5 Questions with Dana Richardson

5 Questions with Dana Richardson

A native of Sewanee, Tenn., Richardson moved to Savannah in 2002 to attend SCAD and has been here ever since

5 Questions with Andre Bertolino

The linocuts were all made in Bertolino’s living room with a metal spoon, an alternative printmaking technique that’s less time-intensive

5 Questions with Sharon Norwood

'With certain things, you have to teach the audience how to see'

5 Questions with Kara Adoff

'I just want to be a supporter of arts; I can be this Peggy Guggenheim'

5 Questions with Heather L. Young

'There’s a mood in Savannah and sometimes it turns up in my paintings like a happy accident'

5 Questions with Dejon Gee

'Your belief meets my intention when I create the candle'

5 Questions with Courtney Watts

'My first introduction into anything in textiles at all was through my grandmother, because she’s a really avid knitter and crocheter'

5 Questions with Kay Wolfersperger

'The best advice I got about creating style is just to create a lot of work. You can’t force it, you can’t rush it, just do it.'

5 Questions with Daniel E. Smith

'We’re trying to work our way through this social and political situation. We’re thinking about it.'

5 Questions with Kamryn Shawron

'This body of work is a more outlandish, crazy, drag queen kind of vibe'

5 Questions with Marcus Dunn

'87% of schools in general do not cover Native American history past 1900'


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