A bloody good time with Savannah Shakes

A bloody good time with Savannah Shakes

Titus Andronicus takes over the grindhouse screen
In keeping with the progressing-decades theme that has defined their productions, the Shakes have found inspiration in grindhouse exploitation films of the late 1970s and 1980s for their latest performance

A second season for Savannah Rep

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner kicks off theatre group’s new year
Ken Neil Hailey and his collaborators brought years of Big Apple know-how to Savannah last year and formed an equity contract small professional company

Wowie wow wow: It's Junie B. Jones!

Beloved children’s book character comes to life at Savannah Children’s Theatre
THIS WEEKEND, Savannah Children’s Theatre will bring one of children’s literature’s most-loved heroines to the stage. Junie B. Jones, a precocious “almost six-year-old,” navigates her world with hilarity and honesty.

The Revolutionists finds humor amid horror

Armstrong Masquers’ newest production breathes new life into a tale of the French Revolution
FINDING HUMOR in the French Revolution might seem a daunting prospect. But it’s par for the course for Lauren Gunderson, an award-winning Georgia playwright who by some accounts is the single most produced living American playwright.

Fall Arts Preview: Theatre, Dance, and Comedy

All the world's a stage.

Young playwrights see their work come to life through Savannah Stage Company

Bryan Pridgen knows the importance of hearing someone else read your work aloud.

Savannah Stage Company gets to Work

Summer musical shares everyday stories of life and labor
"These are stories of working Americans being reflected back to you in a way that doesn’t happen very often."

Bowie & the Bard

Savannah Shakes travels to the ‘70s with The Tempest
IN April 1564, William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. 363 years later and 100 miles away, David Robert Jones was born in Brixton.

It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Savannah Children’s Theatre takes on Broadway’s Mary Poppins
THIS WEEKEND, take in a musical that’s practically perfect in every way.

It's not the humidity, it's the heat: Collective Face closes season with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

'What an iconic play,” director Poole marvels. “It’s set in the South, it has family dynamics, sexual tension, heat.'
Set on the 28,000-acre plantation of a cotton tycoon, Big Daddy, in the 1950s, it’s the story of a family in crisis, tangled in a web of lies and high drama

Answer The Call of the Wild

The adaptation is classic Savannah Stage Company: stripped down to the bare essentials and ready to tour.


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