A WOMAN was arrested and charged with public drunkenness after she shoplifted liquor from a Quacco Road convenience store.

An officer was called to the business on a report of theft by shoplifting. While en route, the officer was advised that two suspects were last seen walking down Quacco Road and into a trailer park. The officer canvassed the area and located two women walking through the trailer park. One of the women was carrying a white purse in one hand and a beer in the other.

The women were stopped and the officer asked dispatch to call the convenience store employee who reported the theft for a better description of the suspects. The woman with the white purse became irate and began to swear at the officer.

She also called the store employee “a piece of s--t.”

While talking with her, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol. Two other officers arrived at the scene and the woman became belligerent with them as well.

She was placed under arrest for public drunkenness. As one officer attempted to put handcuffs on her, the woman turned and pulled her arms away from him and wouldn’t allow him to put the handcuffs on her. With the assistance of another officer, the woman was handcuffed.

The second woman was asked if she would be willing to return to the convenience store to clear up the situation and she agreed. Both women were taken to the store, where the employee positively identified them. She said the two came into the store and stole a Smirnoff Ice. She said the bottle was lying on the counter next to the white purse, and when the two walked out, the bottle was gone, so she called police.

• An officer was flagged down at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Oglethorpe Avenue by a woman who said she’d just witnessed a drug deal.

She told the officer that she saw a man sell drugs to a second man, who was no longer visible. She then pointed out the drug dealer, who was walking north on MLK toward Broughton Street. The officer approached the man in the patrol vehicle and pulled over. The man began to run and entered a city bus on Broughton Street, sitting in the first seat behind the driver.

The man then quickly exited the bus. The officer stopped him and the man immediately became apprehensive. He said he was a student and that he didn’t have anything on him. The officer grabbed him and took him to the police vehicle. The man pulled away several times and was uncooperative. The officer frisked him and held him until another officer arrived as backup.

The bus was searched and the officer found a small clear plastic bag containing an off-white powder under the seat.

The suspected cocaine was taken to the patrol vehicle and shown to the suspect, who immediately said, “That’s not mine.” When the officers attempted to locate a field test kit to test the substance for cocaine, the man said, “You don’t have to do that. It’s real.” The man then told the officers, “To tell you the truth, I found it.”

When asked where, he said he found it in a loading dock at the bus station. He was arrested for possession of cocaine.

• An officer on patrol saw three men in front of a bar at Bull and 40th streets and recognized one of them. The man pointed his finger at another man who was sitting near the door.

A woman saw the officer and waved him to a stop. She said the man at the door was causing problems in the club. She said the first man was asking him to leave.

The suspect got up and started walking north along Bull Street as soon as he saw the officer. The second man told the officer that the man had picked up a pool cue as if he was going to hit someone with it, so he was told to leave. The officer circled the corner and was approaching the suspect on 40th Street when the man saw him and began to run around the corner, south on Bull. The officer turned the corner and stopped the man.

The officer told the suspect to turn around and face the wall as he was going to check him for weapons. The suspect refused and pulled away. He was placed on the ground and told to turn over, but refused to comply. The suspect was told several more times to turn over on his stomach, but each time he replied “No!” The officer pulled out pepper spray and again ordered the man to turn over.

When he refused, the officer sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. The man immediately got up and charged at the officer and struck him. He was arrested and charged with battery on a police officer.

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