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Have a Very Tybee Fourth!

After Hours Band, American Hologram highlight weekend music on the island

Music Features

We're an American Band: Who's playing this July Fourth weekend

Some cool shows going on around town

City Notebook

Tale of the T-shirts: Urban Outfitters vs. 13 Bricks

When boxing pandas meet artistic copyrights


Best history questions from tourists

A tour guide reflects on his favorite customer queries

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I sing a song of the South, but I ain’t whistlin’ Dixie

I sing a song of the South, but I ain’t whistlin’ Dixie

I figured I was absolved from the past’s persistent evils, as though I could line dance and swill bourbon with the South’s fun-loving side and tiptoe away when it gets all blackout drunk and waves its guns around. I think that changed forever last week.


Little Tybee: A Primer

Little Tybee: A Primer

Lucky for Savannah, our Atlantan neighbors come through once or twice a year; if you haven’t seen them before, get ready for a riveting experience.


Nurture//Nature: Like a blowtorch to an apple

Nurture//Nature: Like a blowtorch to an apple

Sulfur Studios group show highlights environmental and natural themes, from GMOs to wasps


The Boiling Seafood is a hot hit

The Boiling Seafood is a hot hit

Johnny Zhang, a native of Fujian province in China, worked his way through many restaurants in his early years here, learning the trade from the ground up.


Review: Ted 2

Review: Ted 2

The charm of Ted is that it never took itself too seriously; the problem with Ted 2 is that it does.

  • Review: Inside Out

    These excursions, which easily top those taken through Tomorrowland and Jurassic World, result in some of the most potent set-pieces in the Pixar canon, with select bits even invoking the spirit of the gems Hayao Miyazaki made for Studio Ghibli.

  • Review: Spy

    The plot is standard spy-spoof material, but director Paul Feig has taken care to provide his star with an arsenal of comedic opportunities. McCarthy never lets him down: Her Susan Cooper is sympathetic, but that vulnerability never interferes with her ability to deliver precision-timed laughs.

  • Review: Entourage

    It's saved from total disaster by some clever Hollywood-insider digs but which otherwise asks us to spend an inordinate amount of time with a group of insufferable lunkheads.

  • Review: Jurassic World

    Chris Pratt’s role is thinly written, but the actor invests the character with enough personality to make him an affable hero. Other nicely modulated performances turn up in the supporting ranks,

  • Review: Aloha

    Emma Stone seems too young for her role, and Allison remains as much a conceit as an actual character – she’s like a manic pixie dream girl in uniform.

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