Music Features

Run into Charlie Fog at the Tybee Post Theatre

A group full of fans, they’ve culled their experiences together to create a consistently authentic Dead experience


'That pure moment of WTF'

Magician Tanya Solomon is the ‘Truth Assassin’

Cuisine Feature

Service Brewing set to mark four years of hoppy happiness

It was no surprise that Serving Brewing Company was a quick and long term success

Music Features

Tony Arata: ‘We all came to Nashville with the same dream’

Legendary songwriter and Savannah native plays Randy Wood’s this weekend

Art Beat of Savannah

Honoring elders through art

Les Wilkes’ ten-year photography retrospective opens at Hospice Savannah this weekend

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The weaponization of jaywalking

The weaponization of jaywalking

Campaigns warning against the alleged dangers of distracted walkers have benefited from the twin tailwinds of general angst over a society that seems to have surrendered to its screens and a spike in pedestrian fatalities.

  • Westside Arena: A critical look at access

    Part Two: Pedestrian and vehicular improvements work at cross-purposes in flawed arena site plan

  • Editor's Note: Arena Dilemma

    A more political, and therefore more subjective, question about the Westside Arena is the impact on nearby residents who have been promised that they will enjoy great economic development from it.

  • Westside Arena: a 50-year mistake?

    Part One, an Overview: Parking, transportation, and flooding are just some of the issues facing the massive proposed project set for the new ‘Canal District’

  • Editor's Note: Time for a mid-year review!

    A look at the pros and cons at the midpoint of 2018.

  • Appraising the appraisal process

    I believe the land valuations that I described two columns ago are systematically flawed, to the great detriment of owners of smaller land parcels.


Hailshot: 'Indiana devil rock'

Hailshot: 'Indiana devil rock'

Metal band headlines big bill at the Jinx


Residency provides fresh view at Sulfur Studios

Residency provides fresh view at Sulfur Studios

We reached out to the residency’s alums for some insight on their work and their community


Raise your glass to St. Arnold

Raise your glass to St. Arnold

Saint Arnold was dubbed the Patron Saint of Brewers and we celebrate his feast day, St. Arnolds Day, on July 18


Review: Skyscraper

Review: Skyscraper

Basically, Skyscraper is a variation on the Die Hard template, but there’s not much here that will lead to many declarations of yippee-ki-yay from audience members.

  • Chasing Coral: Beauty under threat

    Film documents phenomenon of coral bleaching

  • Refugee Film Festival set for Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern

    "People hear about the struggles and these films will help bring more dialogue to the issues."

  • Review: Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2 is a guaranteed good time at the movies and certain to be one of the summer’s biggest hits. But while it frequently feints in the direction of something more meaningful, it usually backs away and merely lathers on more thrills. That’s not exactly a debit, but anyone expecting the complexity of its predecessor might be left wanting.

  • The zombie movie that started it all

    SCAD Cinema Circle celebrates 40th anniversary of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead

  • Review: Adrift

    This film is as much a sweet love story as a grueling survival tale, although its realism is tempered with flights of fancy.

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