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So often, budget guides our style when it should really be the other way around. Finding your style first lets you budget and feel good in what you wear. You have some who just buy what they need, others who just buy according to what’s going on, others who borrow and others who are lost in the sauce. But I know my readers are interested in how we can amplify the style they already have without spending thousands of dollars a month, or having to splurge for a specific occasion. So, I’ll start with giving you all my definition of style, and my opinion on where it stands in 2021. Then, we’ll tackle some ways to get that closet together - Let’s get into it.  

click to enlarge Danietté Thomas offers advice on how readers can find their style. - PHOTO COURTESY OF DANIETTÉ THOMAS
Photo courtesy of Danietté Thomas
Danietté Thomas offers advice on how readers can find their style.
So, for me, style is what you make it, especially in the south. Post pandemic, we are all just grateful to be alive, so we wear what makes us happy. For some of us, that means being on trend, staying in the know, being one of the more stunning people in the rooms we walk into. For others - like me - that’s flexing in my bougie athleisure. But the big secret is true style is not elevated by being on trend; your look is always going to be memorable when you know your body enough to know how to dress it. We’ll go more in depth about body types in another issue, but this week as you look to create a signature style, do it with your body type in mind. Focus on filling your closet with a style that’s all you.  

Now listen up: the first recommendation I have to create your style is to stop wearing ancient things in your closet. Yes, I said ancient. If you’ve had it for many, many, many years, it’s holding you back. Now I know I have some readers that are into vintage; I am right next to you. How long have you had that vintage attire though - 10, 20, 30 years? Some of us have clothes that are older than our grown children. “Chuck ‘em!” I mean it! Especially post-pandemic. Life is too short. Now, this doesn’t mean buy everything new, but simply take one month’s budget to replace the needed staples of anyone’s closet - t-shirts, camis, leggings, etc. You owe it to yourself, and I am willing to bet you don’t have the same body you did before the pandemic.  

Next thing is to define yourself with your clothes; your wardrobe should speak for you. Style simply says something about you, without you having to open your mouth. So, speak clearly. My athleisure I mentioned earlier for instance is an excellent way to show: I like quality, resistant, efficient clothes. It also says, “I’m a working woman - I not only like to be comfortable, but I profess in it; it’s a necessity.” Now, the girl next door who wears suits five-days a week and speaks with her shoe choices would speak with the print on her blouses as well. Bright-accent blazers with a messy bun, and Chanel frames show who you are in any season. Want to amp it up? Keep the colors relevant to the season. Easy. It’s still summer. So bright colors are everywhere. Not a bright color person? Use the silhouettes - think A-line or pencil skirt - you wear to say “summer,” or add color in accessories. Easy.  

Now my last tip for this column would be to keep it simple. Don’t buy the dress you can’t fit - no matter how cute it is - because then you need the girdle to get you in it, and now you feel self-conscious about it. Then the next thing that happens is you end up overdoing the accessories, and then there’s your hair and nails. At the end of the day, you’ve spent over $800, and you still lack confidence walking into the room. So, you heard it from me first: simple is modern and very chic. Even if your main piece is simple - get what fits. Stretch is your friend and your style can be elevated in plenty of other ways. Think a bold blazer, a statement accessory or even just popping on your cutest heels to complement. Comfortable equals confident, and before you know it you’ve created a style that’s just right. 

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