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Re: “My case against Judge Morse

To the young lady (Brandy Mia) who poured out her heart and made her family problems a political football. You have most likely done more damage to your kid’s lives than any judge ever could. Your hurt and anger may be misdirected because it’s being used in a manner which will plague your kid’s good name in ways you never intended. Stop for a moment and consider how your family issues are being used as a political sniping tool by others. It made you famous for a few days, but at what cost? At the end of your first article you made a political endorsement. That was the kiss of death for your argument. Was the point of your article to express your personal hurt and anger geared toward a particular Judge or something more sinister? Were you asked to publish the article by someone who perhaps gave you very specific language and technical information to use? Your case has been in and out of the courts for over a decade, according to your own confession. Why so much anger now, why Judge Morse? Perhaps your anger and discuss should also be directed toward other judges who may have ruled against you over the past ten years.
Your story upon second reading appears to be full of holes. Playing on public sympathy for personal or political gain is not a good thing. When or if you have to appear in court again, regardless of which judge hears your case, you can expect the media to follow your case very closely and publicize every detail. Henceforth, you should keep your family business private. That’s the best way to keep your kids out of harm’s way.

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Posted by TheSpinStopsHere on 05/18/2016 at 2:39 PM

Re: “My case against Judge Morse

Like body language, a person’s temperament, morals and ethics are truly exemplified in his or her actions. Persons pursuing high political office should have an abundance of each of these valuable quality characteristics, especially if they will hold the power of life and death over fellow Americans. The upcoming vote for Superior Court Judge on May 24th is not about the speed of a decision, but the correctness of the decision and the corresponding judgment metered out by the Judge. We should not take this election lightly because the person selected may be the one judging your case or that of a family member.
With that thought in mind, let’s very slowly re-read, examine and dissect the 05/14/2016 comments written by one individual running for office in response to comments written on 05/13/2016 by (JBBrown). Bear in mind that in order for an untruth to be palatable it must be sprinkled with a bit of truth.
1). The respondent admits that judges are routinely reversed by a higher court and that at least one party may be dissatisfied with the substantive rulings in a case. This is TRUE; however, the fact that the Judge running for reelection received a reversal was listed as a cornerstone issue in the respondent’s campaign. This was highlighted as if this judge was the only Chatham County Judge to receive such reversal. If you were judging his statement, how would you rule? Should this be listed under the column of DECEPTION? Manipulations take several forms. You can either be given bogus information or factual information may be withheld from you. Either way is classified as deception. This is how American voters are routinely manipulated by politicians each election cycle.
2). Respondent states: I have no political aspirations; I am not a political pawn. This statement speaks to how little respect some politicians have for the American voters. Running for any political office means the person running has some level of political aspiration, or they would not spend thousands of dollars of donor’s money to run. Does this make sense to you? I’m not sure what a political pawn is, but by definition the word politician (Websters dictionary) refers to anyone running for a political or governmental office. Not sure about you, but I would not give one dime to any politician who has no political aspirations. In fact, it’s rumored that he seriously considered running or pursuing another Judges position before now. True or not, that’s not a bad thing unless he is trying to now convince the public that he truly has no present or past political aspirations. Again, are these statements DECEPTIVE in nature? You be the judge.
3). Respondent states: I am not naive enough to think that I can clear up all problems in a short while (TRUTH). But I will work harder than Judge ******** and issue rulings in a timely manner. What exactly does he mean by timely? How much time will he take? What specific changes will the respondent implement to speed up the disposition of court cases? Will attorneys be limited in the number of motions they can file per case? What will be done to assist people like Ms. Brandy Mia who is not represented by legal counsel? Does he know how many cases or what type of cases are on any of the Judges dockets? Without that knowledge, how can he possibly judge the time utilized by his opponent or any judge to rule on cases. How do we measure these generic misleading statements? Again, you be the judge.
These are valid, pertinent questions which need to be answered by the respondent to get our vote. Are we expected to just trust the person making these statements, go to the polls and vote like clones?
4). Respondent states: If my ads simply said, ***(I) *** would be a good judge," most citizens would have no knowledge of why Judge ***(my opponent)*** should not be reelected. I am trying to get the truth out to the public, and it appears that that has occurred. I am not mudslinging; I am shining a light. Most people do not even know that they can vote for judges, because most attorneys are fearful of running against a judge who needs to be replaced. HOLY COW! In his own words, this person truly believes the voters of Chatham County are “NOT SMART ENOUGH “to know how and when to vote for a Judge". Unless appointed by the Governor, Judges run for election and their names show up on a ballot at the end of each four year term. Finally, I have never met a Chatham County attorney who is afraid of any Judge. They are honorable ladies and gentlemen who diligently represent their clients. Any counsel, who is truly afraid; as the respondent claims, should hang up their license to practice law in Georgia.
Remember, this election is about due process and the law. It is not a race between the turtle and the hare. The above responses by respondent are in no way meant for consumption by intelligent voting age adults. Any person out there who desires to put a spin on the respondents exact words- give us your best defense. The jury anxiously awaits your response.

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Posted by TheSpinStopsHere on 05/18/2016 at 1:44 PM

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