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The best Tequila's Town margarita, as voted on by readers

The Jalapeño Margarita.
The Jalapeño Margarita.
There is no question that Tequila’s Town is one of Savannah’s most sought-after Mexican restaurants. So, the question becomes what is the best thing to order from the renowned restaurateurs? Chips and salsa, table side mashed guacamole, and lava like queso dip are always a go-to; but for most, including me, I always order a hand shaken margarita first.

Whether it is with salt or sugar, on the rocks or frozen, or in a glass or pitcher, it is sometimes difficult to decide the type of margarita to order. Luckily, and just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Connect Savannah and Tequila’s Town asked all of Chatham County to cast their vote on which margarita from Tequila’s Town will reign supreme.

“The best margaritas are made with good tequila, fresh lime juice and cold temperatues,” said Melody Rodriguez, Tequila’s Town owner with her husband, Temo Ortiz.

If you still can’t decide come happy hour on the 5th, now you can seek a little guidance from the polls.

The first-place holder for most popular margarita, according to locals, is the Jalapeño Margarita. The reason is simple, Tequila’s Town does the jalapeño margarita like no one else — with fresh diced jalapeños. If you have ever had a pepper-flavored liquor or made it yourself, you know that to infuse the libation you have to soak the peppers in the alcohol.

After a day or two, the alcohol breaks down the peppers, especially the capsaicin, which infused the taste of the additive into the liquor. The problem is, if you wait too long then you risk having too much capsaicin broken down into your bottle.

The expert mixologists with Tequila’s Town know this key factor, and in my opinion their approach to a spicy margarita is ingenious. Fresh, but still fiery, jalapeños are delicately chopped before being shaken into a classic margarita with Tequila’s Town’s house premium tequila and fresh squeezed lime. Adding fresh jalapeños into the margarita when it is mixed, instead of infusing it, results in the right amount of spice and flavor.

“It’s very simple and delicious,” Rodriguez said.

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Premium Tequila’s Town Margarita.
The Premium Tequila’s Town Margarita scored a silver medal, in which I imagine was a close race. The Jalapeño is a spicy twist, whereas the Premium Margarita is the house margarita that everyone thinks of when they imagine drinking a high-quality margarita while munching on salty tortilla chips and tangy salsa.

The flavor that makes the Premium Margarita stand out is the notes of orange. Grand Marnier or Triple Sec are the responsible parties for the extra dose of citrus that results in extra boldness. The Premium Margarita has the most pronounced piquancy with an overall taste that highlights the golden sapor.

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The Skinny Girl’s Margarita.
Although in third place, I feel as though the Skinny Girl’s Margarita should stay at the top for your go-to summer cocktail. Just because it is deemed skinny, does not mean you get a drink that is skinny on taste. In fact, Tequila’s Town’s ‘low calorie’ cocktail is the exact opposite — a light and refreshing drink that is forward in tequila flavor.

“The Skinny Girl Margarita came out of the need to serve something that was naturally sweetened but very simple, organic and clean,” Rodriguez said. “It’s only four ingredients and super delicious.”

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The Skinny Girl’s Margarita.
To make the Skinny Girl’s Margarita, Tequila’s Town bartenders marry bright lime juice, good quality tequila and agave syrup.

It is a straightforward mix that is made simply. It is actually more difficult to use less ingredients when trying to make something that tastes delicious, there are less items to hide behind. Because it is made simply, you can taste everything that is mixed into the drink. The notes from the agave syrup bring forward the same notes from the agave-made liquor. Overall, expect a crisp and clean cocktail.

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The Prickly Pear Margarita.
The Prickly Pear Margarita is like no other available on the Tequila’s Town drink menu. It is vibrantly colored and vibrantly flavored. The Prickly Pear Margarita is a hard left from what most consider classic margarita flavors. It is created from premium brand tequila, prickly pear liquor, fresh lime juice and cactus juice. The use of fresh juice and liquor makes a margarita that appeals to non-margarita drinkers, as well as old school lovers of the classic drink. The Prickly Pear Margarita is a great choice for those who want to try out a tequila-based cocktail but are not fully ready for the bolder premium version.

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