and the complainant put his vehicle in drive and tried to move forward.

As he drove forward, one of the suspects exited their vehicle and began to fire an unknown amount of shots at his vehicle. The complainant drove around the corner onto Stark and went up on the curb and into the ditch.

The roads were wet and it was very foggy. The suspects fled the scene. č








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