5 Questions with Nikki Zuaro

5 Questions with Nikki Zuaro

'To me, process is more my true artwork than it is in the final product'

5 Questions with Radheya Visperas

'When you make something, you should have intentions, and not for exploitation'

5 Questions with Shayla Wigand

'What I'm really tapping on is what I feel speaks the most about who God is'

5 Questions with Terri Harris

'It’s a part of the human experience to be in situations where you feel small compared to something out of your control'

5 Questions with Sophie Funck

'It’s nice for me to have variety in what I’m making because it keeps me on my toes'

5 Questions with Nate Hinners

'I try to keep my eyes open to the world around me and then see how I can take those things that stand out to me and try to recreate them as best I can'

5 Questions with Stella Ranae Von Schmid

'You have to know the science in order to make the art'

5 Questions with Morgan Adler

'Whenever I feel like I’m getting into a routine or building up too many go-to marks, I try to break out of that as much as I can'

5 Questions with Lauren Gourgues

'My work resides along this idea of phantasmagoria where I don’t really understand the line between what’s real and what’s fake because I lived in a neighborhood that was teetering on fantasy'

5 Questions with Joanna Angell

'I’m inspired by dreams, things I see'

5 Questions with Jennifer Moss

'How can I make the pieces about the fact that this material is going to rust?'


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