Nicholas Seward’s nudes show strength in female form

Rather than vulnerability or sexuality, the images evoke the inherent strength and nativity of the women’s bodies, part of an exhibit showing at Gallery Espresso through the end of June.

Explore the new Savannah African Art Museum

Over a thousand artifacts representing 130 individual cultures offer a sense of Africa’s vast size and multi-layered history
IN THE TRANQUIL Thomas Square neighborhood, the cream-colored, Spanish-style manse stands out among the historic Victorians.

SCAD’s deFINE ART: The (Color) Theory of Everything

Annual event welcomes pioneer Carlos Cruz-Diez and more
MANY ARTISTS use color as a vehicle for expression, picking shades from the infinite palette and juxtaposing hues for aesthetic effect. But legendary Venezuelan designer Carlos Cruz-Diez has spent more than 50 years delving into the subjective nature of color itself—and how its perception is far from static.

Alexandro Santana: Breaking the codes

Artist deconstructs the currency of culture
Employing the artist’s latest skill acquisition of videography and filmmaking, the work is explicit in its intention and more demanding in its intellect, questioning the meaning of art, identity and reality itself.

Everything is illuminated

3D light installation takes public art beyond murals and monuments. The vivid spectacle is free and visible to passersby and anyone touring the city for nighttime splendor every evening from 7-9 p.m. through December 28.
ILLUMINATED front yards and flashing storefronts are ubiquitous this season, but one light show is outshining even the most extreme holiday display.


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