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Hannah Alsdorf's battlefield

'From the Front Lines' speaks to women’s fight for equality


Diane Cantor’s novel deals with agency and young sexuality

'Sometimes we all have a desire to assert ourselves,' Cantor says of her character, Mavis.'We don't want to be pushed around.'

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: ‘Underground Savannah’ in peril

'Everyone assumes Savannah, of all cities, would have an archaeological ordinance. When they find out we don't have one at all, the're usually shocked and appalled,' says Rita Elliott.


The latest news—good and bad—affecting Georgia’s environment

State and federal administrations continue to favor polluters as the effects of climate change endanger quality of life for all.

Music Features

Deck The Halls, Motown style!

Members of The Temptations, The Capitols, The Miracles and more kick off the holiday season

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Downtown expansions

Downtown expansions

One citizen was a bit upset that the plan wasn’t “Savannah” enough. Now, I’m not sure how one can objectively measure Savannah-ness.


Ike Stubblefield & Friends @Barrelhouse South

Ike Stubblefield & Friends @Barrelhouse South

Stubblefield's heavy touring experience eventually led him into the studio, where he wrote, produced, and composed alongside Phil Spector, Quincy Jones, Jim Capaldi (Traffic), Larry Lee, and more.


5 Questions with the Little Friends of Printmaking

5 Questions with the Little Friends of Printmaking

'It’s much more important for us to put our work into the hands and homes of the people who want it than to set an arbitrary, aspirational price point.'


Talking the perfect turkey with a local expert

Talking the perfect turkey with a local expert

Traditionally, Thanksgiving Dinner started early in the morning to deal with the mountains of prep work that needed to be done.


Review: Justice League

Review: Justice League

Gal Gadot again ends up as a saving grace, and she also figures at the center of one of the few action sequences (a bank robbery) that’s exciting rather than cumbersome.

  • Keep Savannah Weird: Save the Psychotronic Film Society!

    Suspiria screening welcomes lovers of horror, art, and community

  • Review: Murder on the Orient Express

    As director, Branagh makes some lamentable decisions, trying to frame a couple of moments as action set-pieces and elsewhere adopting strange camera angles that call awkward attention upon themselves. This is especially true of the murder sequence, which Branagh grotesquely stages as if he were auditioning to direct a remake of Carnival of Souls.

  • Review: The Shape of Water

    From the decadence of a romantic opera-style theatre to the pastels and pie displays of a midcentury diner to the steely government labs, The Shape of Water is a love letter to the Cold War era.

  • Review: I, Tonya

    Margot Robbie skillfully embraces the skater's vulnerability without ever showing her as pathetic; Harding's innate competitor’s pride and defiant spirit remain throughout, and that’s what always made Harding such a compelling figure.

  • Review: Frankenstein

    One of the many unique aspects of this adaptation of the classic story by Mary Shelley is that Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller have the capacity to trade roles as the eponymous scientist and his troubled creation, each actor knowing the lines of each character and fully versed in each role. In this showing on Halloween night at the Lucas, we got the treat of Cumberbatch himself as the Creature. It is, quite simply, the performance of a lifetime.

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