5 Questions with Lauren Gourgues

5 Questions with Lauren Gourgues

'My work resides along this idea of phantasmagoria where I don’t really understand the line between what’s real and what’s fake because I lived in a neighborhood that was teetering on fantasy'

5 Questions with Joanna Angell

'I’m inspired by dreams, things I see'

5 Questions with Jennifer Moss

'How can I make the pieces about the fact that this material is going to rust?'

5 Questions with Stacie Jean Albano

'It doesn't matter how many years I've been doing this for, there's always that piece that you battle with.'
The walls of Stacie Jean Albano’s studio are covered in ephemera that tells her life story. Pictures of her kids, a cheerleading certificate and an autographed Dick Dale poster paper the walls alongside her rough sketches and finished pieces.

5 Questions with Peter E. Roberts

His Headcases series, inspired by New York’s most iconic people and things, is about to go on display at the Blackbird Gallery in New York City

5 Questions with Bradley Collins

'The whole idea was to try and make a process that I could figure out everything and try to make a rule for it'

Savannah Clay Community’s annual ceramic cup show takes place this Friday

'One of the greatest things about this show is that it shows you the huge range of possibility about what a ceramic drinking vessel could be.'

5 Questions with Kench Lott Weathers

'A lot is happening, a lot of polarization, and it’s nice to escape'

Ten years of Stopover

Photography retrospective celebrates a decade of Savannah Stopover Music Festival
IT'S SAFE to say that after ten years, Savannah Stopover Music Festival is a local institution. Over its decade of programming, the festival has brought performers like Grimes and Mac DeMarco before they made it big, as well as of Montreal and Deerhunter after they were household names.

5 Questions with Francie Lowman

'This was also something I’d been itching to do for a while. It was a crawl to the edge of the diving board to jump off and finally just leap and do it'

Keeping up with Dana Richardson

Painter tapped to create plein air-inspired mural at the Jepson Center
When I interviewed Dana Richardson back in January, she mentioned an upcoming mural at the Jepson Center in conjunction with their latest exhibition, “Launching Savannah’s Art Scene: Founders of the Savannah Art Club.”


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