St. Pat’s Edition


On Friday an officer saw an intoxicated man fall from the River Street seawall. The man fell 15 feet and hit the Hyatt boat dock before falling into the water. The officer jumped onto the dock and was able to pull the man to safety.

He told the officer he was sitting on the railing and “just fell off.” EMS treated the man at the scene for minor cuts to the left side of his face. The friends with him said they were going to take him home.


• On Saturday a man and woman were walking with friends along Bull Street when another man encountered them and began to “exchange unpleasant remarks” with the woman and then pushed her. Her companion pushed the suspect away from the woman, but the suspect pushed his way past the man and struck the woman twice in the face.

After he hit the woman, the suspect began swinging at the man. The man defended himself by pushing the suspect away, but according to police, the suspect was “relentless” and kept swinging.

EMS was called and all three were treated for injuries. No charges were filed against the suspect, because the victims decided not to prosecute.


• A hotel manager told police a man had broken out a window in a hotel room early on Sunday. He called police before he went into the room. The officer arrived and when the officer and the manager walked into the hotel room, they found a man sleeping in the bed.

The door was wide open when the officer and victim entered. A woman outside the room and down the hall was asked what happened in the room. She said her friends left her and her boyfriend downtown at the festivities, and her boyfriend got mad and punched the window, breaking it. Then he went to sleep.

Both the man and woman were intoxicated to the point that the boyfriend “accused officers of throwing water on him to wake him up.” The manager called to find out how much the window would cost to be fixed and gave the estimate to both parties. Both suspects agreed to pay to fix the window. The manager was given a case report number, just in case they left for home without paying.


• A man parked his car at Calhoun Square on Saturday, but when he came back four hours later it was gone. At first, the man assumed it had been towed because he parked it in front of a fire hydrant. But when he called the front desk of the hotel where he was staying, he found out it had not been towed, so he called police.

• A concessionaire on River Street discovered some wall-climbing equipment had been stolen from his entertainment site on East River Street. The man said the equipment was new and valued at more than $6,000. The items were in a black plastic container and secured with zip-ties.


• A man told police someone punched him in the head and stole his wallet and cellphone while he was on Bay Street. The man said he was “very intoxicated” at the time of the attack and couldn’t describe his assailant. He said he wanted a police report so he could have the phone replaced.


• A woman returned to a friend’s East Park Avenue residence Sunday from River Street to change clothes. When she returned to her car, she found “obscenities written on it with purple paint.” In addition to the paint, peanut butter was smeared on the back window.


• Police were called to Candler Hospital in reference to a possible aggravated sexual assault. The victim told police she was possibly raped on River Street.

She said she went into an unknown bar and attempted to use the restroom. While waiting to use the restroom, two men were verbally assaulting her. She said as she entered the restroom, the men “entered behind her, then pushed her against the wall and down on the floor.”

She said one of the men “penetrated her with his fingers.” She said at that point she became very disoriented and lost consciousness several times. The woman said she remembered a man on top of her, but doesn’t know if there was any penetration.

She said the men poured beer on her head and fled the scene.

After the woman left the bar, a friend found her disoriented and took her to the hospital for treatment. She couldn’t describe the two men. She was given a case report number card.  ƒç




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