5 Questions with Paige Harwell Samek

5 Questions with Paige Harwell Samek

'I started using resin in my painting and it was like a happy accident'
SINCE 2007, Paige Harwell Samek has been making jewelry for the cool kids under Drainbowland. Her jewelry pulls from 90s nostalgia and pop culture images to imbue any outfit with a unique vibe.

Coming home to Cedar House

The multi-use space is housed inside a stunning 1921 home on the corner of 36th and Abercorn

Decoding her past

Hannah Wolf’s solo exhibition on display this Friday
Wolf took her childhood drawings and replicated them in painting, creating a childlike, innocent feeling

5 Questions with Luke Batchelder

The Alexander Collective is a student-led club that holds peer critiques, art trades, and the third annual Salon Show

Five years of Roots Up Gallery

After Francis Allen passed away, Leslie Lovell and gallery partner Russell Kueker moved into their new space on Whitaker St.
ROOTS Up Gallery is celebrating its fifth anniversary this Wednesday, though you’d be forgiven for thinking it had been around much longer. “It’s been a long road to get here with a lot of ups and downs.

5 Questions with Nora Harrison

'I think we all experience hollowness, even if it's just for a moment'

5 Questions with Kody Cunningham

'What We Always Wanted' follows two teenage girls and their 25 year-old cousin, played by Cunningham, in the ever-present struggle of trying to figure out your true self

Full of heart: Becca Cook’s 1,500 Hearts Project happens this Friday

This isn’t Cook’s first foray into creating powerful pieces out of shocking statistics

Tiffani Taylor celebrates eight years

Raised in Ogden, Utah, by a single mom, Taylor came from humble beginnings

5 Questions with Jessica Barnhill

'The cool thing about it is when I see raw talent, it's fun to give them their first step.'

5 Questions with Monica Cioppettini

The SCAD grad student even has a jewelry guy who sets her up with bulk bags of pieces


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