Hestia is here!

Unique artist residency hits Savannah
HESTIA, the first nomadic artist residency, made its first stop in Savannah last week. Organizer CC Perry invited three artists from around the country—writer Meg Elison, muralist Celeste Byers, and musician Alexandria Hall—to experience our city for a week.

5 Questions about the Artists and Artisans Tour

'This year, we decided to focus on one block of historic Jones Street.'

5 Questions with Tom Van de Ven

'For me it's a meditative experience to work in the darkroom'
TOM Van de Ven’s photographic career began in the Pacific Northwest in 1972 and has taken him literally all around the world. "Entropical Paradise," his current show at In Vino Veritas, celebrates Van de Ven’s illustrious career.

5 Questions with Becky Slivinsky

'Sometimes, art is what opens people's eyes in a different way'

Alexandro Santana breaks cultural codes—without breaking the furniture

Installation runs through Feb. 2 at the LGBT Center
If abstract art can deliver our monkey minds, Santana imagines what it can do for our living rooms, cluttered to the wainscoting with end tables and tsotchkes.

5 Questions with the Little Friends of Printmaking

'It’s much more important for us to put our work into the hands and homes of the people who want it than to set an arbitrary, aspirational price point.'

Bertha Husband's legacy

Ships of the Sea exhibition honors artist’s work, ponders immigration
“Lost at Sea” blends Husband’s interests seamlessly. In her work, she was fascinated with the horizon and with using allegory.

5 Questions with Hailee Potter

"In America we forget how much we have. It's not that France doesn't have a lot, because they do, but things are different."

5 Questions with Katherine Sandoz

'The paintings honor nature’s abundance, its fiery will to live and the cycles of time, weather and life apparent to us all.'

5 Questions with Michael Mahaffey

'Savannahland has flying alligators and oversized insects, but is mostly at peace. However, I couldn't help draw some attention to the violence because ignoring it hasn't worked well for the city.'


Connect Today 04.19.2018

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