5 Questions with Daniel E. Smith

5 Questions with Daniel E. Smith

'We’re trying to work our way through this social and political situation. We’re thinking about it.'

5 Questions with Kamryn Shawron

'This body of work is a more outlandish, crazy, drag queen kind of vibe'

5 Questions with Marcus Dunn

'87% of schools in general do not cover Native American history past 1900'

5 Questions with Karina Rosenstein

The project involves a faux political campaign and an offering of a confidant, both designed to destigmatize the act of menstruation

5 Questions with Jason B. James

'I decided to take one item or several items from each place that I enjoy, that I could see myself having that same party with myself and others'

Arts and Culture funding: Grilling the candidates

The survey has been sent out to each of the prospective representatives, including the four mayoral candidates, with expected responses by Oct. 8, a week before the start of early voting

5 Questions with Robin Maaya

Intended to be her coming-out story, “Moulting” is also Maaya’s way of working through a difficult repressed memory from her childhood.

5 Questions with Vanessa Platacis

Platacis is the first woman to be commissioned for such a project

5 Questions with Nicholas Wozniak

The Broughton Street that Wozniak remembers was run-down, full of mom-and-pop shops with hand-painted signs

Igniting the ‘Embers of Freedom’

SCAD looks at Frederick Douglass’ life
'SCAD is committed to show how art not only can be inspiring, but also powerful'

5 Questions with Panhandle Slim

'Most people don't do what I do'


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