Homeless churches helping homeless people: Part Two

Pastor Candace Hardnett, Father Michael Chaney, and Reverend Kevin Veitinger all work with some of the 4,200 people who are homeless in our community

Visual Arts

5 Questions with Jimmy Butcher

A tattoo artist for 15 years, Butcher owns and tattoos at The Butcher Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery downtown

Music Features

The lo-fi punk rock of Hash Redactor

Memphis-based band comes to El Rocko

Music Features

Skippy Spiral isn't clowning around

On music, clowning, and creativity

Music Features

Keitaro Harada set to take the baton at Savannah Philharmonic

New Music and Artistic Director named after extensive search

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NewZO era set to begin

NewZO era set to begin

Shorter block requirements, grid patterns for blocks, mixed use retail and housing, and accessory dwelling units would all contribute to thriving neighborhoods.


The shoegaze and dream pop of Niights

The shoegaze and dream pop of Niights

Ohio rockers come to The Jinx


Pushing the 'pedal'

Pushing the 'pedal'

Heather MacRae considers the female body in solo show


Teas that heal and energize

Teas that heal and energize

Yaupon Tea House & Apothecary helps revive Native American tradition

  • Five years of Service

    Brewery celebrates anniversary Saturday

  • Reece Barbecue’s labor of love

    The owner and self-taught meat smoking master, Maurice Green, took the first step to creating his empire 17 years ago in an attempt to give back

  • Starland Yard sets the tone for the district

    The focus is local food and local art plus the accumulation of community to create a truly local Savannah experience

  • Fat Radish: Veggie perfection

    While presenting food that nods to the South, the restaurant pays respect to the ingredients and where those ingredients came from

  • Squirrel’s set for Starland

    Connect was lucky enough to get a preview of the exciting new menu, and we spoke with Chef Dickerson about it last week


Review: The Lion King

Review: The Lion King

If you’ve seen the original, it’s impossible not to compare and contrast, and this version falls short in practically every way. Those who have never seen the ’94 edition will doubtless be much more charitable in their assessment, although even they might be put off by the soullessness of the entire enterprise.

  • Review: Midsommar

    A notable achievement distinguished by staggering visuals and a superlative lead performance.

  • Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home

    A villain eventually comes into focus in the second half, and it’s here where the film takes a tumble.

  • Revisiting the Central Park Five

    Ken Burns doc screens at Beach Institute this Thursday

  • Review: Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix is like Smokey and the Bandit 3, when even Burt Reynolds knew enough was enough and bailed before filming got underway.

  • Review: Rocketman

    Even if it doesn’t soar as high as one would like, Rocketman is still a better movie than Bohemian Rhapsody, which suffered in part from its PG-13 designation. Rocketman is a solid R, more in line for this sort of warts-and-all picture.

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