Art Beat of Savannah

Nima Veiseh’s photographic memory on display at HAZA

'Never before has someone known with hyperthymestic ability tried to create a timeline with paint.'

Music Features

Tybee Equality Fest flies the rainbow flag

Second annual event offers inclusion, family-friendliness, and plenty of entertainment

City Notebook

Broughton Municipal Building set to become boutique hotel

Critics say the City sold the property at a price that is much too low


A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum flies into Tybee Post

Comedy features Tybee-centric cast

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Scooter debate conveniently ignores autos — again

Scooter debate conveniently ignores autos — again

The real problem is we have given over much of the public realm to cars. People who walk, use wheelchairs, or ride bikes, e-scooters, and new modes of locomotion yet to come are left fighting with each other for the scraps.

  • Reader says Arena series 'frustrating'

    'Why did he not explain how the City's delay in moving the project forward is a key cause of construction cost increases?'

  • School board should respect free speech rights of constituents

    Generally on these hot-button issues ten to twelve members of the public have shown up to speak, adding no more than an average additional hour to the monthly public meeting. Our School Board Members asked for their jobs, they raised money to campaign for their jobs, they went door-to-door and asked for you to trust them with your vote. And now they want to vote to eliminate public comments and censor their constituents at publicly held School Board meetings. Before they vote on policies that affect our community.

  • Broughton Municipal Building set to become boutique hotel

    Critics say the City sold the property at a price that is much too low

  • Editor's Note: Arena project bogging down before it starts?

    'If you amend the policy and decide on a new policy, then that means we will mostly likely have to reject all the bids and go back out, and you're looking at another six-month delay on the Arena,' Hernandez explained, adding that 'it taints the contract award process if we change it midstream.'

  • Editor's Note: Beware the Bird

    Like any of the new 'disruptive' sharing economy technologies such as Uber, Airbnb, etc., it all sounds great on paper. In this case, disruptive might be the key word. The people who love to use Birds really love them. And the people who hate Birds really hate them.


Villain Family, Cory Chambers Band @The Jinx

Villain Family, Cory Chambers Band @The Jinx

Think Tool re-envisioned with banjo, upright bass and blazing female vocals


Kwame Alexander does it 'write'

Kwame Alexander does it 'write'

Acclaimed author and educator returns to Savannah


Savannah Craft Beer Week is here!

Savannah Craft Beer Week is here!

Popular series of events leads up to the Savannah Craft Brew Fest


Review: Christopher Robin

Review: Christopher Robin

Ever the perpetual money machine, Disney is stumbling over itself in its attempts to make new versions of seemingly every property it has ever owned.

  • Review: Mission Impossible — Fallout

    Tom Cruise has spent this series playing Superman rather than Everyman, but here he takes it a step further: His character of Impossible Mission Force agent Ethan Hunt is now basically God.

  • Review: The Equalizer 2

    A particularly dreary movie, one which makes no attempt to freshen up or even disguise its rote storyline.

  • Review: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

    The shock is that the unavoidable Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is actually a worthy follow-up, and perhaps the biggest out-of-left-field-stealth-missile surprise of this summer.

  • Review: Skyscraper

    Basically, Skyscraper is a variation on the Die Hard template, but there’s not much here that will lead to many declarations of yippee-ki-yay from audience members.

  • Chasing Coral: Beauty under threat

    Film documents phenomenon of coral bleaching

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