5 Questions with Katherine Sandoz

5 Questions with Katherine Sandoz

'The paintings honor nature’s abundance, its fiery will to live and the cycles of time, weather and life apparent to us all.'

5 Questions with Michael Mahaffey

'Savannahland has flying alligators and oversized insects, but is mostly at peace. However, I couldn't help draw some attention to the violence because ignoring it hasn't worked well for the city.'

5 Questions with Susan Laney

"I'm trying to present something where I can find work that people love and marry the right work with the right person. We can improve lives. We want people to find things they love."

Fall Arts Preview: Visual Arts

Savannah is an art town, and here's the proof.

5 Questions with Maggie Hayes

Prolific Savannah artist moves to Brooklyn in September
'Fearlessness is job number one for artists'

5 Questions with Emily Earl

High Museum of Art in Atlanta has purchased several works by this local artist
'You know when you've got it. When the moment is right, you know it'

5 Questions with Leah Blair

'We need to change our disposable culture'

5 Questions with: Maggie Mullin O'Hara

Multimedia artist’s new exhibition opens at Jepson Friday
'Will strangers feel with me, another stranger; will they cry with me?'

Atelier Galerie celebrates 20 years

Savannah continues to serve as an inspiration for Phyllis Lang's work, and she is best known for her layered silver and bronze pieces inspired by the city’s exquisite wrought iron gates and balconies.

Nicholas Seward’s nudes show strength in female form

Rather than vulnerability or sexuality, the images evoke the inherent strength and nativity of the women’s bodies, part of an exhibit showing at Gallery Espresso through the end of June.

Explore the new Savannah African Art Museum

Over a thousand artifacts representing 130 individual cultures offer a sense of Africa’s vast size and multi-layered history
IN THE TRANQUIL Thomas Square neighborhood, the cream-colored, Spanish-style manse stands out among the historic Victorians.


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