College Student Guide: The Ultimate thrill

Ultimate Frisbee is an accessible and fun way to get involved in college sports

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Ultimate is a no-contact, coed sport that is as challenging as you want to make it.

WHILE THERE are some exciting college teams playing in Savannah, the team sports experience is out of reach for most college students here.

That’s where Ultimate Frisbee comes in. Anyone who’s played knows how addictive and accessible it is for men and women.

With rules that are a near-perfect, non-contact blend of football and basketball, and dispensing with the need for referees with its unique focus on “The Spirit of the Game,” Ultimate is as demanding as you want it to be.

Savannah’s David Buckley —known simply as “Wolf” in Ultimate circles — is a legit OG in the world of Ultimate. One of the godfathers of the sport in the Southeast, he has played at the highest levels of competition both as a college student himself and in the Masters, i.e., over 30, category.

For years Buckley has strived to keep the sport strong here. His latest effort is the Savannah Ultimate Project’s new Fall Ultimate League, now forming an initial slate of four local teams to compete through this year, culminating in a tournament.

“In Ultimate there’s such a great sense of camaraderie on the field. You can be very physical and skilled at the top level, or you can just come play and have fun, even if you’re brand new,” Buckley says.

“We’ll get some people out there who can’t even throw a backhand, and I’ll say, OK, I’ll work with you on that. Until then maybe we’ll just have you play defense for awhile, and cover somebody,” he says.

You can join the Fall Ultimate League by going to the signup website at

Or to get a taste of the game, come to the regular pickup games in Forsyth Park, which happen Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m.

Once the Fall Ultimate League gets its rosters set, pickup games in Forsyth will move to Thursday and Sunday, with league play Sundays and Tuesdays.

In addition to Buckley’s wealth of coaching and playing experience, the Savannah squad boasts three players on the pro-level Ultimate team in Jacksonville.

Buckley says he still loves the game as much as ever and still works just as hard, but times have changed.

“The other day we were in the middle of a game, and four or five guys on the sideline who go to Armstrong all of a sudden got up and started walking around on the field. They were playing Pokemon Go,” Buckley laughs.

Buckley says there’s still plenty of time to sign up for league play.

“If they want to play, we’ll make it happen. We may even have an additional draft after the teams are set.”


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