Oh hell no, Savannah isn’t ‘the next Brooklyn’

Who are these locals who have “long complained about the dearth of luxury accommodations” here and how can we help them build a new hotel in their front yard?

Dead to me

It’s been a minute since I went full hippie, but I pulled out the patchwork prairie skirt and rode with the old man to the Regal Cinemas Savannah 10 on Shawnee Street to find steal-your-face bumper stickers aplenty.

In lockstep with Linda Wilder Bryan

'You want to call me an angry black woman? Fine. Because that’s exactly what I am.'

Them ol’ Savannah summertime blues

The extreme heat can take its toll on the soul. Depression rates this time of year rival those of winter, probably from all that Netflix bingeing in dark rooms.

Saving Nina

In late 2015, when large portraits of prominent African American cultural figures painted by beloved local folk artist Scott “Panhandle Slim” Stanton began popping up in areas of town where many fear to tread, no one thought to ask for permission.

A wake for Scott Waldrup

Savannah’s service industry mourns the loss of one of its best
THE WINE and whiskey flowed, but there were no toasts.

100 years of gratitude: A century in the life of Marion Mendel

A direct descendant of Benjamin Sheftall, one of the 41 Jewish settlers who joined General Oglethorpe in the first few months of wrangling some civilized order on this Godforsaken, mosquito-ridden, humidity-cloaked bluff, Ms. Marion has a personal legacy that comes straight from the history books.

The buzz about decriminalizing weed in Savannah

Georgia law allows cities to determine the punishment for misdemeanor cases heard by municipal courts
I WAS going to make a bunch of stoner jokes about a new movement to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in Savannah, but the folks stoking the blaze beat me to it.

Counting sea stars and other science: A landlubber’s expedition to Gray’s Reef

Scientists, educators, divers and curiosity seekers ship out to the 22-square mile live bottom reef marine sanctuary.

Puns and fun with the National Society of Newspaper Columnists

Founded 40 years ago by a few lonely columnists looking to share war stories, the NSNC (pronounced “Eness-en-CEE” after the third cup of coffee or second glass of wine) hosts its conference in a different city every year and attracts a formidable line-up of special guests willing to speak of their time in the trenches.

Who will save the world?

With nobody at the helm of NOAA or FEMA, we’re basically one eyewall away from The Hunger Games, only with worse fashion.


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