Measure for Measure: Shakespeare in a modern world

Savannah Shakes preps relevant, modern take on classic
The show's parallels with issues of today became even more apparent

Peter Pan flies again at Savannah Children’s Theatre

The star of the upcoming production talks about taking on the iconic role
THE STORY of Peter Pan is well known by this point, after years and years of adaptations and modern interpretations. The character first appeared in creator J.M. Barrie’s 1902 novel The Little White Bird, and has since evolved to the story we know today - most notably the 1953 Disney animated film.

Last of the Red Hot Lovers - a tale of morality

Collective Face’s David Poole chats ahead of opening night
The man, Barney Cashman — played by local theatre vet Les Taylor — decides to try setting up three affairs with different women in order to feel that sense of excitement

Savannah Stage Company promotes bravery with new musical

The long-running company gets ready for a special performance
The Forsyth Park show is 100 percent family friendly

Savannah Rep brings The Legend of Georgia McBride to life

The unique new comedy opens on April 25
Ken Hailey jumped at the chance to put the hilarious and at times moving show on his stage

‘The Great American Trailer Park Musical’ comes to GSU’s Armstrong Campus

Cast member Pandora Crumpton chats ahead of The Masquers’ production
The show has been described by the New York Sun as 'South Park meets Desperate Housewives'

Touring version of ‘Cinderella’ rolls into town

The classic story comes to life in a new, unique way
Of course everyone knows the Disney version, but it's actually a story that goes back centuries and originated as a folk tale

Curious George and his golden meatball

Savannah Children’s Theatre brings a favorite tale to life
For Cowart, getting to do shows like this one is an extension of a love she’s always had for theater

Sex + Song = Hello Again

Collective Face stages ‘musical fantasy’ exploring passion and pain
With script, score, and lyrics by Michael John LaChiusa, it ties together five pairs of sexually involved people from all walks of life, from each decade of the 20th century

The dark comedy of Bright Ideas

Georgia Southern’s Armstrong Campus brings a unique show to the stage
The show revolves around two parents who go to extreme lengths to get their child in the most prestigious preschool, and the dinner party where it all goes down


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