Igniting the ‘Embers of Freedom’

Igniting the ‘Embers of Freedom’

SCAD looks at Frederick Douglass’ life
'SCAD is committed to show how art not only can be inspiring, but also powerful'

5 Questions with Panhandle Slim

'Most people don't do what I do'

5 Questions with Chris Ryba

'A three year-old could fly this thing. When you're not actively giving it any input, it just hovers there, so there's not really too much danger.'

5 Questions with Kelly Boehmer

'Somebody will walk up to it and say, Ew!'

5 Questions with Randy Akers

'Savannah is thought of as this romantic, wonderful, historic city, and it needs a third tier so we’re an art destination'

5 Questions with Thomas Mizelle

The native Savannahian picked up collaging in 2016 and hasn’t turned back since

5 Questions with Jimmy Butcher

A tattoo artist for 15 years, Butcher owns and tattoos at The Butcher Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery downtown

5 Questions with Tate Ellington

She layers watercolors over each other and adds ink to create a style that’s all her own

5 Questions with Lara Neece

'I've always been creative, but I hadn't really gotten too deep into fine art. I took some drawing and painting classes and fell in love.'

5 Questions with Honor Bowman Hall

Her art changes with each city she paints in, creating a body of work that’s constantly changing

5 Questions with Nea Hanna

'I knew I was going to do art my entire life, ever since I was a child'


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  • Re: 5 Questions with Panhandle Slim

    • How come I have never seen any of Panhandle Slim's work south of Derenne Avenue?

    • on August 28, 2019
  • Re: 5 Questions with Chris Ryba

    • Awesome pictures. I agree about work-life balance. It made me want to have a vacation…

    • on August 21, 2019

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