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St. Patrick’s Day Edition


• A man was observed by police using a lighter near Factors Walk to ignite a T-shirt that read, “Elite Event Specialist.” The man then spun the shirt around his head while it was in flames. He extinguished it by beating the shirt on the ground. The man was arrested and his manager was contacted. The manager told police the suspect had “just been fired.” The remains of the shirt were given to the manager.


• An officer who was patrolling the St. Patrick’s Day festivities on West River Street was approached by a couple. The husband and wife said they were charged $10 each for wrist bands by a man in a white jacket. The couple took the officer to the man, who was working at a barricade on River Street. After three witnesses corroborated the couples’ story, the suspect told police that he “heard through the grapevine” that the price for wristbands had doubled. He was arrested.


• While patrolling West River Street, an officer observed a woman squatting down behind a group of people to urinate. The woman was taken to the River Street command post to be charged with public urination. After lying twice about her birthday, she was also charged with obstruction by giving false information.


• Officers observed a couple arguing on Drayton Street at Bay Street. Both were obviously intoxicated. The man took the woman by the arm and forcibly moved her across Bay Street. The man forced the woman to continue walking while arguing with her. He was arrested.


• A woman was walking past a bar on West River Street when a large fight ensued. She was knocked to the ground by an unknown person and suffered a split lip and a large bump on her head.


• An officer patrolling West River Street observed a man smoking a marijuana cigarette. While searching the man, the officer found a half-smoked marijuana cigarette in his left coat pocket. The officer also found a baggie of leafy, green substance in his right sock. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

• Five men and one woman were taken into custody after they were discovered living in a former feed store on West Bay Street. An officer checked the address after receiving information that people were illegally using the place as a residence. The dog that was with them was turned over to animal control. A cat that was with them got away.

• An officer observed a man drinking from a glass bottle in violation of a city ordinance on River Street at the Barnard Street Ramp. The man was not from Chatham County. He was taken to the River Street command post to be processed and taken to jail.


• A man was seen on Indian Street, sitting in a corner, smoking a blunt. When an officer approached him, the man dropped the blunt. When the man was searched, officers found more marijuana in a plastic bag.


• A man was leaving River Street with his friends when he and another friend began arguing in upper Factors Walk. The argument escalated and the two began fighting. They were separated by two officers. Both were treated at the command post by MedStar, then taken to jail.


• A man was arrested for simple battery when he punched his girlfriend in the face while they were standing on Bull Street. When an officer attempted to question the two, another man stepped in front of the officer and refused to move to allow the officer access to the couple. He was told several times to move back, but refused. The first man was charged with simple battery and the other with obstruction by hindering.


• During routine patrol, an officer noticed a vehicle at the corner of Fahm and Indian streets. The driver kept sticking his head out the window and proceeding slowly. The officer yelled several times to ask the man to stop. The man saw the officer and fled the scene at a high rate of speed onto Bay Street. After he was stopped, his car was searched and a pistol was recovered. The pistol had been reported as stolen.


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