Experience summertime at the Blues, Jazz, & BBQ Fest

Live music from AJ Ghent, Velvet Caravan, more

Music Features

Savannah Songwriters Series @Johnny Harris Restaurant

Anitra Jay blends R&B grooves & up-tempo guitar


Wrap 'n' Ride

Local designer’s bicycle skirt is the future of functional fashion


Wondrous week’s end with Blackrune

Wrap up First Friday Art March with a live soundtrack to Czech new wave film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Cuisine Feature

Smith Bros. born again on Liberty

Savannah tradition brings more quality and convenience downtown

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Talking with… Ian Nott

Talking with… Ian Nott

Savannah-based inventor focuses on revolutionizing action videography

  • Death of the #Absurdivan

    The Absurdivan leaves behind a legacy of validating weirdos everywhere, and its loss will make road trips a lot less fun (but definitely less alarming.) Those wishing to express their condolences are invited to attend a closed-hood memorial service at the First Friday Art March.

  • The Wacky, Wonderful World of Starlandia!

    'It's a mining operation, really,' explains owner/founder Clinton Edminster. 'We take in raw materials and filter out the diamonds and gold.'

  • Editor's Note: #Fix80Now or #StartPlanningForGrowth?

    The unfathomably horrifying carnage on I-16 is happening against the backdrop of an increasingly impassable Highway 80 to Tybee Island.

  • 'Nudge him a bit'

    More education is obviously needed on sharing the road

  • ReStore gets a reboot

    New Habitat for Humanity location is in former Food Lion location on MLK Jr Blvd.



SMAP into action

SMAP into action

Janet Kaylo transforms people & places into public art with Savannah Moving Art Projects


Review: Home Brew Beyond The Basics

Review: Home Brew Beyond The Basics

Even the non-brewing craft beer lover can learn a lot from the easy-to-read science contained in the pages.


Review: Aloha

Review: Aloha

Emma Stone seems too young for her role, and Allison remains as much a conceit as an actual character – she’s like a manic pixie dream girl in uniform.

  • Review: San Andreas

    The actors play their likable characters with conviction, making it easy to sympathize with their plight, and the special effects are consistently excellent, with some visuals that really pop in 3-D. But after about an hour, the picture hits a brick wall, settling into a measured routine that grows tedious.

  • Review: Tomorrowland

    It’s not an atrocity like Patch Adams but it shares DNA in that it seeks to be a positive and uplifting experience and, damn it, it’s going to grab you by the lapels and vigorously shake you until you agree.

  • Review: Poltergeist

    It’s not that this Poltergeist is a bad film but it does appear to be made for people who have never seen a haunted house film before.

  • Review: Hot Pursuit

    Most of these moments that do work owe their heartiness to Reese Witherspoon, who often rises above the tired nature of her role (a female cop who’s a klutz on the job and a failure on the dating scene).

  • Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

    The film’s kinetic thrust is breathtaking, with Director George Miller relying as much on physical feats of derring-do as he does on CGI.

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