WHERE to start with Dawes? The chill-inducing harmonies of brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith? The passionate playing of guest guitarist Duane Betts, son of Dickey Betts, and bassist Wylie Gelber? The jaw-dropping chops of drummer Griffin (seriously, one of the best drummers I think I've ever seen live)?

Everyone who attended their Sunday show left a fan. There’s a congenial charm about the band, a manner about them that makes the whole production seem like this very down-to-earth performance, when truly, it’s held together by the incredible technical skills of its members. By the third song, they’d already received a standing ovation, if that tells you anything.

Can we please give a big shout-out to the hardworking folks handling the sound at Trustees? With the help of Meyer Sound’s new loudspeakers, they’ve made it the best-sounding room in town. Enough kudos can’t be given; when Taylor Goldsmith hit his first note, it was like the room collectively gasped in wonder at the mix.

Fans dashed to the front row toward the end of the set for “When My Time Comes”—the studio recording of the band’s harmonies for this avorite doesn’t do them justice. Jaws hit the floor and the crowd belted it out as Taylor offered the audience the mic for a chorus.

It was a damn fine welcome for the band’s first show in Savannah, and, from the sound of it, they had a grand time too, making their way down to Congress Street Social Club after and even sitting in with Voodoo Soup. Nothing like a Hostess City welcome, huh?



Anna Chandler

Connect Savannah Former Arts & Entertainment Editor Anna Chandler started writing about music after growing hoarse from talking about it nonstop. Born in Tennessee and raised in South Carolina, she has been a proud Savannahian for 8 years. She sings & plays guitar & accordion in COEDS and Lovely Locks.
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